Jodi Arias walks (prediction)

So today the verdict is supposed to come down for the jodi arias trial.  I find the whole trail a convenient charade to distract the populace from the multitude of problems we face like our collapsing economy, international wars, REAL social injustices…

Is jodi going to get the death penalty?  Not a chance. Do I think she should?  She should have got a bullet a long time ago.

Oh, but she is such a sweet little girl who was a victim of that monster male she was in a relationship with…

Our legal system has long become nothing more than a farce where those with more money get off easier, and girls routinely get lesser punishments.  In a world where the evidence is ever mounting, it just does not matter as we legislate by feelings.  Jodi will join the great pantheon of those who were guilty and got off, among them the likes of casey anthony, and oj simpson.

To illustrate how messed up this whole thing is, reverse the situation, that it was the guy who stabbed, shot, and overkiled his girl friend, it never would have gotten national attention, and he’d be ‘guilty’ very very quickly.  All because of his sex and her sex the results are totally different.

A feminist paradise indeed.


3 thoughts on “Jodi Arias walks (prediction)

  1. If she walks.. there should be riots that would eclipse the kind we saw when the cops were found not guilty in the Rodney King beating.

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  3. Personally, I didn’t think the jury would be fooled.

    Evidence presented at trial:

    • Arias dyed her hair to disguise herself before she drove to Mesa.

    • Arias rented a car to avoid detection and didn’t want to drive her own car, which was red, because it might attract police attention.

    • She removed the front license plate of the rental car and attached the rear plate upside down to avoid detection.

    • She took two or three gas cans in her car to avoid a paper trail of gas receipts in Arizona.

    • A gun stolen from her grandfather was the same caliber as the gun that killed Alexander.

    • That there were three potentially fatal wounds — one stab wound, the gunshot and a slit throat — could indicate that Arias had time to reflect on what she was doing.

    Source: The Arizona Republic

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