The MGTOW self-improvement challenge #1

Part of being a true MGTOW is that you are actually LIVING life.  I think it is all to easy to fall into self-pity and give up on yourself especially after whatever evisceration your heart might have gone through, but it is time to slap yourself straight and get on to a better life.  A life FOR YOU.

That being said I present a tough but do-able challenge to my readers as a direct self-improvement test.

I started the challenge a few days ago, but I actually quit my shitty job this morning, so this is a perfect time.  Ready to jump off the cliff and truly devote yourself to becoming better?  Let’s do this.

Into the light

The Challenge: Do all of the following for at least one month:

1: Exercise 5 times a week

2: Eat healthy/ abandon junk food

3: Stretch and/or meditate 30 min a day

4: Read an actual book 30 min a day

5: No sex in any form

6: Electronics and/or entertainment under 2 hours a day

Sound simply?  Sound hard? Give it a go, if you do it for a month I guarantee you will be a better person.

If you have questions about any of these let me know.

1: Working out should be obvious, but given obesity ratings, it clearly is not.  Working out does not need to be long, it only needs to be intense.  ’20 minutes a day’ like some tv commercials actually is true…if you bust your ass all 20.  Sprints, power lifts, or any HIIT are approved.  You will be healthier, and your confidence and skills will soar.

2: Diet.  This is the other of the big 2 of being healthy.  There are a few components, obvious raw calories matter, but even more so is WHAT you are eating.  Our modern diet is full of poisons, and things like trans-fats and high-fructose will lay you out long before 4000 calories of fruits and vegetables ever would.  If you have not ever tried vegetarianism, it might be a good trail for a month.

3: Stretch/meditate:  This is a good practice to get our mind of the insane ‘gogogo’ of our society that is definitely killing us.  Our bodies are not made to contort in a chair all day.  Our minds are not made to hold endless stress.

4: Read.  This is tied to the reduced electronics, but when was the last time you REALLY picked up a book?  Get out there and get it done.  Doesn’t matter if it is an sci-fi/action stomp or a dense philosophy book its only 30min a day.

5: No sex.  Oh god am I really suggesting this?  Damn right.  This means no spewing your life juice into a girl or into your hand.  This might be the hardest part for some.  But prove you actually have discipline I can tell you, you will face unbelievable rationalizations in your own mind.  You must remain strong.  Btw, think this is just torture?  Wrong, studies show that true sexual abstinence SKYROCKETS testosterone. It is not hard to believe when you think of the simple fact after sex a guy is drained, and a girl is charged…she got some vital energy transfer.  Keep it for yourself for a month.

6:  Electronics/entertainment reduced below 2 hours a day.  I include EVERYTHING that is NOT directly going to your work or productivity.  This means facebook out the fucking door (which I hate that site anyway), endlessly clicking links on whatever you are reading is deducting your time.  Tv counts, video games counts, ALL of it counts.  2 hours may seem generous, but all electronics counts.  No texting forever etc.  The only things are obviously if you work on a comp, or if it is something PRODUCTIVE and I use that specifically, meaning you are looking for a job, and only a job, you are writing music, writing a book whatever.  Get out and live fucking life.

This is your self-improvement mission…if you choose to accept it.

Get out there and become a better person.


19 thoughts on “The MGTOW self-improvement challenge #1

  1. A few comments/advisements:

    1. Working out doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do little things that burn more calories in your day too. Watching TV on your couch? Do leg lifts. Going to the mall? Park far away so you have to walk more. Going grocery shopping for a few items? Do arm lifts with a handbasket instead of using a cart. Car is dirty? Wash it rather than going to the carwash. View every activity as a way to get fit!

    2. This is a huge component of health. I’ve been ovo-lacto vegetarian ever since I was 13 and decided eating other animals was not for me. I eat eggs and dairy, but haven’t touched fish, poultry, pork, beef, seafood, etc for 16 years now. I don’t think everyone can or should do this, but it’s worth a shot. One thing I’d like to mention though: don’t overdose on soy products like Morningstar Farms or Yves. Unless you take an extra supplement, excess soy can leech calcium from other foods. It’s still healthy in single servings, but try to mix it up with the mycoprotein foods from Quorn…or just use mushrooms, potatoes, beans, lentils, and nuts more often.

    3. Meditation is an excellent way to clear the mind and reflect on your day. It also helps to increase your serotonin levels if done for 30min clips once or twice a week. Combine that with yoga/stretching exercises, and it can do wonders!

    4. I’m already a bibliophile, but if you hate reading…why not try a graphic novel/comic book? There are many awesome stories to be had, and just because they come fully illustrated doesn’t mean they’re any less thought provoking. I recommend “Midnight Nation”, “Rising Stars”, Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” and “Death: Time of your Life”, “Transmetropolitan”, “Maus” and “Marvels”.

    5. Wouldn’t be able to do it. I’ve tried…never again. I lasted a single week before caving in. I would however suggest masturbating without ANY erotica for 2 weeks. Yeah, believe me, I know it’s way easier when you can watch porn. I use it too. But try to just focus on your body, how it feels, what parts get excited the most/least, and pay attention to EVERY erogenous zone you have, not just your genitals.

    6. I only use electronics for fun one day a week (today!), but it’s not a bad plan. Doing stuff that involves people you really know and can physically interact with is preferable!

    All in all, a truly awesome list, EK. 🙂

    • Hey thanks Sophia, good advice for anyone reading this as well.
      I think you gave in too easy on #5, you make it seem like some life and death battle. Whats more exciting than challenging your will vs millions of years of evolution?

