Wtf is wrong with girls today: The manjaw + tattooes

I saw this picture of a new cadet for the air force academy, one of the most elite colleges someone can go to.  These are supposed to be the best of the best our country has to offer.  When you are ready for the horror scroll down.







the horror

This girl has a bigger jaw than the girl yelling at her.  Look, people can’t control thier body shape to that extent, so I get it, just a minor artifact of aggressive women taking over.  But the real issue is that huge skull arm tattoo.  What the fuck were they thinking letting someone in with that!?

Seriously, was there no one equally as qualified that didnt have a smiling fucking skull on their arm?  Who knows what out trash her body is littered with.  How is she supposed to wear formal wear without that little fucker smiling out in its contempt to the world?

Most afa cadets are 18-20, so if she was asked about it at all I am sure she said ‘it was a mistake of my youth’ but she likely got it within the last 2 years.  I got news for you, if you are about under 24 I would say you still have a LOT of growing up to do.

The fact such trash like this is supposed to be the best is a real sign of the times.  The writing is on the wall.

Girls: Take home message of the day: avoid tattoos, it doesnt make you unique in any way, only trashy.

Red pill knowledge leaking into more ‘mainstream’

I was a bit surprised coming across some articles yesterday espousing things I have talked about in this blog in the past, now leaking their way into more mainstream and sites with more traffic.

which lists some good things, notably that women are getting rid of the word ‘man’ which I went over here

This one is about video games and porn destroying men in america, which I had previously gone over here: and

Which goes over 20% of men 25 and older live with their parents, which harkens to my discussion on Japan leading the way of men not giving a shit:


Lastly an article about economics and men getting raped in that sphere:

Here are two relevant posts: and


*** So a short discussion

On one side I look at the typical male who feminist chagrin only really gives a shit about getting home (if he even has a job) and wanting to just look at some porn and play some games and I want to scream ‘Pathetic, get your life in order!’  But then I realize ‘why?’

Why the fuck should a guy bother doing shit when the deck is stacked against him?  Why should he try to ask a girl out when it inevitably ends in heart break when the nice guy is cheated on by his slutty girlfriend?  Why should he aspire to shit when the only jobs out there are ‘administrative assistants’ which are no different than secretaries?  Why would he want to do anything when video games and porn give him 100% SATISFACTION and the girl-world only fucks him over and gives him pain?  The death of America is inevitable, men have been totally disenfranchised and the only real impetus for ‘trying’ is to be able to get the fuck out.

I am reminded of some job article I read about some women REALLY impressed with herself, she went on to say something like ‘I am the perfect employee, I can do it all, file papers, answer phones, go through email…’  all I could day was shake my head, I guess in this day and age that is the only skills required to ‘do it all’.

Miss USA- an exercise is stupidity and trading security

Two things came out of the recent miss usa contest: the false claim of a wage gap between men and women, and that public vastly supportive of trading all freedom for ‘security’.

First up is miss utah, was asked “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”  I already talked about this ‘report’ here where the outright LIE of wage inequality is still pervasive in the public sphere.  Anyway it was interesting to see women attack one of their fellow women when she did not tow the line when she said it was men who should solve the problem and create more jobs.

Some feminist women writer ranting against her “You’re a woman. What do you think about that inequality as a young woman at the beginning of your career?”

How completely sad that this angry feminist is upset at some attractive young women who doesnt believe in the pay gap, or at least as fervently as the writer does.

As a lot on the manosphere point out, once you break from the herd, they are just as vicious to you as any male, sometimes worse.  That is why its refreshing to have girl bloggers on the same points.

You know whats a lie you feminist bitch?  The page gap is a lie!  Research it yourself instead of believing somebody else!  Don’t believe me, prove it to yourself!

2nd.  Miss alabama would rather go to the mall than have freedom.

Her answer to being asked if NSA spying was ok: “”I think the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the movies, or to the airport, or even to the mall that we have to worry about our safety,” McCord said. “So I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go than feel like they’re, um, encroaching on my privacy.”

She doesnt have to think

So here is a woman that is held up as some sort of idol to the people, strictly only because of her looks.  (Which btw, feminists, do you support these beauty pageants?  If so you are supporting ‘shallowness’ If not what is wrong?)

