Graph on sex vs age

This is bouncing around some blogs, so I am linking it here because it is pretty insightful.

Age vs sex

This came from an ACTUAL scientific study. I would like to see some feminists debate this, likely it would devolve into ‘the patriarchy controls science’.

Anyway, so what does this say?  Something that post-pill most understand: women under the age of 30 (or if they get fat under 25~) are MORE VALUABLE to society writ large, not because they are smarter, tougher or whatever, its because almost every male that hot 21 year old comes across wants to do her.

I have long wondered if feminist get the reality that when guys are ‘nice’ to you all that really means is deep down they want to do you.

On the graph the biggest divergence early is at 20-24, 80% of women are having sex and only 60% of the guys.  I wonder if that value is at all inflated because of rampart lesbianism, perhaps, I do not know what the study included.  Regardless, what it means is that there are men NOT in that age group DOING that age group.

Regardless of any feminist desires, the facts are in, older guys will do younger girls, and after the age of 30 men will out-sex women by at least 10%


13 thoughts on “Graph on sex vs age

  1. The study only talks about vaginal intercourse though. While I agree that older men can generally get younger women due to (supposedly) better resources and finances, the decline of vaginal sex in older women is most likely due to the problems associated with it after menopause.

    For example, men rely only on bloodflow to engorge their genitals, and are then physically ready for sex. Women not only rely on bloodflow to the vagina/clit, but also on lubrication. While pills exist to help with men’s AND women’s bloodflow…there are not nearly as many resources (besides creams and gels) that can help with lubrication. Not to mention how the lack of estrogen can lead to minor tearing of the vaginal walls during moderate sex.

    It would be interesting to know what the corresponding graph would show if it included mutual masturbation…oral sex…erotic massage, etc.

    • True, but the right side of the graph is not really where any interest lies. The girl ‘edge’ in their young age is pretty significant. There certainly isnt older women coming to have sex with younger guys in the numbers of guy to girls are.

      • Why isn’t the right side of any interest? It shows that for vaginal sex, more women have it until age 25-29 where it’s basically even. After that, more men report having PiV sex than women. According to the graph, both men AND women have about the same amount of vaginal sex…just at different times in their life.

        It seems fairly balanced, though it would be better to have a corresponding graph showing the ages of said partners for both sexes. So much missing information! I’ll have to read the whole article and paper during my lunch break…

      • we are only looking at one variable in this graph so I find it difficult to come to the conclusion just from this that the split in early ages is mostly from older men sleeping with younger women, I forget the source but it was a lecture I listened to a while back where they said a small amount of guys have sex with a large amount of women which would be a big contributing factor to the split.

  2. It’s interesting how two people can look at the same graph and get different impressions. The impression I got was that women below 30 where sluts. They sought out the best men to breed with and did so. This means that most women where getting some, but many men are not. Over 30 the roles switch. In the over 30 is that assumed norm of men sleeping around and being sluts. In the over 30 crowd men get to make the selections and therefor get more sex. I see no faults with your interpretation, I just read the graph differently.

  3. If we’re interpreting this chart to be a measure of general desirability, it would seem a 40-49 woman is as desirable (in general) as an 18 to 19 year old woman, each group having the same proportional number of individuals who had experienced vaginal intercourse during that year timeframe. Pretty sure we know that isn’t generally true. Unless society is going through some massive GILF fetish I missed….(in which case, woohoo! something to look forward to :-))

    • Isn’t that probably just because
      a) A lot of teens don’t have a place to go to have sex if their parents don’t like it, and many are religious/want to wait for a soulmate
      b) Older women tend to be married more than teenagers, and therefore should be able to get sex pretty much whenever they want? And they have a whole house of their own to do it in, too!

      There might be other factors too, but I doubt it’s all about attractiveness.

  4. Reviving the old thread:
    This graph, despite its likely accuracy, does not contain enough information. How about the frequency of intercourse during last year? I suspect strongly that sex disparities would be even more prominent.

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