An insight: marriage destruction and beta male laziness

I read a page essentially arguing that marriage was a form of societal  control that allowed beta males to essentially have a stake in society.  That by working hard, and being dutiful, you might not get the best girl, but at least you get a girl that will stay with you for life (how different from now).

But this got me thinking, obviously the institution of marriage is destroyed, and economically there is little hope, and little reason to try.  Then it clicked, perhaps are these intricately related?  We have VAST swaths of males in their 20s who essentially are being useless to society, plugged into CoD and porn.  I have touched on it before, sadly it is fairly rationale.  However, the whole point is…was this not completely by design?  Or at the least the utterly predictable response to the destruction of a beta outlet.

This conversation is not about the hard charging alpha male stereotype, but rather the far more common typical beta male.  Does he not have little reason to work now?  In the past, it was culturally ingrained that you went and got a job at a factory or whatever, and you would never be a millionaire, but you could get a nice house, and find a ‘nice girl to spend your life with.’  Further, this cultural paradigm helped both sexes because the girls ranging from 20-90% percentiles of looks and desirability actually got attention compared to only the 10%, after all, even the top 10% could only marry one guy.  Thus there was an approximate stratification that went down the lines, and a majority of the populace found someone at least near their equal and all were happy.  Notable were those lower end women, who were still picked up at all, and almost across the board the women was supported by the man.

Now fast forward to our apocalypse, not only do women out-populate in the workforce, they often out-earn (yes feminists, this is true, look it up) so a MAJOR use of the male (support the female) has unnaturally been taken away.  (A long topic aside about the government acts as the male of the group in protection etc).  So now even these bottom feeder girls can get by without a male.  I cant help but think this explains the general increase of bitchiness, often out of the ugliest girls.

Here is the whole crux: So imagine our former pairing, a 20% male often married a women around the same level as all prior were claimed.  Now this ugly 20% girl does not need the male, her innate hostilities from likely being picked on etc can be manifested.  Regardless, look at our male, there are few good jobs left, and little impetus to work beyond enough money for a new video game or payments if he happens to live without his parents.  The top 10% girls are avoiding marriage because of their hypergamous instincts, and gladly take all those different poundings they are receiving through their 20s, (woe to them, the cat ladies who failed to marry before their looks ran out), and our hapless low tier beta knows he doesnt stand a chance with these top girls, and the girls he could get give a shit about him.  With no reason to pursue a job (to then go onto marriage with a girl) our society result of masses of unemployed males is the result.

Of course this is a negative feedback, it will foster further female resentment about ‘growing up’ ‘manning up’ etc.  But perhaps the grandest irony: the destruction of marriage which is so many feminists goal (which btw, I DESPISE the two last names trend of feminists who lower themselves to marriage) actually makes women worth even less to the typical male.

Well feminists, you do not want marriage…hope cats are a good substitute


One thought on “An insight: marriage destruction and beta male laziness

  1. I like the post, but…I’m unable to really say much about it. I will mention that despite the fact I don’t want marriage for MYSELF, I do believe that the majority of people would be happier with a meaningful, loving marriage to a loyal spouse. 🙂

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