The death of man-kind (economics/jobs)

Something not touched on much in the manosphere is the overall complete failing of men to adapt to this new feminized world.  It is certainly hinted at with the rise of beta males, guys who know shit about anything ‘manly’ (guns, fixing things,survival, fighting, chainsaws etc.), and generally males ill suited to do much of anything other than get ran down by girls in the dating scene and raped in the workplace by policies that hinder them.

Despite any media pleas to the contrary the economy is in shambles, and unlikely to improve, men particularly sub-30 have been disproportionally hit hard.

First consider this graph (% living at home with parents):

First, I suspect this is low.  Bu second, notice the almost DOUBLE rate of men compared to women?  Now, I am sure you show this graph to some feminists and they will tout the ‘hardworking ethic of women compared to the laziness of males’ or some similar line of ego-stroking.  Yes ladies, I am sure that across the board women are just more hard working than males…never mind all of history showing the contrary.

The real problem is all of what were male jobs have disappeared.  Manufacturing is almost nonexistant to what it was, and the HUGE rise in the abigous field labeled ‘finance’ has heralded huge numbers of women into what I hesistate to call a workforce.

Now check this one: “Men are the victims of two thirds of the 11 million jobs lost since the recession began in 2007; in August 2009, when U.S. male unemployment stood at 11 percent (versus 8.3 for women), it was the largest unemployment gender gap in the postwar era.”  -

Ahh, where are the feminists to defend this? Just so more laziness of those shiftless males?  Just more evidence of the superiority of the female gender?

“American women are already the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of American households; in the European Union, women filled 75 percent of the 8 million new jobs created since 2000.”

Eurozone is definitely a few years ahead of us in terms of all the fun we get to experience, namely the economic crash, perpetual riots etc, I suspect it is no accident the VAST feminization (yes spellcheck, that is a word) Europe has gone through, especially evidenced by numbers like that^ it is no surprise that fiat currency system is imploding.


“Here’s the data. Last year, 72 percent of U.S. high-school valedictorians were girls. And that number appears to be increasing. Women outnumber men in attaining college degrees by 20 percent; and many more women than men receive graduate and law degrees” -

What I find a tragic irony of our time, is much like charges of racism, everyone is in such a rush to out-prove to everyone else that ‘they dont look down on women’ that women then receive all these bonuses that they normally would not receive (like hiring a black person to prove you arent racist)

It is pretty demonstrable that there are differences between male and females, especially in terms of what we are good at, namely males and sciences.  Now here is something feminists really fail to understand, it is an association fallacy they so like to commit: for example, in college I majored in a science, I had a very good friend who was a girl, she majored in chemistry, and you know what?  She was way more smart in chemistry then I was, or that I cared to be.  The fallacy, is grrl power supporters will find some exception to the rule (in this case a girl being really good at chemistry) and then apply it to all girls everywhere, that all girls are good at chemistry, and by implication guys are inferior.  Of course point out that this is the exception, and that especially in the field of physics ALL major players are male, you will get charged with misogyny or some sort of claim that women just havent ‘had a chance’ at coming up with some theoretical physics theories of their own because of the ‘patriarchy’.

Well, get off the cocks and get writing your own damn particle theories.

Until then, keep taking all the jobs as what it means to be male is systematically destroyed.  Its okay, this illusion is not sustainable for much longer anyway.

My bad feminists, should I edit some females into the picture?




16 thoughts on “The death of man-kind (economics/jobs)

  1. You can only apply sweeping generalizations when they apply to women and are positive. Any other generalizations surely indicate the person is either a racist/sexist depending on what the specific generalization is.

  2. Question: At what point do affirmative action policies actually start to hurt us as a society?

    Now, I’m not saying that women are all riding high on the wave of affirmative action. After all, I’m in a Management position, and I worked 55+ hour weeks, found ways to save the company money, and studied the products I knew nothing about to become a better salesperson…all while attending college full time and living alone.

    HOWEVER, this does NOT change the fact that I was offered TWO scholarships in my 3.5 years of college, and BOTH were for simply being a female in the “male field” of Business. I declined both of them, but the fact they were offered at all is nauseating to the extreme. How can men compete in the workforce, job market, or universities when they are not even given a level playing field?

    Having a race where one contestant has a 10 minute head start is not a race.
    It’s a cruel farce.

    • Right out the bat. Any sort of affirmative action creates a disparity between ability and job demands on an overall level. Merit and suitedness for the job should be the only basis for discriminating betwene employees.

      • Thank you.
        I often think that as well. It would certainly explain a few things about my personality that remain…incompatible…with typical feminine traits and ideas. Of course, there are also just men and women who are “Vulcans”, lol.

  3. Again, the problem here is Pimp Daddy G shaking down the Johns and doling out the sugar. Remember that big stimulus plan back in Obama’s first term? NOW demanded that he take two-thirds of the budget allocated for infrastructure and give it to them. Of course, the fact that the AACW reports that the US’ crumbling infrastructure may take up to a a couple trillion to fully repair is off the books – feminism is more important than roads, water or electricity, it seems.

    Also, Cappy Cap has pointed out that while women are indeed earning more degrees now, most of them are getting degrees that are worthless in terms in increased pay or economic productivity, so in effect all they’re doing is fuelling the academia arm of The Cathedral. Which, by the by, is starting to crumble as well.

    I’m just chewing the fat while I watch the world burn.

  4. i’m prepared for the current state of the hyper-feminized world.

    1- i know game and have a great undewrstanding of red-pill wisdom.
    2- i’m retiring from the navy in a year. i’m selling my house (already have a buyer), and purchasing a travel trailer and parking it on 5 acres in Texas. i’ll have a small micro-farm, and really don’t NEED to work.
    3- the navy will pay me (mont GI bill) to go to school. i’ll be getting paid to learn another trade. i’m considering auto mechanics or building maintenence, maybe even welding. there’s a wave of welding based occupations that are about to retire. and in tay-has, you can ALWAYS find a job in welding.

  5. A pilot wrote this a while back, from his experience at UCLA as an engineering major:
    “Attrition rate the first year was very race specific
    Blacks and Latinos ~ 80%
    Whites 50%
    Asians 10% tops, if not less
    After that me and my other engineering buddies were usually up till 2AM doing homework. The classes were maybe 10% women. North campus was about 55% women and, I am not exaggerating, assigned maybe an hour of homework a week (from my electives) if ANY. So while I was up till 2 beating my brains out trying to solve a partial differential equation, the cute girls in the co-ed dorm were running around the halls in their skimpy pajamas and playing hanky with the comp lit major boys who had literally nothing else to do. Not a very satisfactory situation.(snip, yadda yadda)
    Education in this country is a friggin’ joke and these chickens are going to come home to roost, especially with globalization.”
    FWIW, the above was my experience as well. Engineering is a very hard major. I did set the curve in a class of about 100 in the comprehensive Materials engineering final (I was the only non Asian female who passed), but even though I could answer the questions on a test and do equations quite well I had trouble transfering that information into real world application. I lacked the ability to conceptualize, equations were just equations to me. This isn’t usually easy for anyone, but in my experience it is more difficult for women in particular (those I went to school with, I never met a female I would qualify as a “natural” engineer, though I’ve met many men in that category, though I’ve also known many male dopes, humanity is stupid in general).

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