We are deep in the feminist paradise…tread carefully men

I will state it bluntly at first because I know people who are just waking up do not ‘get it’ about what is happening around them, or how bad things really are.  It typically takes a few beatings, and someone screaming in your face that you realize the life you have lived it wrong, that women are not the endless victims they portray themselves as, and as a male you are utterly disposable.  Worse than a slave, because at least there was an impetus to keep the slaves alive.

There are so many cultural trends that all tie together, like the dissolution of the family to be replaced by big daddy government, the alienation of what it means to be a man (again tying back to gov dependance) the rise of feminism, and the general destruction of our society.

Answer yourself this, if you are a male, are you ‘free’ to criticize a female worker at your job?  Freely, or do you have to couch it in ‘well you are normally great but…’?  Or how about this, could a female freely complain about you, and you would hear about it, whereas if you said anything about her the risk of claims of you ‘just hating women’ come to the forefront?

I have a friend and he does not have a particularly glorious job at walmart, but he does what he can, and he related to me a story that makes my blood boil but shows how entrenched feminism and its supporters are in taking men down.  He got a coworkers phone number and it she was feeling it for while, visiting him in his zone etc.  It ended for some reason, and they stopped talking.  Perhaps it should have ended there, but I have seen this SO much, but the girl wants to stick it to the guy that made her upset.

She is a ‘victim’ so cant do it herself, what does she do?  Go to a manager and cry about the mean old guy.  The conclusion was the oh so beta manager guy takes the girls side, and gives him a warning.  Women have a network most guys fail to comprehend exists, so in this case the girl now has other girls looking out for her, in my friends case a female manager jumps down my friends throat for the littlest mistake, reporting back to the manager.  Hauled in again for a reprimand, my friend says he is out of this shit hole.  In an interesting twist they beg him to not actually leave.  I am not sure how it will end, my prediction is they did not want him to quit simply to have the ‘joy’ of firing him.


Now the lessons from a fairly typical story like this are many.  Despite any claims of feminists to the contrary, would a ‘reversed’ situation have EVER got managers involved?  The guy and girl fall apart, and the guy decides he wants to take the girl down, so goes to his manager ‘susie has been harassing me’, the likely reply would be ‘ok there son, get back to work’ or perhaps the ever classic ‘man up’.

The hypocrisy feminists fail to understand is the completely one-sided ‘victim-hood’ that they falsely hide themselves in, is exposed when you realize they are not able to comprehend the unfairness a male might be subject to.  In their mind males are utterly incapable of being victims.  This is a claim MRA have exactly correct, their is a complete disparity in our laws and our culture.  But the problem is, it is in the completely wrong direction.  Thus we have the dangerous situation that women are the endless victims, while meanwhile have a very large degree of power over men who cannot ever be ‘victims’.

Now get discriminating




7 thoughts on “We are deep in the feminist paradise…tread carefully men

  1. This is truth. My female co workers can make innuendo in every other sentence, lower their head and giggle about it at me and nothing happens. To be honest, I don’t really care about that, it’s the hypocritical essence of it all, like you illustrated in this article, that grinds my gears to no end. If I was to make a similar comment, or even buy into the conversation (and I never do, I just go on about my business) I would be in HR’s office faster than you could say “Super size those fries for our gals in HR”. I hadn’t truly realized the extent of that reach until I found myself in the HR office getting written up for some bullshit that happened outside of work hours. I wrote about it here, http://rojobag.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/a-source-of-violence/ I was worked up so it’s pretty concise, but it illustrates how to get side-swiped by a shoot from the hip obese human resources manager, and a ball breaking twat.

  2. I’ve experienced it: Mean Girls in the workplace. My 1st job out of college was a position where I was interchangeable with a group of girls and 1 guy. Long story short, I got on the wrong side of the girls and they treated me like an unpopular girl. They tried to get me fired and they might have, except a male supervisor interceded on my behalf. The other guy? He employed what I now recognize as game on them and they adored him. He didn’t shit where he eats, but game still protected him from the girls.

    The idea that women make for a healthier, more cooperative work environment is bullshit. Men form teams. Women form cliques. Give me a male-dominated workplace any day.

  3. The guy at Walmart is an idiot, because if he has a code of ethics like I do, he would understand this: “You go to work to get paid, not to get laid!” — I didn’t even go to my prom. I am a firm believer that you do not come where you eat. Situations like that happen all of the time and the fact that the girls begged him not to quit means they were playing games with his life.

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