Explosion at Boston

Compliments to my friend who lives there, apparently there was just an explosion at Boston. 

The details are fuzzy, but at the end of the marathon there was two explosions that went off.  It appears it was right at the end of the finish line.  It was inside a hotel plaza apparently.


I hope no one was killed, but I knew it was only a matter of time before a domestic ‘terror’ attack.




2 thoughts on “Explosion at Boston

  1. Do you have independent confirmation of the bombs? I actively mis-trust the main stream media. “Bombs” could be anything from fire crackers to roadside IED. It’s even possible to hoax such things. I distrust reporting until I get independent confirmation. (You saying that you know someone that was close by is good enough, that’s someone that isn’t party to over sensationalizing the story or fabricating it.)

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