Yet more revisionist history: Legend of Zelda, Link as a girl

This story came out a few months ago, but it was only on small gaming blogs, I don’t think this side of blogs picked it up, but more evidence of our society’s decline in endless placating.

What it is is some dad who is a programmer just could not stand that fact the hero of the Zelda games is a MAN.  A man rescuing a woman, my god the horror.  He decided it was important to show how empowered women are (and how sorry he is for being a man) changed all references from male pronouns to female.

He still looks like a guy, unlike this.

So anyway, here is some relevant quotes from him:

“She’s the hero of the story, of course.

It’s annoying and awkward, to put it mildly, having to do gender-translation on the fly when Maya asks me to read what it says on the screen. You can pick your character’s name, of course – I always stick with Link, being a traditionalist – but all of the dialog insists that Link is a boy, and there’s apparently nothing to be done about it.”

The post and update for the game concludes with “FemLink or you’re doing it wrong.”

Here is the guys blog who did this travesty, don’t click on it unless you really want to, I dont want to give him any traffic.

Its pretty pathetic this man is so enraged that is ‘putting it mildly’ that it is annoying to she the pronouns of the game.  Oh, let me cry you a river in my sympathy.

I actually feel sorry for this girl long term, she is going to grow up even more entitled then the typical girl reared in feminist sludge pools aka society.  How special one little girl must feel that the whole video game industry was converted just so her hero will match her sex.  Next thing you know, she will be going by ‘he’ and using the wrong bathroom

It is actually pretty aggravating the inroads feminists and beta placates like this man attempt to make into the video game world.  I remember seeing a girl dressed in dominatrix gear once, and she was part of some womens-only group that was trying to get empowered women into video games.  The hypocrisy should be obvious.

What I don’t get is the hypocrisy and utter blindness people have.  The video game industry was a male industry, BUILT BY MEN, but when has that ever stopped feminists.  Instead we hear complaints about ‘women are nothing but sex objects’ because someone like lara croft has big boobs, never mind she is beating down tons of guys.

What amazes me is all the support the guy has on his blog people claiming ‘best dad ever!’ never mind he is going to ruin this girls life.  What man is going to compare to her standards?  She is going to be nothing but a hit-and-run by wannabe-alphas who she thinks are badass enough to put out for, but then they move onwards, leaving her wondering where her ‘hero’ is.  Pretty sad actually.

Haha, as per usual, feminists and there supporters never think long term.  How is the dad going explain away link saving zelda and getting a kiss.  I’d like to see how he glosses over the now-lesbian overtones he inadvertently introduced.

Hey Zelda~ You got a kiss for your heroine?~


2 thoughts on “Yet more revisionist history: Legend of Zelda, Link as a girl

  1. I wonder which Zelda game he did this for…Twilight Princess? Link to the Past? Minish Cap? Oracle of Seasons? Legend of Zelda? Ocarina of Time? Geez, the list goes on! Can’t do it to ALL of them, right? And god forbid she gets into a game like Altered Beast or Tekken…maybe some Dead or Alive Volleyball, lol.

    If it’s one of the classic NES ones, it’s probably not terrible. After all, the characters are 8bit blobs essentially…if Link now uses girl pronouns and Zelda uses boy ones, the only stupid part is Zelda’s obviously female name. Maybe he changed it to Zarcon?

    Anyway, if he wanted to let his daughter play classic “empowered female” games, he should’ve just gotten a copy of Metroid since Samus is a woman who does a pretty decent job of just kicking ass. Or get her something with Tomb Raider/Lara Croft. How about Perfect Dark? Dino Crisis and Bloodrayne also had female heroes…but I wouldn’t wish those games on anyone.

    Heck, depending on her age she could play any of the numerous videogames where you can CHOOSE your sex. If she’s young, introduce her to Jet Force Gemini or Gauntlet for the N64. If she’s a teen, try Fable 2 or 3…the entire Mass Effect franchise…Nightmare Creatures…or DragonAge. Hell, my current favorite is Kingdoms of Amalur and I have a male Universalist and female Ranger, one for each account.

    The possibilities are almost literally endless!

    • Haha, it shows how much of a gamer we both are, that you could list all of those, and that I know all of them. I still remember blowing the heads off the bears in jet force gemini.

      I am going to make a long post about video game girls soon here, but I want you to think about this Anna, why exactly would it be that feminist do NOT accept girls like Samus and Regina (Dino Crisis) as ‘STRONG FEMALES’?

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