Guys were harder in the past…but it some ways more beta

I have been meditating on this news story I recently heard about a women finding a refrence to her in her old boyfriends WW2 journal.

Essentially, these two were a couple, and married, he joined the marines are was in the pacific.  He was killed and his journal recovered, she was touring a museum and found the journal referencing her.  Its a pretty crazy story based on coincidences, but there is stuff to learn.

First, the unfair burden that is readily accepted.  This guy went off to fight one of the largest and most terrifying enemies we have ever faced while the women sat back at home. I would like to see feminists explain away why this was fair.

Anyway, a quote from him ‘”I had a letter from Laura Mae, and she said she loved me, yippee,”‘

It’s sweet, but at its root pretty beta.  It pains me to write this, understand that.  Here was a guy doing a very brave thing, and he is ‘yipee-ing’ because some women back at home loved him.  This is a key contention so many pre-pill do not understand.  ‘What is so bad about that?’

Well, pretty much everything.  How is some occasional letters of love worth the sacrifice he was enduring?  How nice it must be to be a women, say you love some guy and watch him march off to war.  Think it doesnt happen or cant happen?

Perhaps you have never heard of the White Feather. (

Basically it was a social movement that girls gave their ‘cowardly’ boyfriends a white feather to shame them into joining the UK’s army.  Namely WW2 trench warfare meat grinder.  Think how fucked up that is.  A girl will generally not see the horrors of war, yet society is fine shaming the men into war.  I heard a lot of stories of soldiers coming BACK from the front, and receiving feathers by bitches who had no idea they already served and were wounded.

It a lot of ways female power has long existed, and its focus of power has shifted.  Now, you do not see many women shaming men into the military, but you do see them shaming men of being a MAN.

I can understand, because I one point in my life I was ready to be SACRIFICIAL to a woman, because that was how I demonstrated ‘love’ right?  I am glad I awoke from that lie.  Not many do.  This guy served bravely, but he died believing a lie- the lie that the trade he was doing was somehow fair.


9 thoughts on “Guys were harder in the past…but it some ways more beta

  1. From the neoreactionary viewpoint, feminism is merely an outgrowth of the Leftist experiment dating back to the French Revolution, so it would make sense that a 1940s man would be seriously beta. Prior to Victorian times, the truth on human, and especially female, sexuality was common knowledge; that was washed away with the “women as sexless angels” in common society, although the truth still persisted in the shape of characters like the ever-present Mr. Darcy.

    In short, you’re simply not looking back far enough.

  2. When you know you might die at any moment, it’s natural to think of the people who love you which give you a reason to get back in one piece and endure the hardship. That isn’t beta, it’s perspective.

  3. The thing is, in a very real way, the only purpose in life is to love, and thereby reproduce. In times when danger is near, people become aware of how easily they could be snuffed out with no trace left. I suspect my urge to call my boyfriend after narrowly avoiding being run over comes from the same place as a man, stuck in the trenches and facing a high chance of death, just wanting to hear that he’s loved – that he’ll leave a legacy in memory if not in flesh, that he isn’t a totally unimportant speck in a world much larger than himself.
    To my mind, such feelings aren’t beta, merely human. I can’t imagine anybody who is facing down death would be totally uninterested in hearing that they are loved, unless they are a complete sociopath.

    • That is a pretty interesting interpretation actually.
      My main thrust was the general inequality that this guy is fighting for his life, and all he wants is a bit of love whereas the girl is at home- safe.

  4. On the other hand it is nothing wrong with being sacrificial to a woman IF she feels the same way towards you.No matter how hard it is to believe that such a thing does exist.Be it love or energy exchange,or whatever others may call it-although most of us either do not find it in this life time or we find it too late when we are already sick and tired.And I agree with Clover.EK-women do not fight or compete at the same level men do,so her being at home safe does not make any difference,as long as he was on her mind.

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