The feminist bullshit at my job is too much, I’m out

Haven’t posted in a while, but dealing with work and bullshit, so here is my story about the job I am probably going to quit.

I enjoyed the job I worked at part time for the last 3 years for a while, it had some problems but generally it didn’t bother me, but the level of feel-good feminist bullshit of favorites over merit and passive-aggressive interactions have left me with little choice but to leave.

I will give some details about what has slowly transpired and the backstory.

Essentially, I work at a non-profit environmental company, meaning the work we do is good, but I get paid shit for it being out in the field stabilizing the environment.  Given the environmental movement’s typical left-leaning attitudes hold true here, it was an annoyance of mine because that meant all the women were ‘gurls’ who were endlessly lauded for being so tough and the few guys there are expected to be the typical self-flogging that modern male is taught to embrace about how bad we supposedly are.

I worked two years flawlessly, being a good worker who worked hard, always showed up, knowledgeable etc.  One thing is the work was always a bit off the cuff in that the start times varied based on the whims of the leader for the day, but told through email.

This year, the company expanded into a bigger building, adding a few higher up positions, and as the typical rule of the world, the more administrators you add the worse things are able flow smoothly.

Despite more claims of ‘valuing communication’ things get worse.  Basically, there is a strong division between the field staff, and the office people.  The office people decide what needs to get done, and the field staff is supposed to do it, and figure out how to do it.  But there are rarely plans on what to actually do, leaving the field staff to scramble each day figuring out a plan to deal with all the people that will be showing up.

Start times get erratic, and unfortunately, it is typically up to me to figure out when I start.  I am forced to text 5 different people to finally get an answer.  The worst was once when I show up and no body is there, because they canceled the day by email the prior night at 6pm.  I bring this up about why wasn’t I called, and told that I should check me email more.

Whatever, I press on.

It is relevant to point out that the rank of the 3 office people, the lowest is a male, the middle person is new and a female, and the highest is a female.

So, working, a girl I am with tells me she is taking a class and getting paid for it, I ask if she thinks they would pay me.  (It is running chain saws, something I KNOW how to do, but am not ‘certified’ to do it)  Since we need saw people so bad, it seems obvious that it would be yes, and she easily agrees.

I write my boss about it, asking and per his typical passive ways ‘I’ll get back to you’.  This brings up the convenient strategy of passive aggressive where he never needs to get back to me, and if and when I ask about it, suddenly I come off as pushy and aggressive.  They paid for the girls time AND her class, because I could get it through my fire department it would be free, and I only wanted my time compensated.

Time marches on, no response, and the class is coming, so I take it.  Still nothing, I ask a week later ‘oh well I will get back to you’.

Here is where the shit really starts.

I hear back from the middle girl, ‘the three of us were talking, and we can’t pay you for the class, because (the girl who did get paid) is higher rank than you, and we expect more out of you. (A truth about rank).  Also we expect field staff to be saw qualified (a falsehood).  We just dont know how much work we can get out of you (I took every day offered).  Also we dont have the money, and fudging the time sheets seems wrong.  But maybe now we can use you’.  Use me is right.

So, despite the lie of expected to have it, I begrudgingly accepted the truth that the girl was higher than me and that was that.  But…

A few days later, a new guy who recently started (and getting way more days than me for some reason) was talking to me.  He is my position, but lower.  He said he GOT PAID to take the class.  I was incredulous.  The lie and deception to try to pacify me about that it was just the girl being higher position was bullshit.  To add to the insult they had asked this guy to take the class when I had been nothing but loyal and eager to work every day I could.

They treated easily one of their best workers unfairly, and lied about something so small.  The class cost they 700$, which I was getting free, I was merely asking for about 200$ in wages where the others were getting 300$+ and the 700$ class.

The writing was kind of on the wall prior to this when I saw certain people getting more days than others and this really sealed the whole deal.

Considering I make shit wages and am doing this to help the environment you think they’d be a bit nicer to their workers. Anyway the options I face now is to either blow up at them in person for their incompetence and hypocrisy, 2: write a letter outlining the fuckups, or 3, dont say anything and quit so that I can still use them as a reference.

One friend had the advice to get a letter of reference before I do 1 or 2, so I still have a piece of paper with positive stuff on it.

So thats where things are at, I am gone, and they wont care because we are disposable, they keep interns on hand that make nothing so that when we quit new people are ready since they had been working for free.  Now I just need to decide what plan of attack to embark on.


7 thoughts on “The feminist bullshit at my job is too much, I’m out

  1. Sorry to hear about your work troubles, EK. That was not right, what they did to you.

    Do you at least have a competent HR department? I’d write a very professional, solemn email and send it to HR + your immediate supervisor + their immediate supervisor. That way it goes higher up the chain of command AND your Human Resources person sees that you are serious about getting this resolved.

    If you still get the run-around, stay on long enough to get a positive reference or two. Hopefully get at least a part time job that will pay the bills temporarily…remember, it is difficult (if not impossible) to collect unemployment if you quit. Give your two week notice so no one can say you’re “unreliable” or “disloyal to the company”, it has happened before.

    I hope a solution comes to light for you. Keep us abreast of what happens, yeah?

  2. Hm…I’d write the letter for the catharsis. Then let it sit a while before sending and/or don’t send. Every situation is different, but it’s usually better not to burn a bridge unless necessary, and your perspective might change when you’ve been away for a few weeks/months. I don’t mean you won’t remember how crappy it was, but you might remember the occasional better time, and you can’t take a letter (or rant) back. I wrote a five pager when I quit my last job (last year) that sits on my computer desktop, so I can read it from time to time and feel grateful that I’m not there anymore.

    You never know who you might need, and I’ve seen people make such rants at farewells before and regret it. I’ve literally seen people who stood up in front of a crowd at their own farewell party and claim, “You’re stupid for staying! I’m going to a great job…yadda yadda”, quite ungraciously, come back eating crow and asking my husband for a recommendation (being the one they offended least). And at the time they ranted, they were absolutely right about the job conditions, and they felt empowered because they had been hired for a job that paid much better…and then they lost it a few years later, when the companies experienced financial difficulty. Now they had homes and kids, ect. You don’t want to be that guy.

    Sorry to hear about the awful job conditions, though. That sucks. 😦 It’s amazing how bad the economy is. We literally have a crop of economic conscripts in the workforce with the growing internship phenomenon. People graduate from college and literally pay to work for free now, moving across the state or country and consider themselves lucky someone is willing to give them anything to place on a resume as ‘experience’. With no end to this in sight. I worry about my kids’ futures.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this. It sounds like you know your worth though, which is good. You’ll find a better job that pays you well and advances people based on merit and not BS. Good luck with the job hunting!

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