Tough ‘titsday’ has feminists in uproar

Two posts today…

My friend shipped me this and requested a post about it, cross fit had a womans only class and called it tough titsday, and predictably feminists are in a uproar.

I personally despise crossfit, as I touch on in an older post crossfit is indeed fadish, and simply a bad evolution of HIIT training.  That being said, it humors me that even something I dislike I see clearly the feminist paranoia that knows no bounds ravish institution after institution.

Some feminist was repulsed by the word, and suggested to the gym owner to change it to a more neutral word.  First…notice the standard modus operandi here of these hyper-liberals (as an aside,liberals today are mere charades of true liberalism, I hate that they have destroyed the word) that they alone have some sort of truth, and that THEIR opinion is therefore superior to yours.  Essentially, this woman asking to rename the class is telling the gym owner ‘I know you named it what YOU wanted, but I want you to rename it to what I want.’

I deal with this a lot myself actually, I do not hold my tongue as much as society would prefer, so when I label things (whores, sluts, feminists, pussys) people around me often decide that THEIR preference on how things should be called is superior to my desire.

So feminists are predictable, ‘rename it you misogynist pigs!’  Well…now the irony is revealed that it was a WOMAN who created and named this.  So get this next part:

Rachel wrote back that the series sounded fabulous, but she couldn’t bring herself to take a class with the term “Titsday” in the name, even if it was preceded by “Tough”

Hahaha, so get this, the feminist rachel (I am surprised she isnt going by ‘rach’ or something like that) could NEVER be objectified because of ‘tits’ but she will gladly take the moniker ‘tough’. Because thats how feminists are silly~~

Let me lay the rest of the story out.  The head guy apologized.  Feminist not sure if she is right, asks fellow feminists, concludes she IS right, guy then has to explain further (in a very neutral, matter of fact way actually), then gets tired of her shit and boots her out of his gym.  (His right btw, in case you didnt know)

What’s next?  If you predict feminist shriking, you are right.  They circle the wagons and start lambasting.

Various CrossFit-hating blogs attempt to explain why CrossFit is so creepy

If you are part of the cult and act like a cult member, take a step back and think about everything that I am saying. It is not too late for you to turn in your douchecard and to start eating cheese again. You can still join a crossfit gym and function in regular society, but it takes practice

Hahaha, I really liked the part about them labeling crossfit a cult, as if feminism and ‘drinking the koolaid’ is something feminists dont do.

So in closing, lets think what happened here:

Guy’s gym creates class = feminists mad

Guy’s class actually named/ran by woman = feminists mad

Guy apologizes = feminists mad

feminist asks friends if this is misogynist, they agree = feminists mad

guy explains again and boots her out of his building = feminists really mad

feminists start hate blogs about how bad crossfit is = feminists mad

feminists mad= society as normal


Tough titsday bitch




9 thoughts on “Tough ‘titsday’ has feminists in uproar

  1. When I see stories like this I can only think of one real solution. Beat them to the crazy. Had he said (and I really do mean say exactly this) “Dear God I’m so sorry, I’ve offended the Goddess of Feminism, I will throw myself upon my sword to appease her bloodlust”. The gone out into the gym, announced that is was closing, every one was fired and that service would no longer be offered because a feminist was offended. He would have still been in the wrong, but it would push the conversation. If you are in a no win situation, the best you can hope for is to insure the other side looses as well.

  2. What’s wrong with Titsday?

    I’m a woman.
    I have tits.
    They’re pretty awesome and nice to have.
    Having a day/class named for them should be considered equally awesome.
    Why is this misogynistic? Just because a man created the name?

    • I’m guessing it’s an issue because calling it Tough Tits Day draws attention to the fact that they’re women and not men, which they don’t want. Feminists want to be seen as equal to men in all aspects of life, unless it’s a benefit for them to be treated differently. Note that they weren’t all up in arms about it being a women’s only class, cause you know equality. Imagine if they made a men’s only Crossfit day and called it Tough Dicks Day. Feminists would be all over that because, “it’s not fair! You’re discriminating against us, we want to play with the boys. We’re the same! They shouldn’t get a special day!” 😢

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  4. What’s wrong with “tits”? I love them… Everyone loves them – unless you’re a woman and don’t have any, then you hate,hate,hate life… I think we should have Momday, Titsday, Humpday, Titsday2, and F**kem-day for the days of the week…

    But I’m guessing the women that objected doesn’t have any – probably flat as a pan-cake…

  5. The feminists should have done what they did at the Michigan Capitol.

    Form a large protest and recite ‘The Vagina monologues.’

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  7. Did you read the comments? The Jezebeller’s tore her up. Very few agreed with her and several commented that she makes feminists look like unpleasant crybabies.

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