Can’t give up. Ever

My last post was filled with a lot of anger.  I do NOT regret anything I said, anger is a legitimate response in the face of injustice.

That being said, I want to both commend my commentators who told me to not give up.  I am done with girls for a least a little while so I can get my priorities back in place. But to give up would be a failure.

I at least owe it to my future kids and passing on my genes to not give up, even if most of the girls out there are trash.


17 thoughts on “Can’t give up. Ever

  1. Hi, I just recently started reading your blog. Your last post was very honest and candid and made for a good read. I’m not sure at what point you are starting to have issues with women (whether they are women you are dating or women you are trying to date) or what issues you are having with them specifically, but I think there is someone out there for you. I will add to the “don’t give up” crowd, try to stay positive.

    • Thank you. It actually helps hearing you say this.

      I started having problems seeing all my friends used by women, and a girl I dated/loved when I realized I was only being used myself.

      I will probably do a post soon about what caused me such anger and sadness over women.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • Erudite Knight, i agree with you. Even if a man does not get used I see no point for a man to date. Here’s my point: Since marraige and fatherhood is out of the question for men, why bother dating? Why waste your time and money? I view women not with anger or sadness, just indifference. By the way, giving up on women gives a great feeling of serenity. The reason? You are giving up a frustrating battle that you can’t win. Once you actually give up on women it will feel as though a great burden has been taken off your back.

  2. Glad to hear it. Why don’t you take a trip to Eastern Europe or South America? It’ll restore your faith in womankind, believe me.

    Maybe even save up and go travelling solo for a few months, get away from Western culture. It’s a transformational experience.

  3. I think expression for candid impressions is the purpose of a blog, and I enjoy reading yours. 🙂

    I agree with yousowould above regarding travel, just beware the language barrier if you decide to settle down. It might take a while to really know a person if you can’t communicate well (my parents weren’t exactly a happy match, once my mom learned to speak English effectively to quote my father ‘the closeness was gone’). Secondly, taking a break will offer a nice mental release from pressure. There’s no hurry for you, I was born when my father was 50 years old.

      • The closeness was gone when he discovered she was a lunatic who had cloaked herself as normal using the impenetrable veneer of ‘language barrier’. It was downhill the more English she learned, at first he thought it was just a misinterpretation….

  4. Don’t apologise if you know what you speak is truth. Never apologise for the truth.

    Those who would avoid truth will demand you adhere to the sensitivity imperative, will hurl slurs at you to shut you up, and will threaten exclusion. Don’t give in.

  5. I read your last post with interest. I, too, sometimes feel as though I simply hate women when I observe their vapid, self-centered, destructive tendencies, and I am a woman myself. I don’t think you are off-base in feeling that way, frankly.

    I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are, but for Christians the Bible is clear that it is perfectly acceptable for a man to choose not to marry and to instead concern himself with the Lord’s business. I think MGTOW is both rational and moral for the man who wishes to do so.

    It sounds like you aren’t sure you want to commit to MGTOW for life, and I wouldn’t feel bad about that if I were you. It’s not a life sentence; you can certainly choose to separate yourself as much as possible from females right now but still accept the possibility that you will choose to marry (or have a GF or whatever) later.

    • Hi Mary, thanks for checking out my blog. I plan on avoiding girls for at least a while because Im facing some big life changes, and really do not need their drama. I eventually plan on getting a girl because I want kids. I have read your blog a while and find it fascinating that Christians are essentially suffering the same problems feminism has wrought.

  6. Mr. Knight, there is certainly nothing wrong with taking a break from dating. Quite frankly when I was looking for a girlfriend, the women ran away. When I gave up and was indifferent, women exppressed an interest and I started getting dates. I did not exude confidence but rather indifference and it was not an act. I never saw a thug, bad boy or Alpha male pursue a women (the women chased them) so I never saw a reason the pursue either. If women are interested in you they will let you know. Good luck in whatever you chose to do.

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