Silver crash

Well, perhaps this might herald the beginning of the end.  Last week Silver bounced around 28 to 29 dollars an ounce, after 2 hard days of crashing, it is at 23.60~.  That is over a 20% loss, I read somewhere that if this was a stock, it would rank among the worst 2 day crashes in history.

Will you expect to find this on main stream news?  Not a chance.  I’d buy some now, before we eventually see 100+$ as the dollar collapeses.


6 thoughts on “Silver crash

  1. I do think we are seeing a buying opportunity now or in the near future. A lot of what drives the market ticker price is paper silver or paper gold and I have been hearing rumors that many bullion dealers are tapped out as people are rushing to buy physical bullion.

  2. What’s the inherent value of silver?
    What is it used for, beyond things like spoons and tea servers that no one uses anymore?

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