Red pill knowledge leaking into more ‘mainstream’

I was a bit surprised coming across some articles yesterday espousing things I have talked about in this blog in the past, now leaking their way into more mainstream and sites with more traffic.

which lists some good things, notably that women are getting rid of the word ‘man’ which I went over here

This one is about video games and porn destroying men in america, which I had previously gone over here: and

Which goes over 20% of men 25 and older live with their parents, which harkens to my discussion on Japan leading the way of men not giving a shit:


Lastly an article about economics and men getting raped in that sphere:

Here are two relevant posts: and


*** So a short discussion

On one side I look at the typical male who feminist chagrin only really gives a shit about getting home (if he even has a job) and wanting to just look at some porn and play some games and I want to scream ‘Pathetic, get your life in order!’  But then I realize ‘why?’

Why the fuck should a guy bother doing shit when the deck is stacked against him?  Why should he try to ask a girl out when it inevitably ends in heart break when the nice guy is cheated on by his slutty girlfriend?  Why should he aspire to shit when the only jobs out there are ‘administrative assistants’ which are no different than secretaries?  Why would he want to do anything when video games and porn give him 100% SATISFACTION and the girl-world only fucks him over and gives him pain?  The death of America is inevitable, men have been totally disenfranchised and the only real impetus for ‘trying’ is to be able to get the fuck out.

I am reminded of some job article I read about some women REALLY impressed with herself, she went on to say something like ‘I am the perfect employee, I can do it all, file papers, answer phones, go through email…’  all I could day was shake my head, I guess in this day and age that is the only skills required to ‘do it all’.


2 thoughts on “Red pill knowledge leaking into more ‘mainstream’

  1. I’ll never understand how feminist’s considered work liberation…

    it’s some shit I have to do to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach. It’s not some path to “self-acualization”…

    If anything corporate Amerika sold these women a bill of goods…

    be a good lil’ employee, after all, when the next recession comes you will be disposable when we figure out how to send your job to China….

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