The difference between MGTOW MRA PUA

This is a really important discussing I have been mulling over in my mind.  If you have any comments on my breakdown of them, let me know.  I actually kind of hate acronyms, but they get thrown around a lot, so I will quickly define them, before really launching into it.

MGTOW-Men going their own way

MRA- mens rights activist

PUA- pick up artist


Their general attitude and concerns:

The easiest way to visualize these three, is to think of it as a sliding scale, on one side is the PUA, the opposite end is the MRA, and MGTOW is in the middle.


This is based on their professed attitude towards women among other things.  The PUA is all about slamming out as many women as he can, he does not ‘hate’ women in any capacity other than perhaps their occasional stupidity, because women are the source of their notches and their kicks.  PUA primary concern is as much sex with as many girls as possible.

MGTOW is in the middle, they have an inherent distrust of women, until proven otherwise which is rare.  As per based on their name, they are quite content going through life without a women, this does not mean they are gay.  Most MGTOW will spend a day or night with a girl if she seems decent, but it by no means is ANY priority, more of it just happens.  MGTOW primary concern is living their own life, without a women dragging it down.

MRA are perhaps the most anti-women, they have a very high distrust of women, and their hatred is palpable.  What is important to note, is both MRA and MGTOW likely did NOT grow up hating women, but were forced to reexamine their views.  Anyone growing up hating women likely became a PUA, ironically.  MRA primary concern is the social injustice of male/female.

Where did these three come from?

Typically there is a definite stereotype that all three of these variously hail from.  Remember this is a counter culture movement, so they are all KIND OF the same, but the more time you spent in the culture, the differences become obvious.

PUA: Was a lesser alpha, or a wannabealpha in high school, likely the football team quarterback’s friend.  Someone who was not the #1, but bathed in this aura.  Thus he grew up with some attention, but left him desiring more.  Likely bodybuilder types now, if they work out.

MGTOW:  Likely an outsider group growing up.  Not in the main social scene, but not its victims either.  Even at a younger age showed a bit of a disdain for the system, not that into images (as much as a high schooler could be), typically a small core group that they never really deviated from.  Likely functional athletes if they work out (endurance mixed with weights)

MRA: Most likely a victim in high school, probably of high intellect, such as someone on a debate.  He was smart, but victimized for it.  Your very typical beta, follows all the rules, and hopes to get ahead by them.  Unlikely to work out, but if they do typically joggers.

Examples of them on the internet and how I went through them  :

When I first found the scene about 2 years ago it kind of blew my mind.  I was desperate for answers as to why this girl broke my heart and my life was nearly fucked over by a single girl, what did I do wrong, ‘what did women want’ and so on.  The first site I found actually no longer exists, but he was a hybrid between PUA and MGTOW, it was a guy named shark and his website solvemygirlproblems.

It was revolutionary to me, he started with the premise that girls are inherently untrustworth, bitchy, and liable to backstab unless kept in line.  He had a revolutionary idea: TO LIVE FOR YOURSELF.  To someone lost in the desert of society, utterly abandoned because badasses arent susposed to cry or have girl problems it was a draught of much needed liquid for my thirst.  Each post was filled with both anger, and a will to triumph, the odds were against us as men, but we alone knew what it was like to dig deep amidst overwhelming odds and press on.

I found cheateau heratise and rationale male pretty soon after, they are both HARD on the PUA side of the spectrum.  Their art was that of seemingly stupid and unconventional tactics supposedly designed to attract woman for the slamming.  I was like ‘well, what the hell, my prior shit got me rocked, so lets try it.’  And you know what?  It works.  Much to feminists chagrin.  I could be this dismissive jerk, and the girls were coming in.

Meanwhile, I would see post and comments not about getting girls but about the societal injustices fraught in our society.  About the more men in jail.  The unfairness of marriage, of child support, of living your life for the women.  And they resonated with me, because I had seen much injustice in those around me at the hands of women and society.  These are the MRA people.   There are few devoted MRA sites, but MRAs are sprinkled around.


Here is the conclusions, and a very important part of the whole discussion.


I will start with MRA first.  Both the MRA and the MGTOW typically were screwed to one degree or another by girls, (admittedly by often their own lack of how women actually are), but the people who go into MRA often take it harder, or had the harder reality slapping them in the face.