The saddest thing, is instead of being booed off the stage for trading freedom for mall trips and texts, she was hailed as a hero and received cheers, screams and claps.

RIP America.

Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training

Ahh, the much aligned cat-lady, in case you dont know what this is, its the stereotypical woman who is typically 30+ often older, but has been burned or spurned by men enough that she turns to cats…a lot of them as a substitute for males, and often has a ‘i dont need men attitude’.  I met one this weekend.  Well, future Cat Lady, for now a cat-lady-in-training

I was at a party with my friends when this women walked in, a bit heavy and with very consuming eyes.  They were whore eyes, I have seen them before.  They have no problem taking the dick then walking away after sex content she has displayed her ‘womans liberation power’.  Its the type of hardened-slut stare that guys know they could easily get a bj from, but also run the risk of getting an std from.

Anyway, so she comes in, eyes drifting over her prey, her eyes fall on me and I give a bemused stare back until she breaks off contact, I know I got into her mind right there.

She has tattoos and dark hair.  What is it with darker hair being the predictable hair color of hardened sluts?  Yes, it can be blonde, but by far in my experience its always the darker hair ones.  She also has multiple bars and piercings, girls, if you are running more than 3 piercings in each year you are getting in some dangerous territory.  Guys- ears piercing are very good ‘slut indicators’ the more they have the more likely they are NSA-sex types.  STD types too, but that comes with the territory.

For some reason tarot card were busted out, and this girl claimed she was good at them.  I told her to give me her best.  She gave me a typical reading, not really notable.  But I told her I could do this and took her book at gave her one.

Among the things I found while talking to her were that ‘I don’t need guys’ and yet she was currently seeing a guy.  She had ‘a history’ with some of her exes.  She had a stalker supposedly.  She lived with cats.  She had to take everything in life since no one gave her anything.

In just these few sentences, I hope you get an idea of this women.  She is on the down hill, and post-wall, a few years left of male attention, and certainly were few males other than captain-save-a-ho’s would have any interest in her other than one night stands.

This was a shock troop for the feminist movement.  Someone who had bought in, hook line and sinker, women are just as good…wait better than men.  Hell, those men caused my shitty life, I dont need those misogynist bastards!  But that dick just feels so good…and there was Frank…but he wasnt like most men.

I was supposed to be impressed that she lived in the same town as her parents but was ‘on her own’.  To me that is just stupid either live with your parents and save the money or gtfo of the town.  She supposedly works ‘seven jobs’.  That is complete bullshit, and hardly worthy of dissecting.  I pulled The Lovers, and she insisted to me she doesnt need men, and had ‘absolutely no regrets or anything missing in her life’.  Again, delusion.  Everyone has regrets or something else they want or missing from life.  I am a MGTOW, but it is mainly because of the shit going by the name ‘girls’ in America.  I am not gay, and would totally LOVE a female that was actually worth anything beyond a spoiled bitch.  So when someone proudly proclaims they dont need a man, yet has this hole in their life filled with cats, and mysteriously a boy-toy you have to seriously wonder about their mental state.

She had this cocksure smile on, again why is that its always the hardened sluts that are most man-like?  The smile and her words suggested she truly believed this post-wall delusion she was subjecting herself towards.  I actually kind of felt bad for her.

Here was a Cat Lady in training…and she was willingly walking down this path.

Only if Cat Ladies were anything other than ugly old women…

New ‘science’ blames men for menopause

The feminist movement is a joke, but unfortunately its a bad joke that a lot of people believe in.  It is rare I am shocked anymore by the relentless pursuit of destroying men and women, but this one I admit kind of did.  The outright stupidity, and the ever-present ‘blame men’ theme is readily apparent.

Just look at the first sentence: “Ladies, here’s one more thing you can blame on men: menopause.”

It really show how far our society has fallen that a supposedly science article can start with such blatant misandry.  Could you imagine a study with any legitimacy ‘hey guys, here is something else you can blame on women’?

“Our first assumption is that mating in humans is not random with respect to age, which means men of all ages prefer to mate with younger women,”

Wow, revolutionary to the masses I suppose.  No wonder with such a ground breaking premise did they have to blame men in the end.

