Military becoming increasingly taken over by feminists

The military is one of the last institution with some semblance of what it means to be a man, and praises those qualities.  However, increasingly it is on the ‘politically correct’ bandwagon and that means if a guy makes a flirt at a girl if she doesnt like him suddenly it is ‘sexual harassment’ or heaven forbid they have sex and she regrets it, because that soldiers life is ruined when ‘rape’ is brought up.

So imagine the sisterhood outrage when a fighter pilot is released from prison after being sent there by a supposed rape.

“But the decision to grant him clemency has infuriated many female lawmakers and advocacy groups, who said the outcome will discourage victims from reporting abuse.”

Oh the horror.

I am not unsympathetic to ACTUAL rape victims, however ‘rape’ has come to mean any guy a girl had sex with she later regrets.  It pissed me off so fucking bad back in college where literally half of the girls I knew claimed they were raped, and it was not unusual that each weekend a new girl would be crying about ‘how the frat boy raped her after she got drunk over there all weekend’.  Any sympathy quickly wanes when that girl is back over there the next weekend again.

I remember another story about the military that did not get news attention, only a mention on a military website.  A naval captain with a good history was pulled and dropped from the navy after making ‘unwanted advances’ towards a female crew mate.  Holy shit.  Think about this for a second, if men have not decided to completely give up on women (which they are in increasing numbers consider the gauntlet you have to run just to try to date a women:

You have to flirt with her, and run the risk that your advances are unwarranted and get slapped out of the military.  (Because remember, if she likes you its flirting, if she doesn’t its sexual harassment).    Next you have to balance keeping her happy that she doesnt decide the flip the script and call sex harassment on you anyway.  Last, if you ever get to the sex stage, you really run the risk of losing your entire career if either she wasnt happy with the performance, decides she ‘regrets’ what happened, or just wants to take you down out of malice.

So am I glad this generals motion will ‘discourage victims from reporting abuse.’?  Yes.  I do not think it actually will though.  Women have such an insane degree of power over ruining male lives.  If I was in the military I would not touch any women there, strictly a cold demeanor that never wavers from strict professionalism.

Thus, yet another answer to where have all the good men gone, rationally they know if they want to keep their job, they’ll stay far away from your skanky feminist ass.

They decided a career was more important


9 thoughts on “Military becoming increasingly taken over by feminists

  1. Actually, this person wasn’t convicted of rape, or anything even close. I’m not surprised the media led you to that conclusion…that demonstrates how distorted everything has become. You’re supposed to think he was convicted of rape. Actually, he was accused of crawling into bed with the accuser and “fondling her” while she slept. There is absolutely NO evidence to back her claim whatsoever, and by her own admission she cannot recall the specific details. This in the defendant’s home while his wife and children were present (very strange place for a planned sexual assault to occur). The woman had crashed there in the guest room after a party.

    Here’s a background on military law, so you and readers can fully understand how fubar things have become. It starts with the commander. When a complaint comes to his attention he/she must investigate. Once the facts are known, if there seems reason to pursue a case it might go to court martial board. There was nowhere near enough evidence in this case for it even to go to the board. Political pressure is on the commander to prosecute any cases that come to his attention even without evidence, otherwise his career is impacted. So the case went to court. The court martial board is made up of officers who also have to bow to political pressure to prosecute.

    Military jurys do not convict, they only recommend based on a 2/3rd’s majority vote. There is no reasonable doubt requirement. The role of the GCMA (General Courts Martial Authority) is to review the evidence. I’ve read it put this way: “The GCMA is supposed to be a final sanity check in the UCMJ to ensure the less restricted prosecution isn’t railroading defendants. Remember the burden of proof in a military court is substantially less then that of a civilian court.

    So he was never “found guilty”, the charges were dropped. Anyone saying he was “found guilty” doesn’t know a damn thing about UCMJ. He was recommended guilty by 2/3rds of a jury. The defense filed paperwork to the GCMA for special consideration and he heard it, then decided to drop the charges which subsequently ended the whole affair.”

    • Thanks for the Liz. It just shows how messed up everything is. And of course males are always wrong, and any girl regret over last night can easily be converted to ‘rape’. Afterall, thats all men secretly are.

      • Current events have sparked a major debate at JB’s site. One participant linked to an article that referenced a current Youtube series on “The Invisible War about sexual assault in the military”. I cannot post anything better than ROK drop:

        Which refutes the inaccuracy using real, empirical data. Keep in mind also that consensual relationships in the military make up the vast majority of sexual “crimes” which weighs the numbers and journalists love to use the largest figure possible. Fraternization is a crime, adultery is a crime, even sodomy is technically still a crime.

  2. Erudite Knight,

    Given the nature of this post, I was wondering if I could get your input on a related project. If you’re interested, please contact me via email.

    Thanks for what you’re doing here.

    • Women are not the only ones who get raped. It’s mostly men. Even if you removed all the women it would leave us……….hmmmmmm……..14,000 rapes per year to go! Wow that’s not a lot at all. Plus, I would think feminists would hate that book. Mr. Grey is a man who bosses women, actually everyone around. He wants women to want him. And I guess you think another feminists term, “I don’t need a man to make me happy.” So why would they like the Mr. Grey type guy? Which actually you don’t need a man to make you happy. Neither does a man need a woman. It just doesn’t make sense to me, you can’t love somebody if you don’t love yourself right? You need to be happy with yourself. Despererate is disgusting.

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