Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN #2 Self Sufficiency

Today: Self Sufficiency

#5 -Physical Traits

#4 – Discipline

#3 – Confidence and Ability

The second most important trait of being a MAN is something I never see on any lists, and after I make my argument I think you will agree.

Self Sufficiency is a lot of things, it means the obvious like the ability to provide for food and shelter, but then also things like money and emotional support.  The direct ratio that you rely on others for anything is proportional to your level of Alpha.

That means your friend you always cry to, that boss who you are a wage-slave to, that girl your happiness is derived from… all of them are diminishing any ‘alphaness’ you may have.  The reason is because you are relying on another for happiness, support, or whatever you are getting from them that you are not procuring for yourself.

Our society is build such that it is impossible to be 100% self sufficient, you cant grow your own flour, sugar etc.  But, a wise man would have huge stockpiles of said resource so any disruption would not make him reliant on others.  But to the extent it is possible, you will directly improve every aspect of your life for every reliant tie to others you sever.  The faster you become self employed, (or dont even need a job) the faster you get your own food and water, the sooner self improvement comes from within, the sooner you do not need others for your own happiness…all of these will directly make you a better man.

Consider the archetypal hero of America- a cowboy from the wild west days.  He was out there alone, just him and his wits.  He didn’t have facebook pumping his ego, he didnt have a friend he cried to about life being hard, he was out there living completely on his own.  There is a reason men strive for this ideal, and women fawn over it.

Self sufficiency is just one aspect of being a complete man, so keep that in mind with the next example.  A farmer who lives out alone somewhere, growing his own food, and is emotionally stable is a very high example of self sufficiency.  He can do anything he wants, he does not have a boss that would fire him if he bashes feminists, he can call people out for their shit, he is not relying on some friend to cry his problems to.  This farmer may lack social skills, who knows, but simply on the sufficiency scale, he is about as high as you can go, and for that gains big points.

Man throughout history has been the provider, and that by its nature means self sufficiency, because not only is he feeding or protecting himself, he is so sufficient he is able to give some to his girl or tribe or whatever.

Think about the modern antithesis: the metro male who maybe even is a stay-at-home-dad.  I would love to be a  s.a.h.d. but I realize how utterly pathetic and backwards it is.

What this ties into is the structure way our society is set up.  There is no free land anywhere, so a man can’t just head out and live.  You are locked into payments, jobs, relationships etc.  Ideally locked in as minimally as possible.  But consider the stay at home dad.  Its awesome, you get to go fishing etc.  But when happens when your wife decides to dump you?  Suddenly you have no job, no house, and are expected to survive.  You put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Living in the city and have corporate jobs is the same.  You have huge living expenses, fancy car…all of which tie you to that job you loathe.  Unless you are saving a lot of money, and have both a short term escape and a long term escape plan, you are a slave.  That is not alpha at all.  You might have girls flocking to you and your money right now…but all it is is the money, what happens when you get ‘let go’ at work, think that girl with the big butt is still going to answer your call when she finds out?

It is incredibly alpha to not rely on others.  When you can tell people to fuck off after screwing you instead of taking your raping like everyone else that gives you power.  And women love power.

If you let anyone define you, that is a mistake.  People can define you when you rely on them.  Being able to walk away from anything is liberating.  When you get a deal you do not like, walk.  But when you are a slave, you are forced to take ‘deals’ when they benefit you zero.

Get out there and become self sufficient anyway you can.

Besides, with an economic collapse imminent, the real alpha are going to be separated from the fake PUA alpha very quickly.

Even the Romans went down.


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