Loner girls

Reader Anna asks: “given that you have VERY traditional views on female/male relationships, it seems highly contradictory that you profess to like loner women. Since we are very self reliant, introverted, independent thinkers, and may even be complete tomboys…I’d just say that I’m confused as to why you’d like my type of non-traditional female.”

This provides a good example of a lot of things society hides from us, and the answer is really easy.
It actually is pretty easy.  I do prefer traditional women.  Modern women are a joke, no need to rehash everything from the hypocrisy to their selfishness.  Modern women are supposed to be aggressive, extrovert/in your face.  Modern women are celebrated for being essentially as ‘male’ as possible.

Start to see where this is going?

Modern loner girls are essentially an opposite to modern girl.  They are not in your face, they are not proving themselves through aggression.  They are not there to prove how much better they are then us.

Self reliance is not a bad thing.  That is part of the hypocrisy of feminism that males do not want women to be self sufficient, or or able to function on their own.  It is a straw man argument, that for all intents if women were just a blob to have sex with and it cooks for you that is perfect.  Haha ironically, that would probably be better than ‘modern women’.  But, that is NOT what a ideal women is like.

This is why loner girls are so, so nice.  They are not interested in showing off how ‘badass’ they are.  How much smarter, cooler, tougher etc than supposedly are etc.  Loner girls kind of radiate that ‘I am not going to judge you’ aura, unlike typical feminists that criticize if you call a guy gay, or call a girl fat, or whatever.

Plus, they tend to play video games, thats always a plus.

Too bad most ‘gamer girls’ are fake

What it really comes down to, is a typical loner girl is a form of rebellion against typical feminists.  So any enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Bring on the longer girls.



6 thoughts on “Loner girls

  1. I just noticed a post you made on a thread about two weeks ago…sorry I missed it. Asked how the guy found me, because I was a loner girl?
    It was in the classroom. He asked me to study and we ended up being study partners. Probably the other good places would have been work (a girl working at a coffee shop/ice cream parlor/book store or something like that might be loner type). The art department is probably filled with them…but they’re probably mostly not the types you’d be interested in. A yoga class or some sort of new age holistic hobby type group is also probably filled with loner types. Yes, they’re very liberal but don’t let that dissuade you if they’re young they are probaby very amenable. I was a granola who married a military guy.

    I was never very receptive in a lot of environments…kind of kept my head down and went about my business unless I was at work or in class or something. Example: I remember heading to school on my bike one day and being in my own world (as usual). Some guy said something to me while I was locking my bike up to go to class. I just heard mumbling in the background and lifted my head and turned to him and said, “what was that?” not to be snide, but because I honestly hadn’t heard him. He immediately started ranting, “damn! This place is so unfriendly! Everyone is a bitch (or asshole, can’t remember exactly)…” and stormed off. To this day I have no idea what he said. I mentioned it to my husband a few years later and he said, “the guy wasn’t a genetic winner”. Honestly, if he’d just have smiled and repeated himself, or just repeated himself, we might have dated.

    • Just to add, genetics are weird as you’ll probably find out some day. My oldest son is exactly like I was. He’s an angsty loner type. Girls chase and he has absolutely no clue. “I like your shirt!” he responds with, “Oh, okay”.
      They’ll even yell for him and he doesn’t hear them. They’re really putty in his hands for this behavior and he has no idea his disinterest is just making him more and more appealing. It will interesting to see how this goes. Of course, none of those girls are loner types.

    • I remember reading a study that by the end of college art majors were NOT virgins like 99% of the time, whereas the harder the science, the more likely they were still virgins by the end of college. I think this says a lot.

  2. Ah, this makes a little more sense now. I was wondering how a guy like you could possibly like unfeminine girls like myself. Lol

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