How did you ‘wake up’ or take the pill, or get it? Share.

I had an interesting idea I want to follow through.  So any of my readers, or especially common commentators, if you have a story or events about how you finally woke up to the harsh reality around us, or started getting it, share.  Send me a comment that you would like to share your story (it can be long if necessary) and I will have a week or two devoted to people sharing their stories, credit completely to the person who wrote it obviously.

Wheter you always felt an injustice and ‘x’ finally happened, or you got rocked in a divorce or whatever, if there is some stuff in there we can learn from, share.

I think we all came to conclusions similar but different, and can all learn from others.  Let me know your stories, and prepare for a special week of reader contributions.


4 thoughts on “How did you ‘wake up’ or take the pill, or get it? Share.

  1. I grew up beta in much the same way as many manospherians describe. Dad was beta at home. Mom ruled the roost and wore the pants. Parents, pastors, teachers, everyone around me telling me to “be nice, be yourself” and girls will flock to you. Plagued with relationship failure peppered with the occasional success, but no one ever explaining what happened or why. I was never able to figure out how I was able to get some girls; and others were out of my reach. I was never able to figure out why some relationships worked and others didn’t. I could never say why girls’ attraction for me would fizzle out and I’d get friendzoned overnight.

    I’m a political junkie and was reading the Wall Street Journal article Kay Hymowitz had written and published in March 2011, just about 2 years ago now. Hymowitz referred and linked to Roissy’s site. I clicked through, and began reading. Instantly I began to recognize myself as beta. The behavior patterns, the speech patois, the conduct, the female responses — it all started clicking. Suddenly, it all made sense. I was a textbook beta example. I had all the symptoms — scarcity mentality, lack of confidence, supplication, pedestalization, projection. And, well, I got pissed.

    Everything I had been told about how men and women meet each other and how attraction works was absolutely 180 degrees opposite of the truth. My parents, pastors, teachers, and everyone else had not the slightest idea what they were talking about and lacked even a fundamental understanding of how female attraction works.

    I realized that everything I had seen WAS correct.

    I realized that women do not even know themselves what they are attracted to; or if they know what they’re attracted to, they either can’t articulate it meaningfully or are too ashamed to admit it.

    I realized women lie about what they want and like — even to themselves.

    I was able to go back over every past relationship and immediately pinpoint what went wrong, when and why.

    The realization that a big, big part of your life for the first 42 years of your life was an abject, utter lie is sobering and depressing.

    From there it grew exponentially. Modern nutrition is a lie, being based on grains and low fat.

    Modern exercise physiology is a lie, focusing too much on cardio/aerobics and not enough on strength training.

    Modern corporate life is a lie and permeated by feminism. It focuses on feminine methods of task management such as process and meetings and consensus building. It should focus on decisionmaking, decisiveness, getting the stuff done, and acting with boldness and resolve. It focuses too much on BS claims of harassment and not enough on building workplaces conducive to getting work done.

    Modern marriage is a lie and is a raw deal for men. We all know about that score.

    That’s pretty much my story.

  2. For me, it wasn’t any one single thing. I started to come across various Game or Red Pill sites on occasion without realizing what they really represented. Eventually I started to look for them, as I was intrigued by the points being made. I had always known that feminism was a lie, and could see that there was something wrong with what I had been about how men and women work. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Sites like Rational Male, Alpha Game, Chateau Heartiste and Dalrock all opened my eyes to what was really going on. I haven’t looked back since.

      • Yes and no.

        In the long run I have no doubt that I will be better off. I should be able to avoid making the kind of mistakes that have damaged so many other men. I won’t marry a carousel rider, thats for damned sure. Nor will I become a Beta schlump, either.

        In the short run I can’t say that Red Pill knowledge has made me any happier though. Understanding just how few good women are really out there is kind of depressing, especially for someone like myself who was looking forward to getting married. Now I have to live with the knowledge that I might not find a worthy woman, at least, not in this country.

        But in the end better I learn the difficult truth now, when I still have some power and agency over my life, than later, when my course is locked in.

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