      • Well, if you ask Emperor…it seems I already AM going against years of evolution. Joking, joking!

        But yes, it is exceptionally difficult. I have a very strong sex drive, and usually take care of my “morning wood” everyday. Like I said, I did attempt to give up fleshy pleasure for a month and couldn’t. It was more difficult than becoming vegetarian AND passing college Calculus combined!

  2. I was with you until #5. Aren’t most MGTOW also PUAs? This seems counter-productive.

    Also (as pertains to #2), a good diet doesn’t have to exclude meats. We’re omnivores, but humans are primarily carnivorous. There’s nothing more manly (from a dietary perspective) than ripping through a juicy steak. Still, it’s always a good idea to opt for the fresh greens/vegetables as a side rather than the potatoes or french fries.
    (A good idea I adopted from the French: have your salad delivered to you at the END of the meal rather than the beginning. It saves you from being tempted to order dessert, and the roughage helps to push through your system whatever bulky items you’ve just enjoyed!)

    • I disagree with you about your statement about “we’re omnivores, but humans are primarily carnivorous”. If this were true, then our Food Pyramid would look drastically different. The American/Western European dietary habits focus on meats (particularly red) more than they should. Again, I don’t think everyone can be vegetarian…and I don’t think vegan is healthy…but humans aren’t close to being carnivores.

      As for your other part, I believe EK explained it best on his post here:

      It certainly cleared up some questions I’d been having about the manosphere, and why certain groups wrote the way they do. I highly recommend reading it!

      • To save space on EK’s comments, I won’t go TOO much into these.

        To your first point, the food pyramid is a sham. It always has been. We don’t NEED grains to survive any more than we need processed sugars and oils (which also somehow made it onto our “exemplary” pyramid). If you were to do without grains ENTIRELY (even though the pyramid you reference lists it as the MOST necessary), you could easily get every bit of the fiber they provide from fruits and vegetables.

        You can’t say the same about animal proteins – and non-meat substitutes are MEAGER protein alternatives! Why do most vegetarians look so atrophied and emaciated? Because it’s not how we’re wired to live and improve. It’s a fact, and Truth remains truth regardless of whether we want to believe it or not.

        As for the PUA/MGTOW article, I’d disagree only to say that MGTOW are typically more toward the PUA side of the represented scale – not the middle.

        MRAs are mostly AFCs that are depending on an outside entity to make the world fair for them (be it the government, court systems, whatever).

        MGTOW realize the importance of self-sufficiency and clearing a path based on autonomy (with the added benefit of a few MGTOW allies). That is a PUA/Alpha mentality there.

        MGTOW would not BE what they are if they weren’t at least half as Alpha as a PUA. Ergo, I disagree on that point.

        • Don’t worry about length, we are after the Truth around here.
          Hmm, interesting, are you suggesting that the three groups are all a sliding scale of alpha? pua being the highest, mra the lowest?

          Where I disagree is that PUA guys are actually alpha. Sure that is the GOAL, but if you take a typical pua and a typical mgtow I’ll bet on the mgtow being more alpha. Strictly because he is living for his own terms, not for a girl. Niether of them ‘give a shit’ about her, but the mgtow truly doesnt, whereas the pua is simply acting the part since that is what he is supposed to do to get sex.

          Living for the girl, even if its just to slam her out is ultimately beta.

          • I would argue that it’s the chase and the self-satisfying act of sex that makes the PUA the most decidedly Alpha, but that’s interpretive semantics.

            On that note, though, if you find any PUAs that are incredibly into/skilled at cunnilingus, I would be quite surprised.

      • @Emperor

        I still disagree on just about everything you said about the human body/diet (and am wondering if the “vegetarians” you’ve seen are not just covering up an eating disorder), but will let it go. Dietary concerns aren’t the point of this blog…striving for equality between the sexes is.

        I’ll just say that as long as you are against sexist behaviors and laws, I don’t care what you eat. 😀

    • Indeed, we are omnivore, but our gut is long, it is for processing vegetables whereas meat sits rancid.

      Anyway about #5, no there is a pretty big division between MGTOW and PUA. There is certainly overlap, but MGTOW is about living your own life without girls , whereas PUA is all about getting as many girls as you can for sex.

      • Actually, the parallels run very close together, EK. The main difference is that a MGHOW may use his PUA skills to get a girl at random, whenever he deigns to do so. A PUA is more pathologically ravenous, using the skills constantly.

        But even a MGHOW like RM would advise you not only in the practice and art of the PUA (that he no longer “needs”, being married and all), but in keeping your Game tight.

        MGTOW isn’t some sort of social cruise-control; it’s the ultimate disciplinary mastery of self that makes a man able to affect and control his local environment. We’re not the hermits you would make us out to be, although that seems to be your personal interpretation.

        Again, like you said previously, the lines blur quite often.

  3. I’m in!
    But number 5 is out. Happily married and stuff, want to stay that way. 🙂

    Congrats on ditching that horrid job! It is a new day. A better day.

  4. This is good. Unfortunately I can’t quite do this all, I still have another week before the doctor said I can lift anything so exercise is still out for me. And interestingly I think I have had an increase in testosterone since the surgery, my theory being that it aids the recovery process. Also this has increased my carnal desires, but since I have an outlet for that at present I’m not doing #5 either.
    Still I already have a pretty good diet, and read a lot. Stretching and meditation were phased out like exercise from the surgery, but I have lightly gotten back into already as its not as strenuous. And I think I’ll be dumping social media crap soon anyway.

    Given i’m pretty close to this already I should have it all phased in soon enough.

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