“The preference men have for young partners is a striking contrast with other primates” – says some female researcher in the article.  Notice the implicit men=primates?  I am not doubting that biologic fact, but merely the subtly it plays on that ‘men are animals’.  She defends women with ‘As human life spans increased, women might have had many healthy years after fertility.’ and no where any mention that women, too, are animals.

Its ok, when the magnetic pole shifts, you can blame us for that one too.  If we only preferred ‘equality’ the pole wouldnt have to have enforced equality of each side getting a turn on us.

Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN #2 Self Sufficiency

Today: Self Sufficiency

#5 -Physical Traits

#4 – Discipline

#3 – Confidence and Ability

The second most important trait of being a MAN is something I never see on any lists, and after I make my argument I think you will agree.

Self Sufficiency is a lot of things, it means the obvious like the ability to provide for food and shelter, but then also things like money and emotional support.  The direct ratio that you rely on others for anything is proportional to your level of Alpha.

That means your friend you always cry to, that boss who you are a wage-slave to, that girl your happiness is derived from… all of them are diminishing any ‘alphaness’ you may have.  The reason is because you are relying on another for happiness, support, or whatever you are getting from them that you are not procuring for yourself.

Our society is build such that it is impossible to be 100% self sufficient, you cant grow your own flour, sugar etc.  But, a wise man would have huge stockpiles of said resource so any disruption would not make him reliant on others.  But to the extent it is possible, you will directly improve every aspect of your life for every reliant tie to others you sever.  The faster you become self employed, (or dont even need a job) the faster you get your own food and water, the sooner self improvement comes from within, the sooner you do not need others for your own happiness…all of these will directly make you a better man.

Consider the archetypal hero of America- a cowboy from the wild west days.  He was out there alone, just him and his wits.  He didn’t have facebook pumping his ego, he didnt have a friend he cried to about life being hard, he was out there living completely on his own.  There is a reason men strive for this ideal, and women fawn over it.

Self sufficiency is just one aspect of being a complete man, so keep that in mind with the next example.  A farmer who lives out alone somewhere, growing his own food, and is emotionally stable is a very high example of self sufficiency.  He can do anything he wants, he does not have a boss that would fire him if he bashes feminists, he can call people out for their shit, he is not relying on some friend to cry his problems to.  This farmer may lack social skills, who knows, but simply on the sufficiency scale, he is about as high as you can go, and for that gains big points.

Man throughout history has been the provider, and that by its nature means self sufficiency, because not only is he feeding or protecting himself, he is so sufficient he is able to give some to his girl or tribe or whatever.

Think about the modern antithesis: the metro male who maybe even is a stay-at-home-dad.  I would love to be a  s.a.h.d. but I realize how utterly pathetic and backwards it is.

What this ties into is the structure way our society is set up.  There is no free land anywhere, so a man can’t just head out and live.  You are locked into payments, jobs, relationships etc.  Ideally locked in as minimally as possible.  But consider the stay at home dad.  Its awesome, you get to go fishing etc.  But when happens when your wife decides to dump you?  Suddenly you have no job, no house, and are expected to survive.  You put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Living in the city and have corporate jobs is the same.  You have huge living expenses, fancy car…all of which tie you to that job you loathe.  Unless you are saving a lot of money, and have both a short term escape and a long term escape plan, you are a slave.  That is not alpha at all.  You might have girls flocking to you and your money right now…but all it is is the money, what happens when you get ‘let go’ at work, think that girl with the big butt is still going to answer your call when she finds out?

It is incredibly alpha to not rely on others.  When you can tell people to fuck off after screwing you instead of taking your raping like everyone else that gives you power.  And women love power.

If you let anyone define you, that is a mistake.  People can define you when you rely on them.  Being able to walk away from anything is liberating.  When you get a deal you do not like, walk.  But when you are a slave, you are forced to take ‘deals’ when they benefit you zero.

Get out there and become self sufficient anyway you can.

Besides, with an economic collapse imminent, the real alpha are going to be separated from the fake PUA alpha very quickly.

Even the Romans went down.