Oral sex on women more dangerous then chewing tobacco

This is an old story from 2 years ago, but it has not received (predictably) the dissemination it deserves.


Thats right guys, girls these days are so damn dirty you are MORE LIKELY to get throat cancer going down on a girl than tobacco.  Think about that more a moment, as utterly disgusting and self-evidently bad for you as tobacco is, chewing/smoking that shit is LESS LIKELY to give you throat cancer than that ‘princess’ you brought home.

Well, we all knew the hyper-sexulization of women would have consequences, here we go.

The irony, of course is that a lot of blogs associated with similar movements, bashing feminism for example, advocate endless sex and pickups with girls.  It is something they never talk about, much to their demerit.  I learned a lot from some of the big names of red pill-type blogs, but something that was always a problem was that it is just assumed that banging as many girls as you can was the end goal.

The problem, while racking up kills, you are literally taking your life into your hands, from stds to throat cancer.

I did the hookup thing for a while, and it left me only shallow.  Does pick up stuff work?  Absolutely. But, I am glad I got out without any diseases, and seeing stuff like this, is there any rush to get back?

We hear from feminists all the time ‘where did all the good men go?’

It think its much more appropriate: where did all the good women go?


Hope it was worth it…

28 thoughts on “Oral sex on women more dangerous then chewing tobacco

  1. I’ve had a couple of male patients who had mouth cancer. Both were terminal, both obtained the cancer from HPV. Neither were tobacco users. It isn’t a good way to die. It’s important to note that HPV infection can occur in male or female genital areas that are covered (aka protected by the condom or ‘dental dam’) as well as those areas that are not. Unlike more other types of STDs, plastic, even if intact, isn’t necessarily going to prevent it.

    More interesting facts:

    Apparently HPV related cancers are 6-7 times more common in men than women. That’s saying a lot, because cervical cancer is a relatively common type of cancer, almost entirely caused by the human papilloma virus.

  2. It’s simply another reason to not partake of the “pickup/casual sex” lifestyle. I never understood why so many people treat sex like it’s some goal to have many partners…I’m more for quality over quantity, myself. Then again, I don’t think men OR women should just be out having sex all the time without at least getting to know their partner. As it shows above, it causes major trouble for both sexes.

    Something I feel should be pointed out though: it’s not that women are NATURALLY dirty or anything. It is exceedingly rare that a baby boy or girl is born with HPV…the other 99% of people get it from sex. That’s why it is an STD. If you know that the man/woman you are active with is tested and safe, well…Go have as much oral sex as you want!

    For example, I do not have HPV because my lover didn’t have HPV. He didn’t get HPV because he was very careful having sex when he was younger, and always used protection and got checkups. I’m thankful that he got tested for HPV years ago…if any 1 of his previous 17 partners had HPV, he could have passed it on to me.

    Nowadays, it is so much healthier and better to be in a trusting, caring sexual relationship than a bunch of dangerous one night stands with someone who doesn’t really care about you or your body!

      • First, a clarification: You think staying a virgin til age 21 is “a long time”? Interesting, very interesting indeed…

        Well, as I said before, I was sexually abused for 8 years by my stepfather. I’m not going to go into details, but by the time I had enough money to move out at 18, I was pretty scared of sex/touching. Even now I have trouble with simple things like hugging from customers/relatives, so I’m actually absurdly lucky to have found a man who was patient and kind enough to help me grow into my sexuality that I’d kept repressed.

        As for him having 17 previous partners, that was during his college days. (Obviously college was a *bit* different for me!) Remember, he is more than 10 yrs older than me…but he always used protection and has been tested for all major/typical diseases many years ago. So he is safe, healthy, and a wonderful lover to boot! I don’t mind that he has a history, I’m not the jealous type. Now if only HE would take my word for it that I don’t want other partners…lol.

        • Well, I use long time loosely, I was a virgin until I was 25, and it was by choice, not circumstance.
          But, yes, I unfortunately do count it as a long time, girls these days…well lets just say when I hear a girl lose it at 15 I am not really surprised.

  3. Oh, and I have always…even from a young age…thought that sex is something that should only be shared between people who care about each other. Homosexual, heterosexual, polyamorous…it never mattered to me. So long as everyone involved is consenting adults and is practicing safe sex, it is fine. Not for ME, but still fine.

    Your prior comment about “21 being a long time” actually makes something clearer for me. I’ve seen numerous blogs/comments by others in the manosphere where these 18-24 yr old guys are talking about how they are going MGTOW because they haven’t had sex yet…and I always thought, “holy crap, you feel READY for sex PRIOR to age 18?” I think that even if my childhood was not fucked up, I’d have refrained from sex til I was at LEAST 20, just on principal!

    I mean, when you are a teen, your brain is awash with hormones, your body is still changing, you still make stupid decisions, and you are often trying desperately to measure up to some idiotic “ideal” that your peers or the media made up. How the hell do you truly think you’re ready for the consequences and emotions that go along with sex at that age? Maybe it’s because I’m almost Vulcan in the way I view the world…but I always try to think of the fallout/outcomes of my actions beforehand. Seeing the pregnancy scares, emotional turbulence, pressures and dishonesty of the typical high school “romance” REALLY gave me pause on the whole “teen love is so awesome” deal.

