Want to be the best woman you can? 5 big tips

Feminism has ruined women.  It has utterly destroyed an semblance of desirability in a majority of women who at least might have attracted a decent male.  The lies destory the women, and then further convince her it is ‘MENS FAULT’ when they dont want her.

Without further ado: how to attract high quality men!

1: Be in decent shape and look presentable

It is funny, I could practically hear feminists whining if they read this tip as ‘shallow’ or misogynist or whatever.  Look girls, that facts are 50% of the populace is overweight or obese, odds are if it isnt you, its your friend.  Most girls actually today could probably be considered cute if they dropped 10-20 pounds.

Further, look clean and presentable.  It is alarming seeing ugly girls, or even ones that might be cute, walk around with greasy hair and sweat pants, I even went on a date with a girl once who wore sweat pants, not a good way to impress.

2.  Be Nice

Shouldnt be too hard right?  Girls are the more caring gender supposedly, so show it.  We do not want to fight you, we do not want to argue with you.  We want support out of you, we want the soft side of life in our lives, because the traditional roles are males are hard/aggressive and females soft/nice.  We WANT that.

We want you to come up giggling and laughing about something, we want our stoic, stone-faced stares broken by the girl that comes up telling us we look cute when we are serious.  If we are injured we want you to take care of us, to nuture us, because THATS WHAT WOMEN DO.

We dont want you acting like a feminist bitch.

3.  Energetic and light-hearted

I have a thing for loner girls, perhaps its their increased loyalty because they dont have anywhere else to turn, but even in my mind the archetypal loner girl is still light hearted and energetic, even if most people do not see it.  In a state of normalcy (which we are not in) the male has a lot of burdens on his mind and body.  He has to provide safety, security, resources to both him, and any women he is with.  This wears a man down, thus where the girl comes in that she provides that spark and energy to help keep the man going and make him happy he is keeping her around.  Does any angry feminist really think a provider male would keep a angry cunt around? Oh, I forgot, feminist can do everything a man can do and better…

What makes girls, girls is their fun childish nature, we want you to come up to us and we shake our heads because you made us laugh at something stupid.  We want you to come and be like ‘lets do this, or lets do that!’ Infuse energy into us.

4. Know feminine skills


Yes, partly.  I know how to cook, and I can do it better than most women probably – a sad state modern ‘women’ find themselves in.  I also know how to sew, crochet and clean.  But I also know how to fight, how to shoot, how to kill, how to stand up for my beliefs, how to fix things, and how to endure through pain.  Do I expect a woman to do the later?  No.  Do I want her to?  Sure, but its not a desire, I would rather have her cooking for me than trying to fight for me.  Women are the opposite but complete side of males, yin/yang.  Men are the hard/immoveable element, women are the soft and yielding, that is not to say women are inferior, that soft/yielding is desirable!

At its core, essentially men fight, and women rehabilitate.  A women should know how to cook certainly, that is a minimum, but having medical skills is also preferable.  Even if it is simply her holding or caressing that is enough.

Women bring beauty into life (or at least they were once supposed to) so things like gardening is a natural extension of this.  Vast fields of flowers or crops is a great way to inject energy into the male of your life.

It is really so hard to understand men and women were designed and better suited to do different things?  We are happier if we do this.


5. Understand males and females are different

For all the feminist bluster, a girl simply understanding it is fake, and men are women are different (‘oh god, please dont say it, are we actually different!?!?  Misogynist!’).  I do not want you in combat with me, because unless we are all genetically engineered to have insane combat prowess, it is simply a fact I am going to be stronger and more capable, and you are likely to become a liability.  I would rather have you at home growing flowers and raising our kids, it will make me fight harder.

That does not mean I do not want you.  That is a false scarecrow argument feminist like to use, where a man doesnt want a girl going something (ie combat) and then falsely assumes victim hood or whatever.  Fuck them.  Women are supposed to be the soft, energizing element out of the pair.  Men are the hard-charging aggressors.  Men get wore down, and this is where being nice, knowing skills, energizing us makes us value you.  When you are a stupid bitch complaining, arguing, being suspicious, or whatever else modern women do, that makes us want to leave womanhood in general.

If you want a good male, understand there are differences, and embrace those differences.




20 thoughts on “Want to be the best woman you can? 5 big tips

  1. A very good checklist, but I’m confused about one point. What do you mean by loner women being “more loyal because they don’t have anywhere else to turn”?

    Loyalty to who? Ourselves?

  2. I think the closer one’s connections to other people outside a relationship the more likely they are to impact the relationship. “Non-loner” females tend to overshare private details when they are collected into groups, and it’s seldom a relationship-building activity. I’m more a bitchfest confederation of fighting females something along the lines of a shrill Greek chorus, echoing and amplifying every real or imagined slight. It doesn’t help matters to complain endlessly, particularly without context to other biased parties.

  3. Generally, if a woman is having a hard time getting or keeping a man, one or more of the following is going on:

    1. Her standards are too high.
    2. She is not hot enough. (Closely related to 1. above.)
    3. She is not nice enough.
    4. She is not available enough.

  4. I’m actually quite surprised by the fact that you say you are fond of loners and/or tomboys…Our very personalities seem to fly in the face of what you think of women?

  5. I just realized that my latest comment might have sounded odd. What I meant was, given that you have VERY traditional views on female/male relationships, it seems highly contradictory that you profess to like loner women. Since we are very self reliant, introverted, independent thinkers, and may even be complete tomboys…I’d just say that I’m confused as to why you’d like my type of non-traditional female.

    Could you clear this up for me, EK?

  6. I love that whole yin/yang thing you did. It made me see things in a better a light. I think feminist have a problem with being underestimated. It makes us women or girls feel useless. We WANT to be used. Back then things were so bad, like really bad and I think we were thought of as inferior. Some things need to change for the good, but other than that I think now a lot of women are just angry for no reason. But there are still jerks out there, and I noticed u said high quality men. When my mother was buying a punching bag and she left to go to the washroom the security guard eased his way over to me. He said “who’s that for?” I said my mom and I. He said “to lyke(I spelled it that way on purpose) box?” And I said yes yes. When my mother came up he asked her instead be caused he didn’t believe me. She said nowadays we have to protect our selfs from per vs and she asked him what he thought women were supposed to do when they get angry because just like men, we obviously are temperamental, maybe even more so. This fool!!!! He said, “read a book?” Are u serious!!!!!!!!!!????? 😡 anyway……. I find it very attractive when a man takes action and charge, because sometimes we need to shut up and let ourselves be taken care of. P.S u should not curse at women whether they are ignorant or not, meanie!

      • No one wants to be a trophy wife. We like to get out there and do something. Well not all of us… I have hands for a reason, not just eating or swiping a credit card. We want to be a help. And to be told that you can’t for something makes you want to do it even more. For men and women alike. I’m sure you understand. And what I meant by when you said aiming for high quality men, is that a lot of women aim low. Or at least the women around me. I think I’m different from most females because I did not have a father, did not even see his face ( he was not “ready”). I’m not one of those girls who now hate men, I just sort of feel like I had to help my mom do the man’s part around the house. Like carrying heavy stuff or taking more responsibility, of course not paying bills. So now a lot of girls annoy me. Their characteristics such as nagging, complaining, emotional flips, or saying something you completely don’t mean and etc. But I am very aware I’m a female, and I know there are some things I can’t do, or maybe more like shouldn’t do. Do you think feminists ruined your life? I see you have a lot of hatred and messages for them.

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