I am going to state it bluntly:  I think the MRA are totally justified in their anger, and their goals, but I do not particularly trust MRA and think they are one night of sex away from abandoning their movement.  A big part of it is think about their past, these are likely the guys that did not get much attention, and any attention was likely negative.  Somehow they got a girl, subsequently hurt, and now rage against the system, but all it will take is one girl ‘oh, come here you…’ and suddenly all their professed anger is gone.  The strongest of the rationilizers.

Again, I 100% support their mission of social injustice, I just do not think it has any teeth behind it unfortunately, and I believe in most cases the anger is just their response of no girl liking them.  Once a girl likes them, they are off the boat.  Loyalty: Traitorous

PUAs are on the other end, they are up front, their one goal is to pump and dump as many girls as they can.  If amidst their STD dodging they find ‘the one’ they will try to marry her.  The irony of course is high here, but again, I am simply stating how it is.  Clubs are the typical location of PUA, or the braver ones try street pickups.

PUA do no carry the anger of MGTOW or MRA, because they were never really screwed by girls, they never got all the attention their true alpha friends got, but they got a taste of it, and want more.  Very likely sex addicts based on their goal.  Typically well adjusted, but again, based on their goals likely to only be a lesser alpha at best, as a real alpha would not have to resort to tactics, or even ‘think’ about what he is doing.  I do not want to make it sound like their stuff doesnt work, it totally does, and it VERY useful for understanding girls.

One major complaint I have about the PUA is despite all three group essentially being on the same side, they are VERY quick to demonize MGTOW and MRA.  Kind of a latent high school mentality, by bashing someone else down, it makes them look so much ‘cooler’.  Often you will see statements ‘you are just upset you cant get any’ or ‘unsuccessful with women’ its ironic how these are the exact same epithets FEMINISTS use.  Ahh, the irony.  I can’t speak for all MGTOW (which is what I consider myself) but I am not ‘unsuccessful’ with women, I actually have success when I try, but I truly don’t care to bother with how fucked up modern girls are.  Nor do I really want the host of diseases they carry.

These PUA are your ‘bros’ at frats.  Loyalty: ‘Loyal’ if no girl is around, will slit your throat once she is…thus Traitorous

Last is the MGTOW, the easiest way to understand these type is think back to their earlier life, they were not really in the scene, not victors of it, and not victims of it. Because they gave some woman a chance and were hurt badly they are not in a rush to get back to it, thus they go back to their outsider mentality.  Lo and behold that they find…its actually a pretty nice place to be.  Girls are dumb as hell, but the MGTOW doesnt have to even talk to her, the MRA injustices are certainly true, but generally escapable by the simple act of not interacting with women.

I think ‘modern girls’ are severely lacking in intellect, not because their brains are incapable of thinking, but that simply society does not require them to really ‘think’ at all, thus they are not forced to know ANYTHING other than subtly manipulating guys.

The MGTOW essentially have come to terms with the situation in front of them.  Their see the injustice the MRA see, and they see the hypocrisy of women’s stated desires vs their real desires PUA see.  MGTOW are not driven by racking up notch counts, nor do they have the supposed passion but lack of will the MRA have.

MGTOW have seen reality from the bottom, been fucked, taken advantage of, or otherwise screwed by hands that were eitehr female, or under female control. They realize the game is against them, and instead of playing it like the PUA to set a high score, they essential say, ‘fuck this, I am going to live my own life.  If a girl is there, fine, but I have damn high standards, because I do not need a girl to “make my life complete”.  I am living my own damn life by my rules.’

MGTOW are not in the business of screwing their fellow man, mainly because for the most part have written off nearly a whole sex, so they need allies somewhere.  They are not the backstabbers of MRA who claim to be on your side until a girl bats an eye at them, nor are they the bros who will have a beer with you, but throw you down to prove to the latest whore how sick they are.  They are just living.  And just want to be left the fuck alone.

Loyalty: High

Missing Dollar Riddle

After relating the story of the pizza ‘date’ with my coworker that despite her feminist tendancies had not problem making some of my money disappear, I present you a old riddle exactly about a missing dollar.

So three people check into a hotel room. The clerk says the bill is $30, so each person splits it 10$ each.

Later, the clerk feels bad for the 3 guys sharing the room, so he is only going to charge 25$. To rectify this, he gives the bellhop $5 to return to the guests. On the way to the room, the bellhop realizes that he cannot divide the money equally.  He has only dollar bills.

