Women 40% of the bread winners in familys- feminists cry and also rejoice

The latest story is that 40% of women are the primary maker of money in families.  The ABC story prefaced it ‘reflecting what millions of us already know…’.    The link doesnt have it, but the ABC story then went on to say the unfairness still exists of women making 80% of what males make.

Let’s first talk about the preface of ‘what millions already know’ reflecting the tired trope of repeating the endless man-hating and hero-worship of females for simply being female.  Oh those hard working moms and their dead beat husbands.

Then we predictably end with the lie of 80% of the wage for women.  This is a patent lie.  Only feminists and their ilk repeat this. It is demonstrably false.  In the 20 biggest cities women under 30 make up to 15% MORE than males.  Also the fact men are drawn to engineer whereas women end up as secretaries also leads to any supposed ‘wage imbalance’.

Well, whatever, I am looking forward to just sitting at home and letting the girl make all my money.

Guys were harder in the past…but it some ways more beta

I have been meditating on this news story I recently heard about a women finding a refrence to her in her old boyfriends WW2 journal.


Essentially, these two were a couple, and married, he joined the marines are was in the pacific.  He was killed and his journal recovered, she was touring a museum and found the journal referencing her.  Its a pretty crazy story based on coincidences, but there is stuff to learn.

First, the unfair burden that is readily accepted.  This guy went off to fight one of the largest and most terrifying enemies we have ever faced while the women sat back at home. I would like to see feminists explain away why this was fair.

Anyway, a quote from him ‘”I had a letter from Laura Mae, and she said she loved me, yippee,”‘

It’s sweet, but at its root pretty beta.  It pains me to write this, understand that.  Here was a guy doing a very brave thing, and he is ‘yipee-ing’ because some women back at home loved him.  This is a key contention so many pre-pill do not understand.  ‘What is so bad about that?’

Well, pretty much everything.  How is some occasional letters of love worth the sacrifice he was enduring?  How nice it must be to be a women, say you love some guy and watch him march off to war.  Think it doesnt happen or cant happen?

Perhaps you have never heard of the White Feather. (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWWfeather.htm)

Basically it was a social movement that girls gave their ‘cowardly’ boyfriends a white feather to shame them into joining the UK’s army.  Namely WW2 trench warfare meat grinder.  Think how fucked up that is.  A girl will generally not see the horrors of war, yet society is fine shaming the men into war.  I heard a lot of stories of soldiers coming BACK from the front, and receiving feathers by bitches who had no idea they already served and were wounded.

It a lot of ways female power has long existed, and its focus of power has shifted.  Now, you do not see many women shaming men into the military, but you do see them shaming men of being a MAN.

I can understand, because I one point in my life I was ready to be SACRIFICIAL to a woman, because that was how I demonstrated ‘love’ right?  I am glad I awoke from that lie.  Not many do.  This guy served bravely, but he died believing a lie- the lie that the trade he was doing was somehow fair.

The feminist bullshit at my job is too much, I’m out

Haven’t posted in a while, but dealing with work and bullshit, so here is my story about the job I am probably going to quit.

I enjoyed the job I worked at part time for the last 3 years for a while, it had some problems but generally it didn’t bother me, but the level of feel-good feminist bullshit of favorites over merit and passive-aggressive interactions have left me with little choice but to leave.

I will give some details about what has slowly transpired and the backstory.

Essentially, I work at a non-profit environmental company, meaning the work we do is good, but I get paid shit for it being out in the field stabilizing the environment.  Given the environmental movement’s typical left-leaning attitudes hold true here, it was an annoyance of mine because that meant all the women were ‘gurls’ who were endlessly lauded for being so tough and the few guys there are expected to be the typical self-flogging that modern male is taught to embrace about how bad we supposedly are.

I worked two years flawlessly, being a good worker who worked hard, always showed up, knowledgeable etc.  One thing is the work was always a bit off the cuff in that the start times varied based on the whims of the leader for the day, but told through email.

