Welcome to the jungle…why education will soon be useless.

What I have found fascinating in my time as a blogger/reader in this realm where I dwell is the similarities in a lot of interests I thought I alone have, notable for this post: concern for the future.

To get straight to it: there are way too many problems our society faces and we are doing nothing about, pretty much if any ONE of them reaches its tipping point it is game over.  So while we have ‘great’ news like this: http://www.nber.org/digest/jan07/w12139.html that women outnumber men in college at 1.35 to 1 (2002, Im sure its far worse now) the problem comes twofold, the first being that bachelors are so numerous they essentially have become valueless.  2nd, given the edge we face any education in the soft arts will be useless.

‘Feminist and gender studies, eh?’

The economy is in shambles, despite the 14,000 DOW, middle America is in a crisis.  This graph is from 2011, http://www.prb.org/Articles/2011/us-young-adults-living-at-home.aspx and shows that 19 % of males live at home compared to 10% female.  I do NOT believe this is an accident, nor a result of men ‘not manning up’ it is that this new feminized economy does not need males.  Females can better answer phones or shuffle emails, giving the boss a forlorn hope that he might get some from the cute new secretary.

So regardless of this economic apocalypse for men under 30, the whole boat is likely to continue on this downward trend because nothing is changing, money continues to be printed, china continues posturing to drop the dollar, oil continues to run out, feminists continue to cry about inequality.

I got one thing for you feminists: the injustice you think you face now will blow your mind if our society collapses, you will revert back to your biologically programming of seeking the protection of an alpha male and feel happy about it.

When survival is at stake, it will not matter how many articles you can cite, how much of a patriarchy has oppressed you, what matters is if you can survive, and having a strong, smart male protecting you is a good place to start.

I’m here for the gas, keep that feminist cunt



16 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle…why education will soon be useless.

  1. Last comment for a bit, sorry for leaving so many, but I just kept scrolling and wanting to talk.
    Education is indeed less valuable when social collapse comes. It’s not a simple gender thing though, even if we go by stereotypes. Men can’t cook as well as women, so a whole load of them will be starving come the apocolypse. Women can’t lift such heavy objects as men, but who knows how important that will be. More women can make clothes than men, which is also vital. Women tend to be more emotionally resilient than men, and more adaptable to new situations, and so will tend to survive conflicts better (if only by providing emotional support for whoever looks like the stronger party in a conflict.
    But all of that is irrelevent when it comes to the biggest problem an armed country can face – men and women can both shoot just fine. Alpha males won’t be at an advantage unless they are able to be more *intelligent*, and thus more able to avoid conflict. I’ve no opinion on whether men or women are more intellegent on average, so you may have a point, but really it’s not ‘alpha’ness that will do it.

    • You misunderstand the concept of alpha. All alpha is, in the real not player sense, is the most capable male of a group of males. So in a disaster situation it would be the male best able to provide shelter, food and protection.

      • Correct!
        Alpha Male(Guardian): Take note we define the alpha male differently than it has been defined in the past. The alpha male is a dominant, protective leader of his woman and chooses to be the breadwinner.

        1.) He tends to exert protective control and leadership abilities when it comes to his family.

        2.) He acknowledges that a woman is not his equal, thus he is willing to protect her due to her weaknesses, in comparison to the man.

        3.) He demands respect while at the same time honoring, loving and cherishing his woman for her femininity and chastity.

        4.) He has high standards when it comes to women. He expects them to be feminine, submissive and loyal. At the same time, he expects his woman to be chaste and pure before marriage.

  2. Before I begin, EK, I suggest replacing anything Clover says with “quack quack”. It’ll be far more efficient, and have about the same level of truth and meaning in it.


    You know, I found the whole “women earn more degrees” thing hilarious. Yes, it’s true, but the conclusions drawn from it are completely silly (namely, that women are intellectually superior to men). Aaron Clarey investigates this, and concludes that the majority of the degrees women are taking are essentially worthless and serve no purpose but to weigh them with a crushing student debt for their beta herb husbands to pick up in the future:

    His book, “Worthless”, pretty much breaks it down to the extra earnings from each degree, and stuff like English, quadraplegic turtle studies, MBAs, international relations, etc – they either have zero or negative bonus earnings, and at best, they end up at a regulatory compliance job, and as a barrista at worst. The only degrees still of use are in STEM, and it’s arguable that one would be far better off learning a trade skill.

