New ‘science’ blames men for menopause

The feminist movement is a joke, but unfortunately its a bad joke that a lot of people believe in.  It is rare I am shocked anymore by the relentless pursuit of destroying men and women, but this one I admit kind of did.  The outright stupidity, and the ever-present ‘blame men’ theme is readily apparent.

Just look at the first sentence: “Ladies, here’s one more thing you can blame on men: menopause.”

It really show how far our society has fallen that a supposedly science article can start with such blatant misandry.  Could you imagine a study with any legitimacy ‘hey guys, here is something else you can blame on women’?

“Our first assumption is that mating in humans is not random with respect to age, which means men of all ages prefer to mate with younger women,”

Wow, revolutionary to the masses I suppose.  No wonder with such a ground breaking premise did they have to blame men in the end.

“The preference men have for young partners is a striking contrast with other primates” – says some female researcher in the article.  Notice the implicit men=primates?  I am not doubting that biologic fact, but merely the subtly it plays on that ‘men are animals’.  She defends women with ‘As human life spans increased, women might have had many healthy years after fertility.’ and no where any mention that women, too, are animals.

Its ok, when the magnetic pole shifts, you can blame us for that one too.  If we only preferred ‘equality’ the pole wouldnt have to have enforced equality of each side getting a turn on us.


12 thoughts on “New ‘science’ blames men for menopause

  1. How is this even “science”?

    Almost everyone knows fertility starts to drop at 25 and then significantly after 30 years of age and risk of complications during pregnancy and deleterious mutations on the fetus increase drastically.

    Take away “modern hospital care” you’ll see that it is extremely evolutionarily dangerous for women above 40+ to be having children as the risk of dying increases significantly.

    Menopause is the natural consequence of an increasingly infertile womb and potential for horrible things to happen to happen to the fetus, and survival of the mother later in life.

  2. I don’t see much of an issue with the article as a whole, especially in the last 2 paragraphs where another hypothesis is brought out that explains the same occurance (ie menopause) in a different way.

    Maybe it’s due to my love of the natural world and biological science, but what is wrong with men (and women, by proxy) being referred to as primates? Homo sapiens ARE primates. Our species IS of the Animal kingdom. We are the most intellectual of the 5 Great Apes, the other 4 being Bonobos, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orangutans. Again, I probably think a bit more literally than others when it comes to this topic of classification, but I wouldn’t be at all offended if someone pointed out that I’m “an animal”. Duh, of course I am!

    I don’t mean this as a way to invalidate how you feel about this phrasing in the article, EK. I’m just curious as to WHY it was offensive to you.

    • Oh, things hardly ‘offend’ me at all Sophia, but it was merely the syntax I was pointing out where she said ‘men are animals’ instead of ‘humans are animals’ or something like that.
      Its a subtly, I doubt she even consciously did it.

  3. Alternately… “Ladies, here’s one more thing you can THANK men for: menopause.”

    I don’t know anyone who likes “the curse”. Women I know who don’t mense either from stress or too little body fat or some sort of synthetic hormone interference LOVE it.

  4. it’s only recently that women(and men) live longer than 30-40 years. human biology was designed to live as long as we do, look at Alzheimer’s for instance, that didn’t start to be a problem until we started living long enough for it to occur. Can we blame men not being able to get it up in later years on women?

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