This year, the company expanded into a bigger building, adding a few higher up positions, and as the typical rule of the world, the more administrators you add the worse things are able flow smoothly.

Despite more claims of ‘valuing communication’ things get worse.  Basically, there is a strong division between the field staff, and the office people.  The office people decide what needs to get done, and the field staff is supposed to do it, and figure out how to do it.  But there are rarely plans on what to actually do, leaving the field staff to scramble each day figuring out a plan to deal with all the people that will be showing up.

Start times get erratic, and unfortunately, it is typically up to me to figure out when I start.  I am forced to text 5 different people to finally get an answer.  The worst was once when I show up and no body is there, because they canceled the day by email the prior night at 6pm.  I bring this up about why wasn’t I called, and told that I should check me email more.

Whatever, I press on.

It is relevant to point out that the rank of the 3 office people, the lowest is a male, the middle person is new and a female, and the highest is a female.

So, working, a girl I am with tells me she is taking a class and getting paid for it, I ask if she thinks they would pay me.  (It is running chain saws, something I KNOW how to do, but am not ‘certified’ to do it)  Since we need saw people so bad, it seems obvious that it would be yes, and she easily agrees.

I write my boss about it, asking and per his typical passive ways ‘I’ll get back to you’.  This brings up the convenient strategy of passive aggressive where he never needs to get back to me, and if and when I ask about it, suddenly I come off as pushy and aggressive.  They paid for the girls time AND her class, because I could get it through my fire department it would be free, and I only wanted my time compensated.

Time marches on, no response, and the class is coming, so I take it.  Still nothing, I ask a week later ‘oh well I will get back to you’.

Here is where the shit really starts.

I hear back from the middle girl, ‘the three of us were talking, and we can’t pay you for the class, because (the girl who did get paid) is higher rank than you, and we expect more out of you. (A truth about rank).  Also we expect field staff to be saw qualified (a falsehood).  We just dont know how much work we can get out of you (I took every day offered).  Also we dont have the money, and fudging the time sheets seems wrong.  But maybe now we can use you’.  Use me is right.

So, despite the lie of expected to have it, I begrudgingly accepted the truth that the girl was higher than me and that was that.  But…

A few days later, a new guy who recently started (and getting way more days than me for some reason) was talking to me.  He is my position, but lower.  He said he GOT PAID to take the class.  I was incredulous.  The lie and deception to try to pacify me about that it was just the girl being higher position was bullshit.  To add to the insult they had asked this guy to take the class when I had been nothing but loyal and eager to work every day I could.

They treated easily one of their best workers unfairly, and lied about something so small.  The class cost they 700$, which I was getting free, I was merely asking for about 200$ in wages where the others were getting 300$+ and the 700$ class.

The writing was kind of on the wall prior to this when I saw certain people getting more days than others and this really sealed the whole deal.

Considering I make shit wages and am doing this to help the environment you think they’d be a bit nicer to their workers. Anyway the options I face now is to either blow up at them in person for their incompetence and hypocrisy, 2: write a letter outlining the fuckups, or 3, dont say anything and quit so that I can still use them as a reference.

One friend had the advice to get a letter of reference before I do 1 or 2, so I still have a piece of paper with positive stuff on it.

So thats where things are at, I am gone, and they wont care because we are disposable, they keep interns on hand that make nothing so that when we quit new people are ready since they had been working for free.  Now I just need to decide what plan of attack to embark on.

Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN #3 Confidence and Ability

Today- Confidence and Ability

#5 http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-8F -Physical Traits

#4 http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-9G – Discipline

A good calm look

Today I wanted to continue my list of the countdown of what makes a REAL MAN, not some fake pua, not some fake badass that skates by this thin veneer of civilization, but of a man that regardless of circumstances will dominate.  In case this needs to be spelled out, this is a type of man that can succeed in this joke of society, and in the event of a collapse is the type of man that will survive and thrive.