    • I cant tell if you are saying its a good thing or a bad thing about me in comparison to other blogs.

      Also, you do realize you represent a small fantasy for a majority of men, that you were a virgin but now a FwB? That rarity is almost impossible

      • Not really “good” or “bad”.
        Just different really, though you are much clearer speaking than others. 🙂

        I’ve been told that a true FwB relationship is almost impossible to find, yes. Believe me when I say that I certainly didn’t set out to be like this, though I’m happy it has worked out for the two of us thusfar.

        It’s actually as close to perfect as I could imagine and still be realistic. I get to remain marriage-free, self reliant, and have my nice clean home all to myself that I can retire to after work, at whatever hour I want. My lover knows that I’m *always* ready for sex since I have a high libido now, so we both get sex whenever we are together. And we both like the same books, videogames, movies and foods…so after sex we can have lunch and play Left 4 Dead or watch Big Bang Theory. It’s the perfect balance of my natural INTJ instincts and his desire for sexual validation.

        I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        As for “other girls”…well, let’s just say I’ve had all male friends since 8th grade and my female friends started to change for the worse. That’s probably why I’m still sane, and still such a nerdy tomboy. Oh well. 🙂

        • Thank you, I hope I present an interesting amalgamation of both eloquence and raw feeling. I suddenly recalled in college a girl telling me I was really smart/eloquent but that I should ‘abandon my gutter tongue’.

          So you basically have a whole bunch of beta orbiters…poor them

          Anyway, so tell me how exactly is your archtype is taken down? Because you fit a typical mold of the loner type girl as society would view you who is into ‘guy’ activities, just talking with you I could imagine meeting you at like the sci-fi section of a bookstore; regardless, how does a male go about getting the loner girl basically. Aggression/confidence -while wanted by every women- seems it would scare the loner type girl initially.

          I know I should never ‘take advice from the prey’ but perhaps you might have something good in the form of insights.

          • Beta orbiters? Lol, no.

            From 10th grade on, each one of my friends had girlfriends (and one boyfriend). *I* was the one who stayed single, not them. Again, I’m kinda bad with the typical relationships…that has not changed at ALL. I really am/was one of the guys. I’d sleep over at their houses, we’d go fishing, play “manhunt”, go camping, make tree forts, shoot BB guns, hit each other with fake weapons, go swimming, play videogames.

            I never even had them offer to buy me anything, which is good, since I’d have declined it. I bought my own meals, popcorn, movie tickets, fair rides…whatever. Of the 7 of us (not including dates), only 2 of us had jobs in high school…so Eric and I usually got stuck with the bill if someone didn’t bring enough cash. So no…No “obiters” for Anna.

            As for how to “take me down”…wow, what imagery! Gods, I have such a horrible mind. 😉

            I will tell you that *I* am not impressed with Game. I’m also slightly sardonic when it comes to my looks despite being labeled a 7, so I laugh when guys try to “neg” me. It’s like, please…I can insult myself better than THAT! Yeah, you’ll never find a chick like me in a club or bar. A gym, possibly. A coffee/tea shop, a library, a game store, bookshop, comic/hobby convention…yes, definitely.

            Being aloof, semi rude, brash, uncaring, etc like Game says will NOT work with a real tomboy/loner female. Remember, we are essentially women with guy mindsets. We like the same stuff as you, and will never think of letting you pay our bills…whether it’s dinner or something more. Speaking personally, I appreciate honesty, intelligence, casual confidence, a sense of humor (which can be dirty, I don’t care), and is at least healthy looking. Good teeth and clean body are a absolute must. No smoking, no recreational drugs, no excessive drinking. Glass of wine/beer with a meal, or a liquor to relax is fine.

            This is not going to make sense at first, but treat tomboys like they are people who just so happen to have a clit and breasts. No asshole act, no white knighting, just be frickin’ NORMAL. If you want to talk about how you learned Klingon over the summer, or want to know how we feel about what happened in Amazing Spiderman #700…go for it. If you’ve found a REAL gamer chick, she’ll totally be into it.

            If she looks at you like you just turned into a Borg…you’ve found a girl who likes to pretend to be into guy stuff for the attention. Beware: there are more of THESE than actual tomboys/loners. If she asks you to buy her something on the first date/meeting, you have chosen poorly.

            Does this help?

      • Doesn’t FwB imply the relationship is non-exclusive? Anna, you have a monogamous FwB relationship? No offense intended but…are you certain?

        • Liz, no offense is taken. 🙂

          Maybe it is only in the geek/nerd community, but I’ve actually known quite a few FwB relationships that are monogamous. It’s less of a
          “I get to sleep with whoever I want”
          and more of a
          “Both of us have been friends for a long time and are attracted to one another, so we’re going to have sex monogamously. But if one of us finds a serious date, we will stop with the sex and just be friends again”. Strangely enough, it is usually the guys who end up finding a girlfriend…so the majority of the time it’s the women who become “just friends” again.

