Halfway through the Improvement challenge…keep it up

Well we are just about halfway through the challenge.  This is a reminder to keep it up and dont slack.  Inevitably there were the ‘not tonight’ excuses.  But if you take excuses they just start piling up.  Get out there and IMPROVE YOURSELF!


12 thoughts on “Halfway through the Improvement challenge…keep it up

      • Doing pretty good. I’ve kicked most processed sugars/corn syrup from my diet, have been forcing myself to get a full 7 hrs of sleep, and had bought myself a pedometer to see how many steps I take each day. Sadly, I found it was only about 4,000.

        So starting today I’m doing the “Ten Thousand Step Challenge”, and will be walking 5 miles every day for 1 week. I’m thinking 2.5 miles before work and 2.5 miles after work. Combined with the normal 4,000 steps I take…I’ll be up to almost 6 miles a day! 🙂

      • Oh, don’t worry about that. I still take care of myself once every morning and twice on Sundays. 😉

        I only drink twice a year, haven’t eaten other animals for nearly two decades, have never done drugs or smoked, and work 50+ hours a week. I can have ONE vice, right? 🙂

      • It depends.

        If it’s in the morning, or right after my morning run…masturbation provides an “upper” like Liz says. I feel ready to do anything and everything!

        If it’s night, or I’m feeling very tired, it is a relaxant or “downer”. It feels different, like a slow drip of endorphins rather than a rush. Helps to sleep…

        Strangely, my FwB experiences the same thing as me, so it’s not a male/female thing. Maybe it’s just how your mind works?

        • No, I am sure there is exceptions, but across the board guys are literally drained (both mentally and physically) thus the joke of guys falling asleep after sex while girls are charged. It will ‘clear’ your mind but more like a lethargy of ‘fuck it’ kind of attitude.

          Why dont you do it multiple times a day then?

      • On my day off I do, so long as I’m staying home for the day. After all, I live alone and I’m not offending anyone by having fun or watching porn.

        But I work 50+ hours a week, and it’s illegal to do at your workplace…so, yeah. Doing it more than twice in 24 hours is usually off the table.

  1. EK: “I dont know how it is for girls, but doesnt it make your thinking slower or act like a ‘downer’ for the day?”

    Definitely not. It’s an upper, and brain-clarity-maker. Probably some evolutionary basis for that.

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