Girl world…HLN style

One thing that will be the most notable as you wake up and become aware of the femcentric reality we live in, is how pervasive it is.  All around you start to realize ‘damn, thats conditioning…and that is conditioning…and that…” Some of the easiest examples are about commercial with a husband and wife, the nearly useless idiot husband held together by the calm/rationale wife he is lucky to have.

Anyway, what made me think of all this, was on Sunday morning, HLN news was on in another room, and I could not believe the blatant grrl-power it was spewing as news.  First was the host, ‘natasha curry’:

God damn, look at that jaw, more fitting on a prize fighter

She had some old dike women on there who could run really far or really fast or something, and almost every question revolved around a male comparison.  And here, for all of feminism’s tooting its horn, the bitter irony, that at its root, always – ultimately- compares itself still to males.  Her questions were ‘how does it feel to beat males?’ ‘how does it feel to know you are competing against males who think they are superior’ ad neausum.  Whats sad, is where is some equitable comparsion or conquest like ‘how does it feel knowing you are 50 years old and still running so good?’ or ‘how does it feel knowing you are an inspiration to overweight people’ etc?

To add to the irony, is you soon will become aware of the totally overbearing need for girls to have to throw their shit into every conversation NO MATTER HOW UNRELATED.  I touch on this annoying habit of girls interjecting at very bad/wrong times (  So our hapless host, interviewing some hotshot older runner, does of all things…interjects how own ‘badass childhood’ into the mix, mentioning something about ‘I know!  I was the same way, every guy was so mad at me because I was faster than them!’  Pointing it out, its obvious, but you will be amazed how girls are routinely conditioned to sell themselves for any little thing they ever did.  They beat some fat kid at a race once, you better believe you’ll hear how she was faster ‘than the boys’.

When I thought this little ego trip couldnt get any worse, that story ends, and the next story comes on, some segment titled ‘moment of she’.  (An an aside, what the fuck is this trying to be a play of words of?)  I watched for a few seconds, confirming my dark suspicions of how bad it is being a women, and cheering some woman’s attempt of having a job and a family before shutting that shit off.


On a interesting side note, their website where I went to go search, actually was pretty balanced, and very little trace of girl power, unlike the tv show.  I can only speculate its because a woman is more likely to watch tv, then to read news online.


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