When you take the pill…expect losses

What I am thinking about this morning is that a had quite a few ‘good friends’ who were girls pre-pill, and now post-pill they are all gone.  Just about across the board it ended with more fireworks than just letting it die away with the exception of like the ‘best friend’ girl I knew.  Allow me to explain a bit to either prepare you for your own road, or perhaps you can sympathize.

Pre-pill I had a good amount of natural game namely because I was not interested in girls sexually as I was far more focused on martial arts at the time than trying to woo girls for one night stands. I certainly didn’t want any of these whores I was surrounded by as anything more.  So what happens…one naturally accumulates girl ‘friends’.

See, now I understand the near impossibility of being a friend with a girl unless A: she is ugly B: you are completely aware of the dynamics and she is just around for some purpose.  You generally cannot be because eventually you or her start to think ‘what if’ and it will blow up.

Now once I started realizing the way girls were, that they were almost loathe to move to physical aspects but had no problem milking multiple guys for emotional support (emo-tampon) I started seeing this in my own life.  I had this list of girls I had been friends with for years and what I realized was…they arent doing anything close to what a friend would do.

I had two that were friends with each other, and I had not heard from them in months, they had a fight and both called me the very next day separately to talk about what a bitch the other was and how right she was.

^These ended along the lines of one of them supposed to meet me to hang out (a 2 hour drive) and she didnt show up or answer her phone, I called her a liar on her voice message and never heard from her again.

I had a few more that I would leave a message or a text and months later never hear from them, only to try a last call before number delete and get the ‘oh, ive been so busy!’ so busy you cant even send a text or chat for a few minutes you dumb bitch? I fucking HATE when people are the psuedo-friends shit of ‘oh its been so long!  Lets hang out something!’ and you know they could give a shit if they see you again.

^I told those ones that friendship means actually making an effort to talk to the other person, or I told them ‘If I had not called you I would have never heard from you again.’  I never did hear from them again.

The two ‘best’ friends I had that were girls ironically went away nearly the same way.  One was the typical ‘Im a woMAN and im more badass than guys’ the other was this passive gay girl predictably into women and gay ‘rights’.  The way these ended were along the lines of  they would make pro-feminist comments and I would point out that it wasn’t true.  I would calmly present a fact, they would get upset, and I never saw them again.

It was kind of insanity looking back at it, it would be shit like the ‘glass ceiling’ stopping women I would tell them that in the top biggest cities women make more than men (BLS has this fact, here is a related: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,2015274,00.html).  ‘Oh, that must be that patriarchy lying again’.  I would simply reply ‘Actually that stat comes from the government study of the bureau of labor statistics.’

The gay friend just disappeared, never to be heard from again.  The other (the straight aggressive one) I got into a short debate saying how gay people shouldnt be allowed to marry unless we allow polygamists to marry.  She didnt like that one….and bye bye Ek in the form of no more communication.

Looking back I can laugh at it.  Clearly they were not real friend in the slightest, using me only for ego assuaging among other things.  And when I start saying or doing things that average beta guys just dont do, they would not have me in their world.

I’m glad, they were tying up my contact list.

I make a habit of going through my phone from time to time, and if there is someone in there I have not called in a while, and especially not heard from in a while that number is out of here.  I do not need any false ego of ‘oh let me go through my 100 phone numbers here..’

Fuck that, you are my friend or you are not.




10 thoughts on “When you take the pill…expect losses

  1. Exactly. I’m not even sure women can be friends with anyone, male or female, except in rare circumstances. And don’t get me started on the advice they give on affairs of the heart – one is always best to do the EXACT opposite if forced to listen.

  2. It sounds as though you didn’t really have female friends at all. If they were simply using you as an “emo tampon”, that’s not a friend…that’s an emotional vampire. I learned a long time ago that the majority of females seem to think that this IS friendship, and so I’ve had no female friends for years.

    A true friend will buy you a beer just because. Will listen to your problems and offer real solutions. Watch your dog while you’re on vacation. Help with home repairs. Pick you up at the train station at 2am. You know…actually make your life easier.

    There is not a single one of my male friends that I wouldn’t give my life for. Money, a helping hand, a place to crash for the night, a shoulder to literally cry on…these are the things that make me a friend to them. I gave the same to my former female friends, and got nothing back other than drama and sob stories. I don’t have time for that, thanks but no thanks!

    • It always interests me seeing girls admit they would rather hang with guys.

      But, consider the irony, regardless of if you are a good friend consider the vicious circle of girls in general, no one wants them generally (as admitted by you and I) so they flock to guys, who then are used by the women and eventually want them even less.

      All while womens value mysteriously climbs upwards…

      • Ah, but the males don’t have to stay “friends” with the females who contribute nothing to the relationship. They can do as you and I have…prune the friendship tree of dead limbs. Then when these females have NO friends, maybe they’ll finally do some introspection and figure out what they’re doing wrong.

        People of both sexes are valuable. But you need to act in a way that PROVES it to others you interact with.

  3. Sadly, you’re spot on with a lot of this. That’s why I keep my emotional business strictly to myself – if I offloaded onto male friends either I’d lose a whole load of them, or they would grudgingly put up with it and hope I’d stop soon. I have male friends because I like talking about politics, science, and philosophy. And because I cook well, but I hope that’s not the only reason! I think the interesting thing is, girls generally talk in the same emo-tampon way to one another too, they just take turns whining and getting sympathy. It’s alright, once in a while, but from my perspective talking about stuff and things is more interesting than whining about my life. Girls – and some guys too – need to realise that the only way to solve problems is to get off your backside and do something about them!

  4. It’s always better to get those “friends” out of your life. When you’re rid of them you’re able to focus your time, attention and energy on the people in your life that deserve it instead of giving it to people who don’t. Sometimes we give people more chances then they deserve. I would guess that you probably knew these two were useless parts of your life long before you severed ties.

  5. I have a female friend, she’s actually the friend I probably talk to the most. However she isn’t much like most women, she’s actually smart and has principles. We’re treat each other more like family than friends.

    I’ve known other females who’ve made shallow friends, but I’ve also known some guys who were too. Still men probably make better friends, and women better caretakers.

    But your point is right on, if you’re at the point of questioning someone as a friend than they probably aren’t.

    • What surprised me though was that one of these girls I had known for over 10 years, thats pretty damn long, we knew a lot about everything, our bf/gf troubles etc, and suddenly it was over, one anti-fem comment and bye bye EK.

      • That’s the thing about people. They’re all a bit different, the ones you think you know are probably not quite as you think and the ones you don’t know might surprise you.

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