          You were a tomboy and had all male friends too? Huh, from your posts you seemed a lot more feminine than that. I guess I pegged you wrong!

      • Fwiw, I was always a tomboy/loner type too. Never went to a dance club or bar unless someone dragged me against my will. But I married at 19 so I guess I didn’t have much time for that stuff anyway.

        • Liz, you should probably read my comments on EK’s “More on r and k” post. It’ll clear up some stuff about my relationship for you.

        • Well Liz, how did the guy find you then? That is a problem I am having, I like the loner chicks, but they by their nature are hard to find. Regular girls are too easy and worthless.

      • Eek…read that thread Anna. You seem like a nice person but that is a seriously complicated situation I can’t imagine ending well for anyone involved (unless his family knows and is okay with this?). I’m surprised it hasn’t come out already, six years is a long time to live the double life.

        • Liz, I guess it is a little complicated…looking at it from the inside, it doesn’t seem to be. I know exactly what the situation is, I’m not looking for anything more. He loves his family and I am happy for him, the same as he knows I’m happy with my single life.

          As for it “coming out”, I’ve read accounts of men and women who had extramarital partners for 15+ years. It’s about accepting the relationship for what it is, acknowledging the greater importance of the married persons home life, and not being stupid.

          An interesting aside: While the rates of infidelity have dropped in the past decade, the rates of divorce have drastically risen. I almost wonder if people are simply choosing to forsake their marriages rather than have a “double life”. After all, 55% of divorcees said that infidelity of their spouse was a contributing factor to their decision to divorce…and a recent Gallup poll showed that 89% of Americans say that any infidelity is immoral. If our views on infidelity were more realistic to biology, would more people stay married? It’s something worth studying…

      • I won’t argue the overall point, Anna. I wish you the best.
        But you don’t have to be ‘stupid’ for something to go wrong. You can be quite careful and smart. If he has a cell and calls or texts you, there’s a record. If he has an e mail account, there’s a record. If you ever travel in a car with him and get into an accident that requires an investigation that’s a record (even if you or he didn’t cause the accident and someone without insurance causes the accident and then bills his or your insurance company, you might have to show up in court along with witnesses subpoenaed which would be either him or you).
        That’s off the top of my head. But I’m military and I’ve seen these things come out in a number of ways (adultery violates the UCMJ). No one ever thinks it will, and I’ve seldom seen anyone caught for stupid reasons (unless he/she wanted to be caught that is).
        ‘Nuff said on that.

    • I think of it more as yet another sign of how little the medical field cares about men’s health issues. After all, men are getting these cancers from the HPV-16 virus…which females are usually screened for and vaccinated against since it causes cervical cancer. Yet it’s the year 2013 and boys are NOT being screened or vaccinated, and thus have less protection than their female peers.

      So much for medical equality…

      • They are giving men guardasil too. That is medical equality last time I checked. And men besides throat cancer or anal cancer have no outward effect from hpv. There are no tests to tell if a man carries the virus until it turns into cancer. Many women are equally as unlucky. There shouldn’t be a blame game here.

  4. First and foremost.. There is a high percentage of ladies that have hpv which is what causes the throat cancer you mentioned. Keep in mind just as many ladies get it from men as well. Your statements seem very blamey. Also, let’s keep in mind that many cases of hpv are erraticated these days thanks to the nice folks of guardasil. So, hpv can become a thing of the past I hope. I was married (faithfully) to a man for 20 years. Decided to end the marriage and I met someone else. I didn’t sleep with him until I trusted him. Wound up with hpv 16 and hpv 18 which then progressed into adinocarcinoma. So, ladies giving it to guys is not the only scenerio in which this is passed. I hadn’t slept with anyone else and it turn out he was quite the ladies man and unprotected at that. Condoms only protect you 30% from contracting this disease so even if it’s regular sex you can pick it up and have it for years. I had 2 surgeries, 2 rounds of radiation and a chemo regime to try and rid me of what this GUY gave me. There are no tests of yet to tell if a man has this disease, so far only women are screened and treated for it because we stand to get the sickest from it. In my case.. Yeah, I’m one of the women wondering where all the good men went.

  5. First off, it’s where did all the good people go. Back in the old days there was good education, everybody helped raise everybody kids, teachers were highly respected, and on tv married couples couldn’t even be seen in the same bed. Second, “Raised in a culture in which speed is valued, kids, not surprisingly, seek instant gratification through oral sex (the girl by instantly pleasing the boy, the boy by sitting back and enjoying the ride). A seemingly facile command over the sexual landscape of one’s partner is achieved without the encumbrances of clothes, coitus and the rest of the messy business. The blow job is, in essence, the new joystick of teen sexuality.” Third, stop having oral sex, whether the girl is clean or not and neither should girls have oral sex. It’s strange. I don’t need a comment back to me, I’ve seen and known enough for now.

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