As the guests didn’t know the total of the revised bill, the bellhop decides to just give each guest $1 and keep $2 for himself.

He gives them all their dollar back,meaning each person paid 9$ total (10-1 for those of you lacking math comprehension)

So, the 3 people paid 9 each, and the bellhop has 2, 3×9 is 27 and bellhop has 2, for a total of 29.


Where did that damn dollar go?

Aww, don’t cry, but dont go looking up the answer on google!

For fun, dont just go look it up, try to figure it out.

Yet more revisionist history: Legend of Zelda, Link as a girl

This story came out a few months ago, but it was only on small gaming blogs, I don’t think this side of blogs picked it up, but more evidence of our society’s decline in endless placating.

What it is is some dad who is a programmer just could not stand that fact the hero of the Zelda games is a MAN.  A man rescuing a woman, my god the horror.  He decided it was important to show how empowered women are (and how sorry he is for being a man) changed all references from male pronouns to female.

He still looks like a guy, unlike this.

So anyway, here is some relevant quotes from him:

“She’s the hero of the story, of course.

It’s annoying and awkward, to put it mildly, having to do gender-translation on the fly when Maya asks me to read what it says on the screen. You can pick your character’s name, of course – I always stick with Link, being a traditionalist – but all of the dialog insists that Link is a boy, and there’s apparently nothing to be done about it.”

The post and update for the game concludes with “FemLink or you’re doing it wrong.”

Here is the guys blog who did this travesty, don’t click on it unless you really want to, I dont want to give him any traffic.

Its pretty pathetic this man is so enraged that is ‘putting it mildly’ that it is annoying to she the pronouns of the game.  Oh, let me cry you a river in my sympathy.

I actually feel sorry for this girl long term, she is going to grow up even more entitled then the typical girl reared in feminist sludge pools aka society.  How special one little girl must feel that the whole video game industry was converted just so her hero will match her sex.  Next thing you know, she will be going by ‘he’ and using the wrong bathroom

It is actually pretty aggravating the inroads feminists and beta placates like this man attempt to make into the video game world.  I remember seeing a girl dressed in dominatrix gear once, and she was part of some womens-only group that was trying to get empowered women into video games.  The hypocrisy should be obvious.

What I don’t get is the hypocrisy and utter blindness people have.  The video game industry was a male industry, BUILT BY MEN, but when has that ever stopped feminists.  Instead we hear complaints about ‘women are nothing but sex objects’ because someone like lara croft has big boobs, never mind she is beating down tons of guys.

What amazes me is all the support the guy has on his blog people claiming ‘best dad ever!’ never mind he is going to ruin this girls life.  What man is going to compare to her standards?  She is going to be nothing but a hit-and-run by wannabe-alphas who she thinks are badass enough to put out for, but then they move onwards, leaving her wondering where her ‘hero’ is.  Pretty sad actually.

Haha, as per usual, feminists and there supporters never think long term.  How is the dad going explain away link saving zelda and getting a kiss.  I’d like to see how he glosses over the now-lesbian overtones he inadvertently introduced.

Hey Zelda~ You got a kiss for your heroine?~

Small story about feminists sharing ‘equality’

I suddenly remember going out for pizza with a girl last year, a hard card dye in the wool feminist, but the whole reason why was I asked my real target to hang after work, she denied, she I immediately turned to this one without missing a beat and asked her.

We were going to split the bill (I aint paying for her, I know that lesson well) and anyway because I am a volunteer Fire Fighter I got like 3 dollars off the pizza, bringing the total after tax to like $17.xx for the huge pizza.

I gave her a 10$ while she used her card.

I did not get change.

I got her the damn discount, and gave her over half of the bill, and the only ‘reward’ I got was being regaled by stories about how she was raped and had an abortion sometime in her late teens.

I never went out with her again.

Countdown: 5 traits of a MAN

I am going to go over in my mind five traits that a man should have and cultivate to be successful, not with just women but with life.


Physical traits

> Strength, Agility, Poise, Stance, Posture

Looks are not nearly as important to a success of a male as a female, but that is NOT an excuse to avoid the physical aspect of yourself.  In life circumstances sometime demand strength, often in times of emergency.  You are not getting any accolades if you are skinny and weak, and if your girlfriend is stronger than you.  You have to be strong enough to endure, strong enough to life things, strong enough to pick a woman up.

