‘I give up on girls’ – A MGTOW primer pt1 – Basics of the blogsphere

If you are new, and any of the following thoughts have entered your mind (some of these are real search terms directed to my blog): “I give up on women” “women have it so much easier” “why does everyone hate males” “couldn’t give a shit about women’s needs” (< perhaps one of my favorite) then sit down for a spell, allow me to assist you in returning to a happy state of reality.

When I first started my blog about 6 months ago I certainly did not know the direction it would be taking, and I have found myself arriving at being one of the major voices for a growing movement – MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way, an interesting mix of the MRA and the PUA movements, a hybrid different then both, that essentially has decided that modern women are not worthy of pursuing, and that happiness is NOT directed, derived, or in any way related to the existence of a female in your life.

It is unfortunate, but almost always any man who finds his way into MRA/PUA/MGTOW likely failed with women in one regard or another, I should change that to ‘fail’ because it might entirely not have been their fault, but at the end, the women and the man were no longer together.  I would say 90% of males experience a loss or failing of some kind and they naturally ask ‘why?’ and are forced to drastically re-evaluate their world view.  The other 10% are good friends with some guy that gets burned super bad, and decides ‘damn, he went down pretty hard, maybe I should listen to what he is saying’.

Essentially a male gets to MGTOW by one of two paths: a PUA who decides a life of one-night stands is getting nowhere, or a fleeced MRA who is tired of dealing with women in any capacity.

Path 1: The PUA who hates killing his heart

Almost always, men turn to PUA – pick up artist- style of blogs and advice after getting rocked.  Essentially they conclude they can harden their heart, and pick up as many women as they dream and it will fill this hole the now-broken-former-idealist-who-once-believed-in-love has in his heart.  After all whatever badass role model they have locked deep in their head, he gets with a lot of girls, maybe that is why he is so sad, he just isnt slamming enough girls out.

He reads about techniques, ‘peacocking’, ‘negging’, how to fake confidence, how to play number games…and the promise if you follow it: unlimited girls for the banging.  He does it, maybe feels stupid at first, but if he keeps at it…well I’ll be, he is actually getting sex!  But somewhere between one drunken blowjob or hoping he didn’t get a STD from that last girl he starts wondering ‘is there more to life than this’?

Pick up artist stuff works.  Do not get me wrong.  In fact it has a lot to teach the MGTOW, namely that confidence is key to interactions, and to not take women to serious.  But what happens is the eventual MGTOW starts to realize any happiness he is getting from sex is ultimately short lived. He is defining his life – even if it is a life insulting women and acting badass- by the goal of getting sex from women.  The future MGTOW decides ‘why the fuck would I want to waste time at a bar or texting or ‘gaming’ some bitch for a night of sex?

The near-complete MGTOW starts to conclude ‘well, I get more satisfaction from going to the gym’ or ‘completing my hobbies’ or ‘having fun without women’ and his transformation is practically done.

Path 2: The MRA who is tired of this shit

MRA come typically from a more economic background.  The PUA path was primarily driven by emotion, you got left, your girl cheated on you etc. and you are emotionally hurt.  The MRA typical has a much more substantial claim, and almost always from Divorce.  Essentially they were married, and the women cheats, leaves, becomes intolerable etc and they split, and due to the unfairness of courts suddenly half his wealth is gone.  HALF OF HIS LIFE’S WORK IS GONE.

The MRA thinks ‘what they fuck!?  How is this close to fair?  That bitch did shit, she didn’t even suck my dick now she gets half my money?’  Thus, you will see a LOT of blogsphere warning against marriage…for damn good reason because of what the MRA experienced first hand.

The MRA starts to realize how utterly fucked up the laws and courts and society are if you are male.  The more he looks, the more he comes across things about how much Bipolar Disorder (which is about 85% female) destroys families, and how rare the male ever gets custody in child disputes.  He sees that during a supposed domestic violence, the male goes away because ‘he is always the aggressor’

MRA are out there fighting the legal fight in any way they can.  Eventually if they swap to MGTOW it is because they decide it is no longer worth it continuing in a system so rigged against them, and would rather live their own life.




What has been real fun about all this is finding out all various ‘genres’ of blogs out there.  For example two of my first fellow bloggers are loosely MGTOW, not that they even use the word, but they talk about issues BEYOND women: http://gregariouswolf.wordpress.com/ and http://odinslounge.wordpress.com/  and http://cogitansiuvenis.blogspot.com/ .

Then there are are real/admitted MGTOW that are actively out there furthering the term and what it means, http://theobserverwatches.blogspot.com/ and http://whoism3.wordpress.com/ and http://stonerwithaboner.wordpress.com/. 

Then there are the full on MRA like http://reyekomra.wordpress.com/

Then you have the women that actually understand or are at least sympathetic to our plight like my poster Liz and Sophia  http://tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com/ and Darling http://darlingdoll82.wordpress.com/

MGTOW is NOT a hedonistic movement, although some may be, at its root, it ultimately might be best expressed as ‘I am living my own life…and I don’t need a women to do it’.


