Washington state: byebye ‘men’

Washington state in a decision of ‘infinite wisdom’ they have decided certain words are just too sexist and now LEGISLATED so-called gender neutral language.  Among the words executed by pervasive feminist doctrine?  Penmenship.


Among some of the words: fireman, journeyman, and freshman.

I hope this is self-evidently ridiculous to you.  What feminist would argue words like freshman are somehow discriminatory?  It actually would be a pretty good example of sophism watching it occur.  “Well clearly penMENship means women are incapable of writing!” a feminist might screech.

Oh well, washington is a beautiful state but a piece of shit in terms of the culture that comes out of there.  Just another state I won’t go to.


14 thoughts on “Washington state: byebye ‘men’

  1. As much as I dislike the movie, this reminds me of the scene in Legally Blonde where Meredith Lynn Scott who plays the raging feminist says “Take “semester,” a perfect example of the discriminatory preference of semen to ovaries. So I’m petitioning to have next term be referred to as the winter “ovester”.

    It’s ridiculous and disgusting.

  2. This is absurd! Unfortunately I am not at all surprised my State wastes their fucking time on this crap. This reminds me when I had to watch some video on womens history and some phrase “We’ve been taught HIStory but now it is time to teach HERstory…” Some of the girls in the class were echoing their agreements when I burst their bubble by saying that this woman was an idiot because history came from the latin word historia which is a FEMININE word! The length these trogoldytes go to waste valuable time, and money, on non-issues astounds me.

  3. When I see Bull shit like this I just get so angry. MAN IS GENDER NEUTRAL. The gendered term for adult human males is WEREMAN. The fact that no one bothers to make the distinction between male and person does not make person a gendered term. Man/Men is the gender neutral term to refer to adult humans. So fireman, policeman, freshman are all already gender neutral. The lost prefix were- is what designated male, not the word man. It’s just sad that people who want to change the language don’t know the language.

    If you doubt this google “wereman wifman” and a few dozen sources will come up.

    • Ha, I had no idea, it sounds so stupid. Alas, to bring it up would make people doubt your intelligence. Kind of how forte is pronounced FORT. You use it right, and people think you are wrong.

      • What amuses me the most is that 3/4 of the sources for this are feminists. Yea, feminists are arguing that ‘man’ is gender neutral. They are doing it in the context of ‘womyn’ debate. They are pointing out that this distortion preserves the female identifier wo- but removes the person identifier ‘man’. It is feminists that are supporting were- is the prefix that means male and ‘man ‘ is gender neutral.
        I do agree with the feminists that there is sexism in language. It’s not that fireman excludes women. It’s that we have completely forgotten that were- is the identifier for males and ‘man’ is gender neutral. In modern language we have people and we have women, we don’t have wereman. The sexism is neutering men, not ignoring women.

  4. I wonder when they’re going to ban the words “Feminism” and “Patriarchy”.

    Because they’re gendered words.

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