Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN

#5 Physical Attributes:

Today: #4 Discipline

Discipline is something I rarely ever see on lists of skills or traits someone should have.  Of course the reason is it is a ‘hard’ trait to acquire, and it is not as obvious as working out.  It is easy to slap down ‘work out hard!’ and throw a picture of a fit guy on there, because obviously that guy DID workout.  But what is a disciplined guy?

A cursory search of google images, and I am treated to pictures of various ‘inspirational’ motivational posters about ‘discipline being the bridge between goals and accomplishments’, I actually find this pretty damn stupid.  Is discipline some stupid little thing about bridging to your goals?  I find a majority of the motivational posters nearly the opposite, because they tend to be posted up in offices where the people there are the near antithesis of anything motivational.

Discipline is about doing something you don’t want to do, but know you need to.  That simple.

Now two highly disciplined people may have completely different habits.  For example one may constantly binge on ice cream, oh god how could that be?  Well, perhaps this guy runs 5-10 miles a day, and he happens to like the taste, the ice cream certainly is not going to ruin his life.  Notice the important detail here?  He gets up and DOES SOMETHING, in this case run.  Discipline is all varied depending on what it is, for example, say someone who never spell checks their stuff, perhaps undisciplined…right?  I would say in a lot of cases, but what if he is an author, and to him, slamming out that story is more important than stopping every 5 seconds to fix an error, but he fully INTENDS to fix this.

The intent is a large aspect of the discipline, the runner is going to burn the ice cream calories, the author is going to fix his errors.

Discipline means when you set your mind to something, to FUCKING DO IT.  It means to endure passed the first hurdles of pain, of unease, of wanting to give up.  It is amazing how people lose the will to continue on, ‘oh maybe this is not my goal I really wanted to set…yeah, I did not really WANT to be that strong.’

Discipline can take many forms, like I mentioned in physical attributes, standing straight takes energy, it takes discipline to do it.  It takes discipline to work out.  It takes discipline to go read philosophy instead of getting a dopamine fix on porn.

But what starts to happen, is the more disciplined you are, the easier it starts to get.  You have been sitting straight for so long, how much harder is it to keep your feet still.  You already get up and do pushups, what is a short run?  You already watch your speech, how hard is it to give a slight pause to really consider what you want to say?

Discipline- A key attribute of a man.

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