Women 40% of the bread winners in familys- feminists cry and also rejoice

The latest story is that 40% of women are the primary maker of money in families.  The ABC story prefaced it ‘reflecting what millions of us already know…’.    The link doesnt have it, but the ABC story then went on to say the unfairness still exists of women making 80% of what males make.

Let’s first talk about the preface of ‘what millions already know’ reflecting the tired trope of repeating the endless man-hating and hero-worship of females for simply being female.  Oh those hard working moms and their dead beat husbands.

Then we predictably end with the lie of 80% of the wage for women.  This is a patent lie.  Only feminists and their ilk repeat this. It is demonstrably false.  In the 20 biggest cities women under 30 make up to 15% MORE than males.  Also the fact men are drawn to engineer whereas women end up as secretaries also leads to any supposed ‘wage imbalance’.

Well, whatever, I am looking forward to just sitting at home and letting the girl make all my money.


8 thoughts on “Women 40% of the bread winners in familys- feminists cry and also rejoice

  1. I really don’t see why this matters so much. Being the primary breadwinner doesn’t mean anything other than you bring home the majority income for your household. It doesn’t mean that your spouse stays at home on their tuchas all day…it just means they don’t make the most money.

    I mean, I’m the primary AND sole breadwinner in my house. Does that mean I get a reward for working? 😛

  2. Of that 40 percent number, the majority (63 percent) of the “breadwinning moms” are single parents. So, no shocker there.

    • Good luck to you!
      You might also want to take up gambling (odds are a lot better for getting rich at the roulette wheel).
      But if you wanted to marry a rich, old ugly hag the odds might improve…

      • (fwiw, that isn’t misandry) I’d say the same for a woman who posted she’s going to marry a rich gorgeous man a$s rape him in divorce court and leave him for a richer younger model.
        Those types aren’t exactly standing around and short of options, looking for some ordinary person to sponge off of them.

      • But I thought 50 shades was a documentary! Rich young brilliant billionaire throws vast sums of money and luxury items (for reasons unexplained) at average princess with useless degree. Did they get it wrong? My paradigm is forever shattered.
        Agreed. Irony thich enough to make nails and (Chinese made) bolts weep.

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