Small story about feminists sharing ‘equality’

I suddenly remember going out for pizza with a girl last year, a hard card dye in the wool feminist, but the whole reason why was I asked my real target to hang after work, she denied, she I immediately turned to this one without missing a beat and asked her.

We were going to split the bill (I aint paying for her, I know that lesson well) and anyway because I am a volunteer Fire Fighter I got like 3 dollars off the pizza, bringing the total after tax to like $17.xx for the huge pizza.

I gave her a 10$ while she used her card.

I did not get change.

I got her the damn discount, and gave her over half of the bill, and the only ‘reward’ I got was being regaled by stories about how she was raped and had an abortion sometime in her late teens.

I never went out with her again.


6 thoughts on “Small story about feminists sharing ‘equality’

  1. That’s a sucky date right there. And this is coming from someone who has only gone on 4 dates in her entire life. Seriously? Who the hell talks about her abortions and rape over pizza…on a first date? I hope you were exaggerating that part of your story, EK.

    I was thinking abou the equality of the bill though. Maybe it WAS more balanced than you initially thought? Hear me out for this bit of dining etiquette:

    Ok so you got $3 off a $20 pizza due to your discount. That’s cool. You offered up $10, theoretically making her amout owed $7…not equal amounts, right?

    But you make it sound as though you two were eating out at a pizzeria. If you had someone bring you the pizza, refill your drinks, and get you the check…they need to be tipped (assuming you’re in the US). Now, when you tip, you do XX% on the amount owed *before discount*. So you wouldn’t be tipping on the $17, you’d be tipping on the $20.

    Since my mother was a waitress for many years, I know how atrocious tips can be, so I always do 15-20% unless the wait staff were horrible. $20+20%=$24-$3=$21-$10=$11. So if you WERE waited on, then you paid $10 and she (should have) paid $10 or $11. Of course, if you simply bought a pizza and ate it at one of your homes…no tips are needed, and she totally sucked up your discount.

    • Ha, I like all the math, I am tempted to give you the infamous problem of the disappearing dollar, maybe I will make a post of it.

      But it WAS a pizzeria, meaning we got our own drinks, ordered at the front and waited, no need to tip etc

      No exaggeration.

  2. That sucks, but what I take away from it is that you shouldn’t have asked her out at all. Don’t know what I would have done in that spot, but I did come up with something pretty good. After asking the first girl you turn to the feminist, look her up and down, give a little head shake and say “no thanks”.

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