That brings us to #3 Confidence and Ability, I purposely put these two together.  First of all, what do ALL puas state is sooo important?  Confidence, ‘fake it till you make it’ etc.  I do not doubt this works up to a point in getting some women to have sex with but it does not make you a real man.  You need true confidence, knowing you are the best, knowing what you are capable of.  It would not help you survive.

This is why it is related to ability.  You actually have to be able to DO something.  For all intents it does not really matter the skill, whether you are the best damn mechanic around, or you are a really good runner, you are a sharpshooter etc. you can have a real confidence because you have something real you can show.

To elucidate, fake-confidence is not rooted in anything.  You wear a funny hat or have a cocky grin and proceed simply hoping no one really calls your bluff of the airs you put on.  Again, in our society such a strategy is less likely to get you killed because of laws etc.

I read a really good article somewhere that basically stated the reason why posturing and false-confidence works is because in a dog-eat-dog or survival situation when someone acted like that they were really called out for it, meaning fights possibly to the death.  So we have engrained triggers that ‘oh this guy is acting like a badass, and he is still alive, ergo he must REALLY BE A BADASS’  Which we know is not the case.

True confidence comes from that when its put-up-or-shut-up time you actually put up.  You say you are really damn good at running?  Well lets race and see what you got.  You say you are an expert sniper?  I got a good rifle and am a good shot, lets go bet some money on this and see whats up.

When you will really be able to tell is if a collapse or something happens and all these fake-alphas are suddenly shell-shocked and looking bleary eyed at the world wondering how they are suddenly going to survive.  That expert sniper?  He already knows…one trigger pull at a time like all the rest.

Ability precedes confidence.  You can be confident and not really have anything to show for it, but it is simply a delusion, because it has no solid base.  If you lack confidence, go get an ability, improve your skills.  Start working out hard, learn how to shoot, learn how to fix things, and within a year you will be a different man.  Confidence occurs naturally.  The real kind anyway.

If you ever need a guide on what would make a real MAN think about a man about 10,000 years ago.  Was he peacocking around to rack up notch counts on a bed?  No, he was running, fighting, surviving and fucking girls in complete AWE of his power and poise and combat ability.  In truth I would be surprised if back then a ‘smirk’ existed, a real man probably had a very grim countenance while spearing down animals.  But you could see it in his eyes, he knew what he was doing, and had the skills to back it up.  He was the type of man that would shame modern day men, and modern women would probably swoon over him.

I used this avatar before years ago on message boards, and I really like it because anime-style drawing tend to capture emotions better than actual faces.  Look how the eyes are a very ‘i dont give a fuck what you think’.  THAT is the feeling you must achieve.  Your abilities are so good no one can possible compare.  If anyone wants to come try it, well ‘lets go…’.  You are going to survive anything life throws at you, this pathetic male in front of you?  He doesn’t stand a chance.

I dont give a fuck what you think

To understand the truth of male vs female (Birds)

I was outside as dusk slowly made its way across the land, while I heard one lonesome robin down in the valley singing his best as the darkness came.

Beyond just hearing its sweet sound, the song hit me with a deeper truth I had always known but never really processed.  It was in regards to male effort and female selection, and a completely inescapable conclusion.

Nature is a source of insight

What the conclusion I came to, is that despite all the feminist bluster about ‘equality’ and the truth of their ‘some are more equal than others’…they are right.  Yes…feminists real conclusion that girls are more important that guys is one hundred percent true.  And this mere robin was showing me this.

He was singing his heart out late into the night, trying to impress a female to consider him.  It was his ONLY way to further his genes.  Every female robin has so much of a lower burden on her, she merely has to choose, and genes are passed on.  The male must work, and is no guarantee that it will be enough.

The parallels to humans of course are obvious.  A guy has to do SO much and there is no promise he will be rewarded.  A girl can easily pull a guy in at will.  A lot of girls will decry ‘oh I cant get EVERYONE, there was that one guy that never looked at me’ cry me a river bitch, you flash your vag and 80% of guys will come running.  Guys spend their entire lives and are perhaps lucky enough to be ‘rewarded’ with some used goods that got impregnated by some other guy.

