A short sketch of society

I spend a lot of time thinking about the state of affairs our society finds our self in, I am talking about real things beyond social dynamics.  This is a VERY long thing, and ultimately all of it basically ties back into it self.  I will go into all these at depth, but I present a short list for your consideration.


Our population is currently at an unsustainable level.  That is a fact.  We are ONLY at this level because of additional energy inputs in the form of fossil fuels.  Unless we rapidly discover how fusion actually works, or some other energy form within 100 years there will be a vast culling, on this facet alone.  A lot of people dont realize oil is a major component of fertilizer, no more oil, no more food surplus.

Fiat Currency:

Fiat means has value because someone says it does.  In America we got off the gold standard in 1971, this had vast implications for future fiance, of which we are now living.  The federal reserve considers to flood the market with more ‘money’ which cheapens the already valueless paper.  The actual value of metals we have is far, far fewer than the value of all the paper money we have in existence. This applies to the whole world.


I find it utterly reprehensible that we pee into water.  I believe future generations will hate how wasteful we are.  This is a crime of how completely near the edge we are of water being GONE.  NO MORE.  Vast thirst, water wars etc. If you think this is over acting, think again.  There is very little non-salt water on the earth.  Surface water has been poisoned and polluted so bad that vast swaths of major rivers like the Mississippi are lifeless.  Places like las vegas, and nearly all western states only exist because of aquifer removal.  These aquifers have estimated 50 years of less of water in them.  China is desperate for water as well, likely to become a issue in the future.


Regardless of how much you ‘think’ is left, a lot of non-paid-by-oil-companies geologists give a max of a generous 100 years left, likely far less.  The world is addicted to oil.  Cars are everywhere, oil plants for power, oil for plastics, etc.  Are we going to stop driving to use the last of oil for plastics?  Likely it would be a better use, but driving is ‘American’ so bye bye plastics.  As mentioned oil is used in fertilizers, meaning this is tied back to population so  as oil dries up the population feed by artificially high food production will follow as well.

Male Hate:

This will likely continue and worsen, here is a good article from the bureau BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATICS (though I am sure feminists would claim their are misogynist or something) http://bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf

It is long, but has some good stuff.  Notably on page 9 about sex violence, men are likely the victim 75% of the time.  Men kill men at 3 to 1 rates that men kill women.  Now here is where a imbalance also rears it head, women ALSO kill men at a 3 to 1 rate at which they kill fellow women.

(Unrelated to males, but go down to graph 17 or 18 and it shows whites commit crimes at 1/5 the rate blacks do, so much for all the evil white men we constantly hear about)


Anyway, here are a few problems we face.  Good luck out there.



5 thoughts on “A short sketch of society

  1. Since I enjoy out of the box thinking exercises, this was more fun for me to read than you might have intended. It’s an exercise in apocalyptic philosophy, a style very popular during economic hard times throughout history. Whenever empires are in their collapse cycle, it asserts itself in culture.

    The end is always near for someone. It’s someone’s last day today, someone who isn’t expecting it or prepared. That’s the micro version of your survey. The central fear to face is your own death. It’s coming, and you can’t stop it.

    In the meantime, you can change your attitudes and behaviors, and that is easier to achieve if practiced in small increments on a daily basis. On one of those days you’ll drop dead, but then no matter when that occurs, it will be a good day to die. You can only alter the course of history by re-writing your own.

  2. Add one thing to your list: the imminent ice age. And I mean in less than a decade; the Holocene is over.





    Packing away heating oil and gas may be a smart move, but there’s more than the outright cold alone. Cold means drought, as much of the continental US has been experiencing due to low water evaporation leading to low rainfall, and what rain there is coming in the form of snow, which hydrates the ground much more poorly. These combined with a short growing season make things look just a little more pear-shaped.

    Expect major food shortages within the next few years; prices have already been going up and portions shirinking as the western world continues to live off 2011 production.

    Just a couple days ago 3000 elderly in the UK froze to death in their homes. Expect to see more of this as the Holocene comes to an end.


    I will disagree with you; food is generally available and actually plentiful IF YOU CAN GROW IT YOURSELF. See Dr. Illusion’s and Bill Powell’s blogs for more information; I know Dr. Illusion has more greens than what he and his missus know to do with.

    The problem again is that most people think food comes from the grocery store, and are thus doomed to starvation or a crash course in basic agriculture.

    Fiat Currency:

    No arguments here. Fractional reserve banking is breaking down as we speak.


    Water is becoming…rare. You may wish to read this:


    90% of China’s rivers have been polluted to the point where they cannot sustain aquatic life, not big surprise. As a general rule, you want to avoid open bodies of water unless you’re very far upstream, because everyone will be shitting and pissing in them. Bill’s blog has a little how-to on digging your own well; so long as you do it in a safe place (eg. 100 metres from where you dig your latrine pit, at least), the water ought to be fairly potable.


    Frankly I find this a non-issue even if one subscribes to abiotic oil theory, because of ITZ.

    Male hate:

    Once ITZ strikes and the world goes to pot, this will generally not be a big concern. No feminists in a disaster zone.

    There have been some noted points which suggest we’re pushing back the tide, but let’s face it: male disposability is not changable, people are hardwired to not give a fuck about men.

  3. In the first place, I can only imagine two reasons to worry about the future.
    1 – If one has children, one wants the children to survive;
    2 – If one believes in reincarnation, one must worry about the world going downhill and then being reincarnated in a world that is actually worse than this one.

    Aside from that, I am not worried about fossil fuels or fossil water. From a technological standpoint, we already have sustainable technology. The problem is that the economy is run by sociopathic banksters who do everything in their power to prop up the oil companies and general dysfunctionality.

    We can make biodiesel. We can make bioplastics. We can capture sunlight and methane and rainwater. We can grow organic food. We can organically compost human and animal wastes.

    These things are not particularly high-tech. They don’t require nanotech or exotic tools.

    In my case, I don’t have any children, and I’m not terribly confident about reincarnation. So anything I do to make the world a better place is pretty much trying to score Brownie Points with the Lords of Karma.

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