The victory of female nature? Not exactly.

Across related blogs, it is pretty much a given that as men currently are situated, they have various degrees of ‘raw deals’ thrust upon them in both relationships and the government. What is not talked about much, is the implicit victory of women through the nullification of what it means to be a male.  Feminists around the world: burn your bras in victory…but what, is what our females have been turned into really worthy of any celebration, or tears for what half of the populace has been changed into?

Take a typical ‘successful’ women who has clawed her way up all that male trash to some position she supposedly deserved but society kept from her, what are some qualities she has?: Aggressiveness, cunning/manipulation…or hell how about I just steal from this site:

“Determined, resourceful, engaging, ambitious, confident”

Strange, doesnt this seem more like an archetypal MALE hero from stories/legends?  The male being DETERMINED to not get killed on his mission, the male RESOURCEFUL while beating the evil he is facing…

[What is funny, is on that page, for ‘engaging’: Women are much more likely to downplay their own role and attribute successes to a team, whereas men seeking to climb the ladder will almost always take credit for their achievements (and make sure everyone hears about them).  Talk about clearly delusional, is it a proven fact that male are falling behind because women naturally toot their own horn more than males]

To any girls reading this, and especially feminists: if you want to attract a good guy, do NOT emulate male characteristics.  I know feminists will bristle at this, or block their brains saying ‘those are not just male traits!’ but I really dont give a shit.

Males want girls that are nice, supportive, caring, kind, energizing.  They want a ‘soft’ side in their life, they do not want some raging bitch with a guy’s hairstyle dominating their life.

Meanwhile other female traits have been so utterly corrupted they are demonstrably ruining society, notably kindness that goes by the misnomer ‘sensitivity’.  I read a story this morning about zero tolerance across this great land when it comes to kids and toy guns.  Because of this new age of ‘sensitivity’ about violence, some kids makes a lego gun and is booted out of school lest he become the mass killer.  In case it needs to be said, this fosters FAR more malfeasance in this child and his family then if they let the kid have his innocent fun instead of hanging him out to dry.  It will not surprise me at all if this kid NOW grows up to go on a killing spree.

How sadly ironic our males are being turned into females with encouragement to be passive, to just take what is given to them, to just shut up and deal, and meanwhile our females are turned into domineering males with square jaws to boot.

A sad day indeed.

A typical face of our overlords, a square jaw befitting a hero.

A much better note to leave on

4 thoughts on “The victory of female nature? Not exactly.

  1. Heady stuff, to be sure.

    I try very hard to play both my masculine and feminine traits, just at different times. When I’m at work, I’m efficient, determined to see my projects through, studious, ambitious on behalf of the company, and confident in my abilities to get good distributor prices and/or help with our marketing.

    When I’m with my lover, I’m caring, soft spoken, nuturing, and sensual/sexual. I love giving him massages, listening to his problems and helping him solve them, laughing with him while we play videogames or watch movies, picking up food that he’ll enjoy, and just making sure he is pleasured…and often get pleasured in return! 😉

    It’s not impossible for a woman to be both. A female can be a hard worker, a dedicated employee and a self-sufficient person. (I work more hours and have a lot more disposable income than my lover/FwB, and live alone.) I think the problem is when they try to bring that same attitude home. After all, your husband/boyfriend/FwB is NOT your coworker or employee…they are an equal in your relationship, your compliment.

    It’s always a good idea to have a rule that says “Leave the work outside the home”. Then you can each slip out of your “worldly” roles and into your “relationship” ones.

    • “It’s not impossible for a woman to be both. ”
      Exactly, I am glad you realize this. The major problem is, girls have SO utterly decided that they want to emulate males, they have completely forgotten that their are girl traits, and that guys like girl traits.

      Would I want a badass girl that could fight all my guy friends? Of course, if she was also really loving, caring, could cook, display affection, have a soft side…
      Male traits are not necessarily bad, in a void of female then very bad.

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