13 thoughts on “‘I give up on girls’ – A MGTOW primer pt1 – Basics of the blogsphere

  1. I am both understand and am sympathetic to your plight because the system is ‘effed. Men are penalized during divorce proceedings regardless of who initiated. They get less parenting time, pay more child support and alimony and stand to lose the most in a marriage. Is it any wonder they want to go their own way?

  2. Thank you so much for the “shout out”, EK. It is truly appreciated.

    Much like darlingdoll has already said, I stand up for men’s rights because I want true equality for everyone…male and female alike. People have basic rights that need to be considered, and deserve to live free of harmful stereotypes and double standards. When we can work together to ensure this, every citizen will benefit.

  3. This is a pretty good breakdown of the spectrum for a new person to learn the subtle differences. Subtle because everyone comes to whatever point they are through a different path or cause.

    • It makes sense, honestly. It is YOUR life…no one can live it for you. No one, male or female, should be made to feel like less of a person just because they are solitary instead of a couple.

      • I always appreciate free press. 😉

        And like I said, definitely make sure you get on the Link roll at No, Ma’am – I can’t tell you how many hits (both foreign and domestic) that I’ve gotten just from being listed there. It also helps that I’ve never read a bad (or unclearly-written) article from that site.

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  5. First, I have to say I’m offended at this whole thing. For one, keep your lips away from my dick. My semen is mine. Keep your hands off of me, I’m not your toy. Two, if I had ever been married and it had turned into a divorce with kids, etc., I would have done my best to make sure that she had gotten total custody of any children (I would have hard balled a deal “you get total custody for relieving me from ALL financial responsibility, in perpetuity”). Because who gives a crap? That’s her dream, not mine. I didn’t grow up wanting to play house with live dollies. And those kids will be pollution to the man. And that is a fucking fact… FACT. 99.9999999999999% of the time the female will turn those little demons against you (from day ONE), and she will do it with the help of every g damned tv show, magazine, organization, etc. out there. So, to even hint that there’s something wrong with losing custody, is just fucking insulting. Get your ass as far away as possible and make yourself look insolvent (when it starts looking like divorce, if you’re smart, stage your own death, learn another language, etc.). And if you are a “pua” (fuck all these silly as shit homo loving acronyms), your best bet is to develop game without appearing solvent. And what you call mgtow is just a way of saying man. Man. I’m not going to say I’ve been anything close to a good example of what a man should or could be. I’ve had crap loads of girlfriends. Too fucking many. Too many ugly ones, too many attractive ones, even a couple of kind of pudgy ones, but no fat ones. Smart ones , dumb ones, ones that climb on rocks. But what they have all had in common is their bitchy component. Not the kind that makes you want to snap their necks (with the occasional exception), but the kind where they slowly try to invade my life in ways that suck the life out (you should go back to school for your masters, become CEO of your firm, write novels, et- fucking-cetera). Without going into tons of exposition, when my invasion detector would go off, that’s it, I’m done. Whatever I was doing I stopped and never went back. Which always resulted in an acrimonious breakup. But keeping company with someone is always an agreement. If you fuck with my time, I owe no explanations. The worst and best part is that I have never had “game” (these fucking ridiculous terms that you internet generation use), I never got the girls I thought I wanted, my friends always out gamed me for those females. At the time I hurt over those “losses”. I mourned for my future. For years I felt like I was going to miss out on “a great girl” because I didn’t prioritize fucking. Now, I mourn for my friends who got stuck with those bitches. I’ve spent my time doing all sorts of things I’ve wanted to, and they are envious. I realize that not only did they maRRy bitches but they are and always have been BITCHES.. the guys. And I’m fucking ecstatic that I don’t see any of them anymore. Spending time with dead people sucks, and they are dead. They need permission to go out. PERMISSION? You are a fucking man! You are the most important part of the equation, and you need permission? What you need is respect. Self fucking respect. And hey, I’ve been there, been down that crappy road thinking I needed some ho to make me feel like something, but to my great credit, I never NEVER asked a woman to marry me. Never found one who wouldn’t turn herself to the dark side. You know the best thing that there is, is the tendency of women to team up against men. You’ll be one man and ten women will be jumping down your throat because you dropped your gum into a couch at the doctor’s office. And the beautiful thing about that is, you know that they are bitches, and when you know that you know that, they all want you because you are a rock and a monster, and you can just say fuck you all and sit there being the man, taking the heat, and they’ll gasp because they can’t believe they’re actually seeing the man that is the legend that you are when you know the truth about what a man is, and once you’re at a point where the shackles the media put on you are too obviously fucking stupid, that’s who you are.

    And if you ever see one of your brothers in a parking lot starting to beat on some ho, grab him and explain this shit. Tell him you are just saving him from himself (because the system will fuck him over). Tell him you’ve been there yourself, even if you haven’t. Tell him to be a fucking man.

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