Women should never be the leader in the relationship

As much as I utterly despise the tv, other people I live with occasionally have it on, while I was doing some push ups the commercial came on that shows a girl LEADING her guy friend up a rock face, triumphantly standing up at the end, him no where to be found.

Of course, in this femcentric world, a commercial like this is par for the course of the ‘women-are-better-than-men-at-all-things-but-still-couched-in-victimhoom’ meme.  Perhaps among the most annoying things in this commercial is the guys face of near incredulity of ‘wow, I cant believe how amazing this women is.’

I rock climb, so I know there are good girls out there, there are girls better than me, this girl is better than me.  But an argument feminists like to throw around is because one girl is better than most guys that somehow means all girls are better than most guys.  A fallacy of association.  You see this a lot when it comes to Olympics, ‘oh the women sprinters run WAY faster than most males’ yes, well not only do those female sprinters look like men, what about the MEN that can run faster then ALL women?

Of course this commercial is kind of like my earlier post about white males being the group easy to pick on.  In our brave new world, you can have a commercial lauding a female, and it does not exclude males (most beta/manginas/manboobs/white knights) associate women power with some misplaced need to protect ‘the weak female’.  Imagine showing a ripped guy powering up some rock, it would turn the girls off because of its ‘inherent misogyny’ and probably turn a lot of guys off that they arent that badass.

Of course I will state it so feminists understand: when a commercial like this comes on, the average girl thinks ‘wow, she is so amazing, women are so great overcoming this patriarchy!’

The average guy is thinking ‘Id probably do her’

Actually…nah I wouldnt do her


11 thoughts on “Women should never be the leader in the relationship

    • So let me get this straight: you MRAs are telling women that their place is with the home and with children, yet you complain when women get custody of children more often after a divorce?! You’re crazy. You can’t have it both ways.

  1. No one sex should lead a relationship, unless it’s agreed upon that it works best that way. Being complimentary equals instead of competitive “partners” is usually best, in my personal opinion/life experience.

      • No, I’m not married. I guess you could say that, if I was male, I’d be MGTOW. I dated a little bit in 12th grade, 4 dates altogether…didn’t really like it because all 4 of them tried to “put the moves” on me in the movie theater or on the way home. Needless to say, I only had 1 date with each of them.

        I am quiet (til you get to know me), nerdy, geeky…I had and still have all male friends since I’m still a tomboy and gamer. I was a virgin til age 21, when I met my current lover. He’s a wonderful man, an awesome FwB, a fellow gamer, and is a honest to goodness nice guy. He’s confident in himself without being an ass, and is open to trying almost anything. He really broke me out of the shell I’d put up due to abuses in my childhood.

        I’m 27 now, and he’s still the only man I’ve ever “been” with. 🙂

        • Interesting, I am always wondering if it is possible to find a ‘good’ girl and then open her up to the world. Because I definitely want to find a girl that hasnt been pounded to oblivion, but also not a ice queen in bed.

          • While I certainly *like* to think of myself as a good girl, and would probably be regarded as such by many men…I also realize that I’m a product of my environment and upbringing, including the pain I went through.

            I know I now have a healthy view of sexuality, and I *definitely* have a strong appetite, but it’s taken much strength on my part AND patience on my lover’s side for me to get here. I am only saying this so you don’t get a “madonna” view of me. It’s not so much that I didn’t have offers of sex from numerous men…it’s that I declined them out of fear.

            I’m sure it is entirely possible to find an honest “good girl” like you want (most likely from a strict religious background that requires marriage before any sex). However, you should be aware that some could just be broken like me. Know what you are getting into beforehand, for both your sakes.

  2. If women have power, why are they physically weaker then men?

    A stronger immune system & stronger biology, also guarantees greater capacity for intelligence

    As more nutrients & vascularity leads to more brain function & intellect

    A mans greater physiology & biology guarantee’s men are stronger & more intelligent then women, in every respect

    Plus millions of years of hunting gathering, & leading & dominating social networks as alpha’s, requires alot more intelligence then the simple tasks of sitting on your ass & giving birth & sitting on your ass & picking berries … while the men risk their lives hunting mammoths

    Evolutionary & biologically guarantee’s men will always be stronger & more intelligent then women

    Its a evolutionary & biological fact, nature demands men are stronger & better & far more intelligent then women

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