Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training

Ahh, the much aligned cat-lady, in case you dont know what this is, its the stereotypical woman who is typically 30+ often older, but has been burned or spurned by men enough that she turns to cats…a lot of them as a substitute for males, and often has a ‘i dont need men attitude’.  I met one this weekend.  Well, future Cat Lady, for now a cat-lady-in-training

I was at a party with my friends when this women walked in, a bit heavy and with very consuming eyes.  They were whore eyes, I have seen them before.  They have no problem taking the dick then walking away after sex content she has displayed her ‘womans liberation power’.  Its the type of hardened-slut stare that guys know they could easily get a bj from, but also run the risk of getting an std from.

Anyway, so she comes in, eyes drifting over her prey, her eyes fall on me and I give a bemused stare back until she breaks off contact, I know I got into her mind right there.

She has tattoos and dark hair.  What is it with darker hair being the predictable hair color of hardened sluts?  Yes, it can be blonde, but by far in my experience its always the darker hair ones.  She also has multiple bars and piercings, girls, if you are running more than 3 piercings in each year you are getting in some dangerous territory.  Guys- ears piercing are very good ‘slut indicators’ the more they have the more likely they are NSA-sex types.  STD types too, but that comes with the territory.

For some reason tarot card were busted out, and this girl claimed she was good at them.  I told her to give me her best.  She gave me a typical reading, not really notable.  But I told her I could do this and took her book at gave her one.

Among the things I found while talking to her were that ‘I don’t need guys’ and yet she was currently seeing a guy.  She had ‘a history’ with some of her exes.  She had a stalker supposedly.  She lived with cats.  She had to take everything in life since no one gave her anything.

In just these few sentences, I hope you get an idea of this women.  She is on the down hill, and post-wall, a few years left of male attention, and certainly were few males other than captain-save-a-ho’s would have any interest in her other than one night stands.

This was a shock troop for the feminist movement.  Someone who had bought in, hook line and sinker, women are just as good…wait better than men.  Hell, those men caused my shitty life, I dont need those misogynist bastards!  But that dick just feels so good…and there was Frank…but he wasnt like most men.

I was supposed to be impressed that she lived in the same town as her parents but was ‘on her own’.  To me that is just stupid either live with your parents and save the money or gtfo of the town.  She supposedly works ‘seven jobs’.  That is complete bullshit, and hardly worthy of dissecting.  I pulled The Lovers, and she insisted to me she doesnt need men, and had ‘absolutely no regrets or anything missing in her life’.  Again, delusion.  Everyone has regrets or something else they want or missing from life.  I am a MGTOW, but it is mainly because of the shit going by the name ‘girls’ in America.  I am not gay, and would totally LOVE a female that was actually worth anything beyond a spoiled bitch.  So when someone proudly proclaims they dont need a man, yet has this hole in their life filled with cats, and mysteriously a boy-toy you have to seriously wonder about their mental state.

She had this cocksure smile on, again why is that its always the hardened sluts that are most man-like?  The smile and her words suggested she truly believed this post-wall delusion she was subjecting herself towards.  I actually kind of felt bad for her.

Here was a Cat Lady in training…and she was willingly walking down this path.

Only if Cat Ladies were anything other than ugly old women…


23 thoughts on “Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training

  1. ” The smile and her words suggested she truly believed this post-wall delusion she was subjecting herself towards. I actually kind of felt bad for her.”

    When you are on the outside gazing into the aquarium it offers a much different perspective than being in the aquarium. Of course she believes her delusion. Her concept of self-worth depends on it. She isn’t alone though, nor is this an exclusively female problem…once you know how the (proverbial) sausage is made you can’t look at it the same. How many people are truly honest with themselves?

  2. I recently commented over at Danny504 about oneitis on his post on the subject. Prior to the weekend I met and went out with this cute european girl. She liked me and made that much obvious through telling me she did.
    That along with her broader knowledge, and shockingly lack of need to sexualize herself or the situation was so shocking and unexpected to me that I had a case of temporary oneitis. Before the weekend was over however I realized what I was doing and pulled back because I was about to make a serious ass of myself and probably did just a bit.

    Anyway, the situation has somewhat reinvigorated me a bit as far as knowing there are still some viable high quality women around. I think I may go out fishing for phone numbers just for the thrill.

      • They can be, but don’t blindly trust that they are all. Roosh has far more experience in it that I do.

        Still they are generally better. They can have listen, and have conversations, when Americans can only talk. Even if they don’t understand the topic they’ll listen to you anyway. But they’re better knowledge based education means they understand more than you expect. Whereas in America we just memorize dogma, there they still actually learn stuff.

        Then of course they dress better and look better, have genuine hobbies(they love photography), and are in general friendlier and more feminine and can dress more stylishly even when wearing simple clothes.

        Lastly, and this is what really set me off with this girl was that she was nice. She told me she was glad to meet me, and that I seemed like a nice intelligent guy and being good looking doesn’t hurt either. It was the idea that she was happy about me that pulled me in. I can’t remember the last time I met a girl who had her attitude, the closest I’ve come is stalker/clinger types but thats still totally different.

        I think in order to understand it and appreciate it helps to have red pill knowledge, but it also requires the ability to understand them a little differently than we’re used to over here. No guy can just show up in Europe and expect to catch babes without being at least at their level. Intellectually speaking if you can stimulate them though they’re should be more than pleasant.

          • I haven’t been there since last year, but you can find some real gems there. Foreign brides used to be the realm of weirdos but these days it’s not a bad way to go right to the top of the market.

          • As much as I fall into the MGTOW camp I really don’t want to live sans women. I love women and think they’re great. The problem is that most of them aren’t.
            I figure if I ever settle down it will be with a foreign babe, unless I can find an old fashioned American babe.

            Still you can’t just pick a foreign woman like something out of catalogue. Developing the relationship through standard compatibility is just as important. It’s still a relationship and not a transaction.

            Just trying meeting foreign women around you, if only to get a little feel for what they’re like.

  3. Tattoos and piercings go a long way here. After a point, enough is enough with them. This lady’s crying out for attention and grasps at it through tattoos and offhand comments that no stranger needs to know right away. The tarot reading’s another giveaway. She’s compensating for not being interesting.

  4. Just found your blog. Good stuff. I am twice your age, but I cannot stand tattooed women. Absolutely scaborous. I don’t think I could even get it up. Why women want to cover beautiful skin is beyond me.

  5. Did she really expect you to be impressed that she lives minutes from her parents and yet is still on her own? And working seven jobs is not impressive. If I were a man and some girl was telling me that I would think she either had serious debt or was flaky or just couldn’t hold down a job that paid decently, thus necessitating the multiple jobs. All of which are major red flags.

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