    If you’re interested in making your education work for you in a post-apoc world, the main thing you ought to think is how you can provide a good or service using your education that people will want. For example, I’m a chemical engineer with a specialisation in microbiology – assuming I can get my hands on some glassware and materials to cobble together a makeshift still, I might try my hand at homebrewing, maybe distilling medicinal ethanol as a bonus.

    There is one thing, though: The US will likely be seeing an oil boom thanks to fracking. This may allow Ohbummer to kick the can a few more years down the road, but since he refused to let the Keystone pipeline go through (20,000 jobs there) it seems doubtful fracking will save the economy and instead die via red tape.

    • Unfortunately, turtle studies is more useful in this feminist world than most ‘man’-like majors. English= sectary shuffling emails, and we always need more of them.

      Regardless of oil, this fiat currency is a ticking time bomb.

  3. I don’t see society actually collapsing into anarchy any time soon (for contrast, bad as things were in the Weimer republic, it never disintegrated into Beyond Thunderdome anarchical conditions), short of actual geothermal wide-scale nuclear war. If that happens, of course all bets are off, for everyone.

    Those of us not suffering from blindness, burns, and radiation poisoning will be left with disposing of the dead bodies before pestilence sets in and the few people remaining will have to form a sort of primitive tribal system as all small subsistence societies do, to restore some semblance of order, or everyone will perish. Even in an environment comprised of bandits, the stationary bandit does better if he can exact more tribute longterm (Mancur Olson). Maslow’s scale of needs, the top things will be water, food, and lots of weapons and ammo in which to secure them under said system. They won’t really need chemical engineers or microbiologists to make ethanol the simple and illiterate folk have been doing it for a long, long time…and under those conditions it would probably be used as a fuel source.

    Oil will go out with sloooowww leak fizzle, not an overnight bang. Humanity will gradually substitute energy sources (we could now to great extent, we don’t do so because it is not cost effective but we would resort to those sources and employ fracking, et al far before conditions became apocalyptical). There are also methane hydrates on the ocean floor (estimated reserves of more the 200 trillion cubic feet containing enough energy to supply the entire US economy for a couple thousand years).

    • The thing is, Liz, things these days have changed. If you look back at the Great Depression, sure, it was bad, but people still had the basics like farms, machine shops, and some semblance of industry to tide them over. Today, much of the western world’s manufacturing has been shipped out, leaving an economy that’s running on empty. People back then still had some sort of work ethic and culture – can you really say the same for the people of today?

      We’re not facing the Great Depression, we’re facing the Greatest Depression. People in the former were given the tools to rebuild, the latter…not so much.

      The population of much of the western world is in a state of learned helplessness. Yes, people used to do their own homebrewing in the past – how many can do that now. Let’s take Clover’s example – how many young SWPL ladies do you know who can effectively good a good meal? How many know how to sew or operate a hand loom? Once, changing in the oil in your car was a task every man was expected to be able to handle – how many SWPL guys just call AA now? If you want to go further back, people in the past made their own cheese, dried and jammed their own food, knew how to skin, gut and butcher an animal for the pot, and had some basic knowledge of foraging in the wild. How many average city-dwellers can do that now? If the grocery stores don’t open for a week, how many people do you think will panic?

      Last December, people in Georgia rioted when the EBT cards didn’t pay out that month – they literally could not live without that money. Just a week ago, people were trampling each other to death in Greece just to get at bags of tomatoes and leeks. The welfare class is a modern phenomenon unknown in the days of the Great Depression, and mark my words, they’ll be the first to turn feral when SHTF. It doesn’t take a Mad Max world for smart women to start fleeing back into the safety of the kitchen – it’s already happening in Ireland with its miserable economy. Don’t think it can’t happen – look at the inner city of any bankrupt city – Detroit and Chicago are great examples.

      An electrician, a machinist, a farmer, a seamstress, a chemist, a vet, a welder – people with practical skills are going to be the go-to folks once SHTF. People who worked for NGOs with degrees in quadraplegic turtle studies…not so much.

      By the by, ethanol…on the small scale of production we’re talking about, it’d be far more valuable than an antiseptic than a fuel (unless you’re comfortable using urine or boiled wine as an antiseptic). If the papers I’ve read on fracking are right, the US should have enough oil from fracking to become energy-independent. The problem is that the plants to extract and refine the crude, if still operational, will be huge indsutrial strongholds. I’m not so much worried about running out of fuel than the massive distortions currently placed on society, economy, and demographics.