The power dynamic disparity is huge, and to not admit it is deeply deeply foolish.  A girl will be handed things throughout life, as a guy you will not.  You must take what you want, and there is still no guarantee you will get what you set your mind to.  But like that robin, you must press on, you do not have a choice.

Some of the searches that link here:

Hahaa, here are some of the more fun searches that have linked to my blog.  I don’t discriminate against anyone after truth, so the more in need the more I will help them.

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I think my favorite misspelling is the ‘big booms’ but hey, when you gotta go, you dont got time to spell correctly.


So I went to go find a pic of a hot girl for all my readers and with the search ‘nice girl with big boobs’ I essentially get 50% porn pictures, I turn on ‘safe search’ and what does it do?  Takes away the word ‘boobs’.  But yet I still get pics like this:

Congrats google safe search, all you did was give me a false sense of security with your 1984-style censorship and now my mind is still poisoned.

Tough ‘titsday’ has feminists in uproar

Two posts today…

My friend shipped me this and requested a post about it, cross fit had a womans only class and called it tough titsday, and predictably feminists are in a uproar.


I personally despise crossfit, as I touch on in an older post https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/countdown-5-traits-of-a-man/ crossfit is indeed fadish, and simply a bad evolution of HIIT training.  That being said, it humors me that even something I dislike I see clearly the feminist paranoia that knows no bounds ravish institution after institution.

Some feminist was repulsed by the word, and suggested to the gym owner to change it to a more neutral word.  First…notice the standard modus operandi here of these hyper-liberals (as an aside,liberals today are mere charades of true liberalism, I hate that they have destroyed the word) that they alone have some sort of truth, and that THEIR opinion is therefore superior to yours.  Essentially, this woman asking to rename the class is telling the gym owner ‘I know you named it what YOU wanted, but I want you to rename it to what I want.’

I deal with this a lot myself actually, I do not hold my tongue as much as society would prefer, so when I label things (whores, sluts, feminists, pussys) people around me often decide that THEIR preference on how things should be called is superior to my desire.

So feminists are predictable, ‘rename it you misogynist pigs!’  Well…now the irony is revealed that it was a WOMAN who created and named this.  So get this next part:

Rachel wrote back that the series sounded fabulous, but she couldn’t bring herself to take a class with the term “Titsday” in the name, even if it was preceded by “Tough”

Hahaha, so get this, the feminist rachel (I am surprised she isnt going by ‘rach’ or something like that) could NEVER be objectified because of ‘tits’ but she will gladly take the moniker ‘tough’. Because thats how feminists are silly~~

Let me lay the rest of the story out.  The head guy apologized.  Feminist not sure if she is right, asks fellow feminists, concludes she IS right, guy then has to explain further (in a very neutral, matter of fact way actually), then gets tired of her shit and boots her out of his gym.  (His right btw, in case you didnt know)

What’s next?  If you predict feminist shriking, you are right.  They circle the wagons and start lambasting.

Various CrossFit-hating blogs attempt to explain why CrossFit is so creepy

If you are part of the cult and act like a cult member, take a step back and think about everything that I am saying. It is not too late for you to turn in your douchecard and to start eating cheese again. You can still join a crossfit gym and function in regular society, but it takes practice

Hahaha, I really liked the part about them labeling crossfit a cult, as if feminism and ‘drinking the koolaid’ is something feminists dont do.

So in closing, lets think what happened here:

Guy’s gym creates class = feminists mad

Guy’s class actually named/ran by woman = feminists mad

Guy apologizes = feminists mad

feminist asks friends if this is misogynist, they agree = feminists mad

guy explains again and boots her out of his building = feminists really mad

feminists start hate blogs about how bad crossfit is = feminists mad

feminists mad= society as normal


Tough titsday bitch