Some of the searches that link here:

Hahaa, here are some of the more fun searches that have linked to my blog.  I don’t discriminate against anyone after truth, so the more in need the more I will help them.

breasts 3
thoughts of women about themselves 2
girls with nice boobs and big booms 2
big boobs 1
porn star who have bigboobs 1
just give up on women 1
woman with h size breasts gets naked 1
is oral sex harmful to an elderly man? 1
throat cancer from going down on girls

when is it time to give up on women

asian boobs vs european boobs 1
oral sexually for women


I think my favorite misspelling is the ‘big booms’ but hey, when you gotta go, you dont got time to spell correctly.


So I went to go find a pic of a hot girl for all my readers and with the search ‘nice girl with big boobs’ I essentially get 50% porn pictures, I turn on ‘safe search’ and what does it do?  Takes away the word ‘boobs’.  But yet I still get pics like this:

Congrats google safe search, all you did was give me a false sense of security with your 1984-style censorship and now my mind is still poisoned.

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