      Just because people can’t imagine things happening doesn’t mean they can’t happen.

      • Well, I’m in 1000 percent agreement about both the situation of learned helpless today and the folly of exportation of our industrial capacity. Those are serious SECURITY concerns, but not, IMO, pointy-edge-of-survival-down-to-pouring-hard-liquor-on-wounds concerns. I’ve read that currently three of our states provide enough food for the entire CONUS and exportation (one out of every three acres used for export crops). Our agricultural output is dependent on petroleum sources but again (and as you mention) that isn’t necessarily likely to be a serious problem in the near future.

        I also agree that our youth lack employment and initiative but no more so (IMO) than the lost generation after World war I. There were mass riots around the globe during the 1930s, usually violently squelched by police forces. The Queen’s own navy mutinied. US War veterans were living in shacks on the lawn in Washington DC in protest, and our own military (cavalry and tanks led by Patton) attacked them and burned the shacks to the ground. Many American cities, facing bankruptcy, gave up and stopped providing services. Detroit and Chicago stopped paying their municipal workers. Chicago cops were sent into the streets to club unruly unemployed men with billy-clubs, after which the city laid off 10 percent of those cops, to cut costs. The depression took such a toll that by the time WWII rolled around, 40 percent of the men of age for military service were rejected because they did not meet at least one of the following criteria: stand at least 5 feet tall, weigh at least 100 pounds, have at least 12 teeth in his mouth, and no flat feet or hernias. Not saying things can’t get bad, but we have a long way to go before things get that bad, let alone worse. In times of turmoil, people start to lean on their communities and family. Those associations have broken apart, replaced by government and dependency rather than mutual interdependency. But that doesn’t mean they can’t come back and intercept whatever big decline might be on the horizon. I don’t foresee a precipitous decline into the lawless abyss. “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip” as they say.

        But assuming all that comes into being: When pure law of the jungle reigns supreme, one keeps only what one can hold on to. There’s no security for property rights under those conditions. So the only way for folks in anarchical conditions to hold on to, say, a distillery or my hypothetical apiary (Bees? Yes! Honey has antimicrobial properties, and can be turned into mead, or eaten outright, in addition to all that entertainment value!) would be to hold it with force. Which ipso facto essentially creates an atmosphere that prohibits widespread commerce anyway.

        • Liz, a BIG problem, is that all the food production is based on oil products (both fuel and fertilizer) and when the oil runs out, its over, back to solar carrying capacity (ie dark ages population).

          Even if we kill our water with fracking, oil is still limited, 100 years tops, I think about 10-15, regardless, our whole soceity is based on oil, we are not going to be having a hydrogen economy, we adapt to slow.

      • Great comment on the helplessness of people. I feel helpless and Im probably on the 99th percentile of preparedness. I know how to sew, how to cook, how to shoot, hunt, survive, medically trained, and it still might not be enough.

    • Wow Liz, I am impressed your grasp a bit of history. That being said, one difference between then, and now, is the multitude of problems, all of which can catastrophically cascade based on even one falling. Environmental destruction, water pollution, fiat currency collapse, oil running low, nuke weapons, biohazards…
      Not a fun time, but it will probably be exciting.

  4. Perhaps, I know myself to be overly pessimistic at times, but with the way the world’s looking now perhaps it’s hard not to be pessimistic. Perhaps the social structures can come back with time, but quickly enough to stave off a collapse? I’m not so sure.

    I’m not so sure about the farmland – perhaps I should look into exactly how much is owned by smallholders, and how much is in the hands of big agri like Monsato. The latter is unlikely to be open, and again, there’s always the question of not just having the resources, but the people with the know-how to turn it into something useful.

    Heh, beekeeping doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Honey could be a pretty valuable trade good in a post-collapse world, even if we’re not talking about complete anarchy here – high energy density, extremely hard to spoil, pollenation services, and as you mentioned, antimicrobial properties.

      • Odd. My comments are open to everyone, but I do have a captcha enabled. Maybe that was what was causing it?

        Oh, no arguments with the fiat currency. Russia just bought a whole crapton of gold over the last weekend, and everyone is hoarding gold, too.

        China and Japan are rattling their sabers, and if Japan is attacked, the US will be obligated to help.

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