Violence Against Women Act – a joke

The VAWA has recently been renewed, ( much to the cheering of all the women who ‘unanimously supported it’, and joy to our society that gays and transgender have been included on it.

I find this a fitting extension of my last two posts about the traitorous r-selection appealing to the outsiders as a form of destroying the society they are inherently inferior within.  I will just say it, it is VERY fucked up we go to all these lengths to essentially promote what is a aberration of our society/genetic expression. I get that a lot of people might not be able to have controlled if they are trans gender, but the real problem comes from when they open their fucking mouth and demand the rest of us conform to their fucked up standards, case in point in Colorado a ‘trans’ kid (who is a boy, but thinks he is a girl) has a school caught up in a candles because of the bathrooms.  []

So, let me say how messed up this is we naturally defer to what is not true, even that story refers to him as a girl, I dont give a shit if you want to be a girl, go right ahead, but you are a fucking guy, why the hell should this story have gotten ANY press.  In a better society we would not lower ourselves to the lowest common denominator.   They wont let you go to the girl bathroom?  Oh too bad, you know you ARE a guy, now shut the fuck up and get back to class.

So, back to the titular act- women, ever since waking up to the fem-reality we live in it never ceases to amaze me the innate hypocrisy the is routinely spewed from everyone who accepts the logically-fallacious argument that women are both so much better than males, but also endless victims in need of protection.  It imposes stiff penalties on ‘domestic abuse’ of women, not really surprising given how rigged the whole law system is against males.

What I find ironic, is lets call a bill ‘the women’s equal compensation act’ and it triples the amount of money women make (again, realize that women makes 5-15% more than males in the 20 biggest cities already).  This would have the EXACT same kind of support, every women would line up because after all, in femworld you cant betray the sisterhood, and then millions of herbs proving how much they respect women by slitting their own throat.  Who could vote against such a bill, after all, women DO need equal compensation right?  Well, and they are just so hard working too, it doesnt really matter if they get a bit extra, they have to keep their house in order too, that male is just completely useless.

So we continue our endless and inevitable march towards the ruination of America, lead by a hypocrisy of women needing so much more protection, but also systematically making women the overlords of the race.  Enjoy the decline!

-Here rests a society run by women


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