Feminist Bumper sticker

I came across this sticker today and just had to comment on it:

“Change how you see, not how you look” and then it shows an outline of a fat women.


I’ll get right on that…

Think about this for a second, do you agree?  Does it seem self-evident?  Maybe, but the more I thought about it, and it did not take long, I realized the horror of the mental reprogramming it represents.

Consider what it is saying: do not look at reality as it is, but instead look at it in a way positive to me.’

Once I realized this, my disgust magnified.  Of course this is feminism in a nut shell, that reality is not correct/good and must be changed to what we deem acceptable.  I can not believe how appropriate of a sticker this is for feminism.

Who in their right mind would seriously argue ‘change the way you see’ suggesting that what is in front of you (in this case a fat woman) is somehow not there, not fat, not bad, and instead I should change my view on reality and decide this woman too is beautiful.

I am reminded of both a Star Trek episode where Picard is a prisoner forced to say he sees three lights when there are actually four.  Or, of course the perfect example of reprogramming 1984, where Wiston Smith loved Big Brother by the end.

I really hope one of my occasional feminist trolls sees this, their capacity for self-delusion knows no limits.

What is pretty funny too, is that whole ‘goddess’ symbol that this outline represents, that the shape of a women is desirable and fertile.  I don’t know about you, but my Goddesses are WAY hotter, tall, skinny waists and large breasts; not some plum shape that encourages only disgust.

So there you go, change how you view reality, because I do not approve of it, and while you are changing what you see in front of you, change it to that my ugly and fatness (something I could change) becomes a thing of beauty.

Erudite Knight Loves fat chicks!

Just kidding. I look at reality, not what they want me to see.



10 thoughts on “Feminist Bumper sticker

    • Well, the Venus of Willendorf (and other similar figures) are thought to have been representations of female fertility and food abundance…two VERY important factors for life in 24,000 BC. Nowadays we can even see primitive cultures that still view the “plentiful” body as the more beautiful, since it shows off how well cared for that woman is. A status symbol, in other words.

      In cultures like ours, where the majority of people we encounter in daily life are at least middle class, we value willpower more. A person who can very quickly and easily gain tremendous weight from everyday food is shunned…whereas someone who works out, remains active and refrains from overconsumption is praised.

      But yeah, I agree that reality cannot be changed just by wishing it were so.

  1. People need to send messages to every group men,women,teens, children, and old people. This is sort of a beauty and the beast type of message, and besides the fact that she was kissing an animal, it sent a pretty powerful message. Some women are not meant to be skinny and tall and all that stuff. That is what I think is beautiful. We come in different shapes, sizes, heights, colors just like an assortment of cool sports cars. Not every car is made for YOUR height or preference. There is always going to be someone who sees something way better in his junky- old -rusty -stinky-God-knows-what-died-in-there car that’s in his garage than those cool sports cars you have. What is disgusting about it to me is when thick women start to let themselves go and it becomes really unhealthy. I wonder, “why are you killing yourself like this?” “Is it because you gave up?” But there are some women out there where they could excersize 24/7 and all though they have a flat stomach, that waist is not getting any smaller and neither are those reall toned thighs. I think the point of that bumper sticker was to tell girls and women to stop beating themselves up, to try but don’t do unhealthy methods in the process such as starving yourself. Not everyone can have that thigh gap, but it does not make them ugly. And I love the imperfections in men, because that is what we are, as humans. A big pot of ugly. And when u really love someone that big scar across their back will be sexy. So this bumper sticker speaks for men as well. I am not a feminist. I am a peopleist or whatever.

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