Hyper Intelligent Design and perhaps the True ‘Matrix’

Is our reality actually a computer simulation?  Perhaps very likely.

The Matrix is often used as a metaphor for the femcentric world we live in, the illusion girls are the victims and have it worse than males, and that taking the pill means waking up and realizing this is all false.  However I am talking about a much much larger matrix.

I want to be clear up front, the term ‘Intelligent design’ as it is currently used is something I do NOT support, it is a sham masquerading as science, designed to use people’s gullibility.  If you are not familiar, it basically suggests a Christian god made the world because its too complicated otherwise.  It has many scientific flaws, but not my intention to go into it.  However when I use the word Hyper Intelligent Design, I am NOT talking about this, but a much grander potential of reality.

First some links too substantiate some claims if you want to read:





From the last article: “What they find is interesting. They say that the lattice spacing imposes a fundamental limit on the energy that particles can have. That’s because nothing can exist that is smaller than the lattice itself.

So if our cosmos is merely a simulation, there ought to be a cut off in the spectrum of high energy particles.

It turns out there is exactly this kind of cut off in the energy of cosmic ray particles,  a limit known as the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin or GZK cut off.”

Perhaps the first argument i ever heard went something like this: assuming we continue to progress and our simulations get more and more advanced, we could essentially simulate aspects of real life, progress far enough and we could simulate a whole planet, system, galaxy.  If we could do this, we would likely run thousands of simulations to find our answer.  So, is it more LIKELY we are the single TRUE reality, or one of a million simulations of someone else?

Another thing too that blew my mind was when I first heard about the wave form collapse, it is related to the Uncertainty Principle, which essentially suggests a particle can exists in two forms simultaneous until it is observed.  Think about this, in the wave form collapse, it exists in a multitude of states, UNTIL A HUMAN OBSERVES IT.

^This is much like how a video game works that stuff occurs in the background until the player looks at something and it is forced to be rendered.  Suspiciously like this particles, operating in the background until we decide to look at them.

Further, think about a good video game, you see all these cool places around you, but you can not ‘get’ to them.  For all intents is this not like the stars around us?  With the imposed speed of light restriction we are never getting to them.

So in case it needs to be stated, I think that if we indeed ARE in a simulation, that does not disprove an after life, a god, or anything like that.  While it certainly disproves almost every religion currently on Earth, the fact something had to make the sim is easily what could be called a ‘god’.

Think about that, I’ll have some more to say about this.


8 thoughts on “Hyper Intelligent Design and perhaps the True ‘Matrix’

  1. “Think about this, in the wave form collapse, it exists in a multitude of states, UNTIL A HUMAN OBSERVES IT.”

    It’s not “until a human observes it”, this is a common misconception about quantum mechanics, it’s just until it interacts with something, that something could be a human or just another a particle.

    You’re right about the wave form collapse being a lot like a computer game though, in that a particle or otherwise only has properties when it needs to have properties i.e. when it interacts with something else by some means.

  2. @Erudite Knight

    Well, hello. Fancy meeting you here! 😉

    I’d read two of the articles you posted above a while ago…needless to say, my mind = blown. In truth, I think this makes a hell of a lot of sense, and I absolutely *love* how you used the example of pixel rendering in videogames. Next time I’m trying to explain these concepts, I’ll refer to that.

    One thing I’ve always been amazed about is that it seems the particles in question react to the mere act of being observed. In other words, no actual force/energy is being applied to them…that we can tell. But what if being observed (at least by an intelligent being) really DOES exert a force that we don’t know of yet? Are we altering the “program” in some way, or is it simply reacting as it should?

    I’ve recently wondered if a similar force is at work with the “power of prayer”. Studies have indeed shown that people who are prayed for while ill actually do report recovering quicker/feeling better than those who are not. At first I put this down to a type of placebo effect, but then found a double blind study with the *same* results. This has far reaching implications if the research is to be believed. Does prayer “work” when various particles in/around a person are changed by others through either will or observation? It is something to ponder.

    • Hey Anna, glad you came by!

      The prayer thing is interesting, what immediately comes to my mind is similar studies with plants, that plants talked too react by generally growing more vibrant and healthy.

      It is not mainstream at all, but if the simulator idea is true, it is not a stretch to think that prayers might be to the creator/programmer, and maybe elicit some pity and help you get better.

  3. Mind iz blown!

    Although this follows the ‘if a tree falls in the forest’ line of thinking. in fact some have posited that people create the universe in their own mind as one creates a dream (the inception principle of the brain building and experiencing the dream simultaneously) obviously when you die, your universe ceases to exist.

    • I am curious about how you see the connection. I always naturally assumed about the tree that it had to make a sound, but perhaps indeed if the sound wave would have no chaos effects on the world, it make not make a sound since no one was there to hear it. Strange implications.

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