Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN

I am going to go over in my mind five traits that a man should have and cultivate to be successful, not with just women but with life.


Physical traits

> Strength, Agility, Poise, Stance, Posture

Looks are not nearly as important to a success of a male as a female, but that is NOT an excuse to avoid the physical aspect of yourself.  In life circumstances sometime demand strength, often in times of emergency.  You are not getting any accolades if you are skinny and weak, and if your girlfriend is stronger than you.  You have to be strong enough to endure, strong enough to life things, strong enough to pick a woman up.

I am talking about REAL functional strength here, not body building.  It does not matter how big your biceps are, it matters how far you can run, how much you can carry, and can you press on.  Did you know most special ops are somewhere in the range of 150-180 pounds?  Bigger guys get worn down and dropped fairly consistently.

The ideal kind of physical fitness you should strive for is similar to that of a triathlon, heavy on the endurance, but not lacking on the strength.

A man should have this soft, supple energy evident just underneath their surface of muscles.  You can look at a man, and when he moves his fingers or his legs you see toned muscles under the surface ready for action at any moment.

Very good types of fitness are those like cross fit, I personal HATE cross fit, because it is so fad-ish even though it by no means is original, it is merely an evolution of HIIT (high intensity interval training) .  If you have no idea what this is, essential you do a few exercises at a very high level of output, it could be something as simple as doing 50 push ups, get up sprint 100 yards, do 50 push ups, sprint, do 5 times. 

This is not about just strength and endurance either, this also goes into things like your poise and posture.  Males should always be ready, they should radiate a warrior attitude that at any time they could be called to preform.  You should stand or sit with a gleam in your eye.

It is unbelievable how many men do NOT hold themselves with pride.  Men walk around with their heads to the ground, like the defended gender we currently are.  Stand with pride, like they say in the military ‘shoulders back, chest out!’  Walk with pride, you are a man.  Things won’t be handed to you, but you are capable, you are going to take what you want.

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