More Okcupid feminism

I havent trolled okc in a while, but I came across one girls profile I just could not believe how steeped in feminism it was.  Allow me, Erudite Knight to translate this for you, both what she says, and how a guy who gets it interprets it.

To sum up, I am self-sufficient and independent and happy, so I’m just looking for a nice cherry-on-top addition in the form of a guy who also has his own act together. Friends of mine have told me that I’d be less single if I were less smart, or at least pretended to be, but I’ve been refusing that notion my whole life. If you’re scared of a lady with brains, I’m not for you. Also, you should grow a pair.

Girl: First sentence: ‘I’m a woman, hear me roar! Oh, and with following feminist doctrine, I know men are disposable.’ 2nd: ‘I am really vain, and I am going to be way smarter than you, because well I am just so great, guys cant compare’3rd: ‘Im smarter than you, I hope you realize that before you grovel at my feet’ 4th: ‘Btw, I want an emasculated man…but please MAN UP!’

As a guy: 1st: ‘Wow, what a typical feminist bitch.  You are so ‘great’ and individual like all the others right?  Why the fuck would I want to contact you just to be your cherry on top?’ 2nd: ‘Sounds like you are pretty fucking stupid, do you think any guy is going to be amazed “well shit, her friends tell her she is hot, she must be a god damn GEN-NI-ASS!”  Maybe if I meet her and she is really stupid she is just “pretending” to be so she can meet a guy.

3rd: ‘I got news for you, people who TRULY have skills, looks, intelligence do NOT have to brag or especially do these backdoor brags.  Yo, hey girl, my friends tell me if my body wasn’t as chisled as it is, and if I wasnt as badass as I am normal humans might approach me.’ 4th:  ‘Why, exactly, should I be growing a pair here?  Because you want a guy in some sort of near-slave capacity, and if I dare complain about it its because I am not “man” enough?  Why you don’t grow some breasts?’

Ahh, thats better

Ahh, thats better

In her ‘Im really good at:’ section:

Seriously, if you message me with zero punctuation or the wrong to/too/two, I will be physically unable to respond to you. I’ll be too busy having an aneurysm.

Girl: ‘Never mind this is about you, I am just so damn good at punctuation, and looking for any excuse to disqualify the endless horde of guys I am going to get emails from.  But if some alpha really woos me, I’ll still take the dick even if all he ever texts back is “Lollzzz!!!zz”‘

Guy: ‘Uh, what the fuck bitch, this is what you are good at and you are making ANOTHER requirement to meet to be worthy of you?  Thanks for letting me know you’d just be another stress if I even bothered contacting you’


You should message me if:

you think you can keep up.

if you just think I might be kinda cool.

Girl: ‘In case you need one more reminder, I am really badass.  Like my fellow feminists, I am way better than a guy, I estimate about 1 in 10,000 guys is even close to me.  Did you like that final flash of wit?  Of course I am kind of cool.’

Guy: ‘Not interested.’




9 thoughts on “More Okcupid feminism

  1. Meh, Ego and Narcissism. I don’t really see ‘feminism”. If a girl I’m seeing isn’t as arrogant and overconfident as I am, I will just walk right over her. This is a girl with the same problem.

  2. “‘I got news for you, people who TRULY have skills, looks, intelligence do NOT have to brag or especially do these backdoor brags.”

    But think of how much she has revealed about herself, without anyone having to go on a date or two with her (wasting minutes of life they’ll never get back). It’s a kind of courtesy really.

  3. I find this awkward, ’cause as an honest-to-god lady genius I actually have quite high standards for a guy’s brains. On the other hand, I’m not really interested in someone who is content to have a girlfriend with a higher IQ than them, I’d rather just wait for a man who can equal me. This strategy has worked, so now I’m engaged to a dude who is bright enough that I really respect him – as a result of this I actually enjoy being a good girlfriend, and aspire to little more than building a good life for us together.
    The problem I have with this girl is less that she thinks a lot of her brains, more that she’s willing to settle for someone who is stupid in her eyes, so long as they hold her in awe and do what she wants.
    I’ve never made a dating ad, but I suspect she’d do better highlighting what interests she has that reflect her intelligence, and letting that put off the guys she doesn’t want. Then she’d have more space in the “I’m really good at” section to talk about what she has to offer. There has to be something, right? A bright girl oughtta be able to think of something she can do well that might appeal to men!

    • I think there is a selection bias in the girls that hang around the redpill sphere. Thus you cant view yourself as normal…

      That being said, Im sure she is cleaning up, the unbalance online is insane.

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