Breast cancer rates on rise. Scientists stumped. I’m not.

The latest news story is that breast cancer rates are on the rise among younger women, it is statistically significant as well. (

Notably about this, is the fact that some places this story is reported they outright say they dont know why, instead of just not mentioning a reason it is happening.  I have touched on this before, ( but the answer is painfully obvious for those without an agenda.  Environmentally humans (that means males as well) are being exposed to unprecedented levels of hormones, two biggest sources: estrogen in water, and growth hormones in dairy/meat.

What does this mean?  Well, for males, expect (and look at the evidence) of increased feminization of males, from higher voices, to less masculine physiques.  With girls, we get girls who are in high school looking like pinnacle 21-23 year old women.

Hi, Im new to the ninth grade, nice to meet you

It all comes at a very dark cost though, not only do these women burn out faster. (Women biologically generally stay ‘hot’ for about 10-15 years, can be longer if they stay in shape) but when they start earlier, and burn the candle brighter it is not a wonder girl are aging faster both physically, and internally as evidenced by increased breast cancer.

So, for those who are only interested in short flings with girls, its all good.  But for women, and males interested in longer relationships, it will be a rough road.

In closing, I was going through my stats, and someone was directed to my blog from google with the search ’16 year old girls with big boobs’ hahaha, so for you, Mr. 16 year old big boob guy, a parting image, if you want to pretend she is 16, go right ahead.

For our friend

14 thoughts on “Breast cancer rates on rise. Scientists stumped. I’m not.

  1. This has always scared me. No one in my family (male or female) has ever gotten breast cancer…but sometimes I wonder if I’ll be the first. Every man in my family hit puberty at age 13-15, every woman hit puberty at 12-14.

    Me? I “became a woman” at age 10, and had B cup breasts by the time I was 13. Now, I’m 27 and they are 36DD. So if anyone tells you that you’re wrong, Erudite Knight…just point them to my comment. I’m very lucky that I am a high T female in that I don’t suffer any pain or discomfort AT ALL from my “monthlies”. But I’d like to point out that many more women (3 in my family alone) are also suffering from horrible complications/severe PMS if they don’t take “birth control” every month to hormonally cope with their cycle.

    Last point: To any male readers, please…please…PLEASE get checked for breast cancer when you go for a physical. One of my friends just had a scare with that (luckily negative). Men get breast cancer too. It may feel like an unnecessary test, and it may be embarrassing to be checked for a “woman disease”, but take care of yourselves and just know you have a clean bill of health.

    • So you got to reap the female benefits of all the hormones eh? Make sure you stay physically fit, the clock is running against you that you will age faster, but for now, enjoy the bounty you have been gifted with!

      • @Erudite Knight

        Hardly a bounty…
        Luckily, a lot of people think that I’m about 5 years younger than I really am (I look about 21-22, but am 27). However, if I didn’t hit puberty so early I may not have been abused by my stepfather or ridiculed/hurt in school. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have any cramps/bloating/PMS/pain that the majority of females experience…but I’d have gladly taken THAT if it meant I could’ve had a normal childhood.

  2. Don’t underestimate the number of overdiagnosed and overtreated cases. There is a LOT of medical journal support on the overtreatment aspect (just google mammograms and overtreatment), to the point that many nations have changed mammogram policies. Mammograms detect lots of slow-growing tumors that will never progress to cancer within the patient’s lifetime. I’ve read that for one woman’s life to be saved through mammography, 2,000 women have to be screened and 200 will get a false positive. False positives usually lead to biopsies, which remove a tiny piece of the questionable tissue for further tests. 10 of 200 women with false positives will undergo unnecessary surgery. I’ve also read that it is estimated that over one million women have been diagnosed and treated unnecessarily during the past three decades.

    So, there’s that. But I do agree estrogens in the environment have an impact, as well as obesity and diet.

  3. The women I liked, more or less, are now fat out of shape old women.
    Despite chronic disorder that goes back to at least 13 if not younger, I’m in pretty decent condition. NO WAY I’d be interested in any of them. Every one raped at least once, abortions, string of worthless shit boyfriends (one told me she’d copulated with over 125 men). Total loss women and had reasonably tolerable personalities. Others were worse. NO WAY I’m putting my favorite manhood in one of those caverns of death.

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