I am talking about REAL functional strength here, not body building.  It does not matter how big your biceps are, it matters how far you can run, how much you can carry, and can you press on.  Did you know most special ops are somewhere in the range of 150-180 pounds?  Bigger guys get worn down and dropped fairly consistently.

The ideal kind of physical fitness you should strive for is similar to that of a triathlon, heavy on the endurance, but not lacking on the strength.

A man should have this soft, supple energy evident just underneath their surface of muscles.  You can look at a man, and when he moves his fingers or his legs you see toned muscles under the surface ready for action at any moment.

Very good types of fitness are those like cross fit, I personal HATE cross fit, because it is so fad-ish even though it by no means is original, it is merely an evolution of HIIT (high intensity interval training) .  If you have no idea what this is, essential you do a few exercises at a very high level of output, it could be something as simple as doing 50 push ups, get up sprint 100 yards, do 50 push ups, sprint, do 5 times. 

This is not about just strength and endurance either, this also goes into things like your poise and posture.  Males should always be ready, they should radiate a warrior attitude that at any time they could be called to preform.  You should stand or sit with a gleam in your eye.

It is unbelievable how many men do NOT hold themselves with pride.  Men walk around with their heads to the ground, like the defended gender we currently are.  Stand with pride, like they say in the military ‘shoulders back, chest out!’  Walk with pride, you are a man.  Things won’t be handed to you, but you are capable, you are going to take what you want.

Sex if she liked it, rape when she has regrets, lastest news

in case you havent heard the typical story:

The relevant facts are as follows: underage kids were partying, drinking, the girl gets fingered twice, the guy takes a pic, they get in trouble.

Read the article and its funny how fem-centric it is.  First we have the girl ‘not remembering what happened’.  Ha how many times I’ve heard that one.  Then that she was ‘too drunk’ to consent.  Last of relevant things out of this, the girl claiming ‘I wasnt being a slut they took advantage of me.’

To state it clearly, I think this is yet another false rape.

It also show the unfair burden between the sexes.  Why exactly is it the guys responsibility to be the one getting consent and making sure the girl is able?  I thought feminism was all about how liberated and smart girls are.  They still need a little daddy holding their hand?

What is ironic about this whole thing, is she FUCKS UP and this is just glossed over.  She got drunk underage but a significant margin of years, and when something bad happens its ‘someone elses’ fault.  How childish of a mentality is this?  But at its root, that is feminism.

What is funny, is when you start ‘getting it’ you see at its root how much ego assuaging girls behavior is.  Instead of indignation and injustice of ‘how can guys be such brutes, my virginity was stolen by guys i dont like! etc’ we are left with ‘I wasnt being a slut’.

This is psychology 101 of guilt and misdirecting their own ego.  Its like a man walking into a bar ‘I did not kill that guy across the street!’. 

She was supposedly raped, but she wants the whole world to know, she was not being a slut.

Well, congrats you stupid bitch, you ruined two guys lives for fingering you, and yes,you are still a slut.  Have fun with a life of pump and dumps.

Use the right bathroom

A developing story about a ‘transgender’ kid who is blocked from the bathroom:

First some things.  This kid ‘coy’ is a GUY.  Biologically, he was born a male, but ‘thinks’ he is female.  Notice if you read the article the deference to calling him a her. […”since her elementary school stopped letting her use the girls’ bathroom.”]

I completely support the school in this.  It is really sad and fucked up that this is even a story, and that ANYONE is giving this little bitch and his family the time of day.  But…our society is so politically correct, if he really wants to be a she who are we to JUDGE?

This is not the first type of this story.  In fact often the majority is forced to capitulate to this deprave minority and typically are forced to make some separate bathroom.

So why exactly should the majority, and biologically normal, be forced to change to assists a very small minority with something that is not even a problem.  Holy shit, how stupid can you be, you have a dick, and when they say no girl bathroom for you, you decide its time to press some litigation.  In a more sane society this person would be driven out by laughter.  But I am sure some human rights liberal will claim it is ‘so hard’ for transgender people, just like it is so hard for gays etc.  Well guess what, its really hard when you are missing a leg, or missing an arm or its really hard when you are retarded.  Or how about its hard being a white male in the face of affirmative action?  Oh I forgot, thats not right to say.

As a small beacon in the night, Arizona is proposing to make it illegal to use a bathroom other than your birth gender.

Good for them.