Use the right bathroom

A developing story about a ‘transgender’ kid who is blocked from the bathroom:

First some things.  This kid ‘coy’ is a GUY.  Biologically, he was born a male, but ‘thinks’ he is female.  Notice if you read the article the deference to calling him a her. […”since her elementary school stopped letting her use the girls’ bathroom.”]

I completely support the school in this.  It is really sad and fucked up that this is even a story, and that ANYONE is giving this little bitch and his family the time of day.  But…our society is so politically correct, if he really wants to be a she who are we to JUDGE?

This is not the first type of this story.  In fact often the majority is forced to capitulate to this deprave minority and typically are forced to make some separate bathroom.

So why exactly should the majority, and biologically normal, be forced to change to assists a very small minority with something that is not even a problem.  Holy shit, how stupid can you be, you have a dick, and when they say no girl bathroom for you, you decide its time to press some litigation.  In a more sane society this person would be driven out by laughter.  But I am sure some human rights liberal will claim it is ‘so hard’ for transgender people, just like it is so hard for gays etc.  Well guess what, its really hard when you are missing a leg, or missing an arm or its really hard when you are retarded.  Or how about its hard being a white male in the face of affirmative action?  Oh I forgot, thats not right to say.

As a small beacon in the night, Arizona is proposing to make it illegal to use a bathroom other than your birth gender.

Good for them.


2 thoughts on “Use the right bathroom

  1. While I do know some transgender people, and truly sympathize with their plight, I also understand the viewpoint of the school/opposed parents. I’m not squeamish…I’ve used co-ed bathrooms before, and inadvertently seen body parts of the opposite sex. I didn’t die or go blind, and it didn’t cause a commotion, so…whatever.

    But there are a great many prudish/private people in this world who aren’t comfortable with the human body. They make up the majority, and teach their kids the same things. If it truly causes issues, then I can’t see making 99% of the schoolgirls feel uncomfortable for the sake of one “girl”.

    Perhaps she can use the teacher’s bathrooms instead? Idk…

  2. This just solves the whole white/male privilege thing right there doesn’t it. Everybody says their white and male and nobody will have any more problems.

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