Trying to not give up on women…but I really dont give a shit

(EDIT – May 2016 This has been far and away my most popular post, I read every comment I get and the messages are still somewhat active, so feel free to post, what follows is the untouched original post)

I hate women.  I really do.  I never wanted to, and I know there are a small minority out there I would like (and actually like a few) but the vast majority I utterly despise.  Whether it is their bloated carcasses that demand me to respect their despite the repulsive appearance, or femcunts who have systematically defied thousands of years of evolution to come to the lie that males are not needed in society.

I think women are less intelligent than males in a majority of topics.  I think they are weaker than males.  I think the natural balance is for a male to protect and provide for a woman, and for a woman to comfort a man.  A real man sometimes does just need to be hugged or kissed or sexually embraced, not have constant combat even with the females in his life.

The first time I ever heard the term ‘mgtow’ (men going their own way) was on M3’s blog.  ( The more I thought about it, the more I realized it applied to me.  I was hurt very bad by a girl I loved.  I rebounded bouncing through a short spree of girls with my ‘liberated’ sexual energies.  It left me shallow and empty.  So what, I could hook up and have sex with girls, I could get off, but I gave a shit about these girls.  We were just using each other.  Pathetic- for both of us.

When I came across that term, MGTOW, I found out it was about men who are not gay, just totally done with girls and the society rigged against men.  I had my own reasons to be done with them, and with everything that I see with my newly opened eyes only crystallized the contempt I had for females corrupted by feminism.

It is sad I might need to restate it.  But I am not gay, and I would LOVE to have a girl to protect, but I am surrounded by girls I really do not have the slightest inclination to have anything to do with.

I spent over a year immersed in ‘the pill’/matrix, studying how to get girls.  I refined my art, and all it got me was anger at the hypocrisy around me, and shallow hookups.  I realized how badly the society we live in is slanted against males.  I read story after story of males being ‘raped’ by society, while women looked on using the mantle of victimhood to hide behind.  I got more satisfaction from 50 mile bike rides than I did having girls give me blow jobs.

I live in a world where only a small number of males and females get it, most are deluded into thinking there is some sort of ‘male burden’ we have to pay off, and flog themselves in a race to show who is ‘more sorry’ for the crime of being a man.

Fuck that.  I am a man.  I am proud of it.  If I find a women I want for anything more than sex (and even there are not many in that category) she will find an amazing protector and lover.  But until then, I do not need these spoiled princess feminists and their cock-pounded pussys.

I am going my own way, thank you whore.

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      • EK and Mickey, Great video by Sandman on the Emma Watson speech at the UN. Feminism is trying to re-invent itself. He also talks about the MGTOW ghost nation. Watch and judge for yourself

      • I have noticed that the wealthier a man is, the better deal “paid companionship” (meaning escorts) is.
        Let’s say a guy is worth $2 M. He can have a GFE escort twice a month for about $7500 per year. Or he can get married and forfeit $1 M of his assets to his wife if she divorces him (there is a 50% chance of that). He forfeits a lot more if he has kids.

        The $1M he loses to the woman who dumps him can easily return $70,000 if invested in good stocks or solid mutual funds. See my point? It’s like saying you can lease a Cadillac for $7500 per year or buy it for $1 Million. What’s the better deal?

        • Oh yeah man, its not even close. I am seriously considering how to basicly have a surrogte mom, somehow have a kid(s) and legally the women is non-existant and out of my life.

          You ever hear of this/?

          • There are other advantages with escorts. They don’t bitch and nag. They don’t drag you to the mall shopping. They don’t embarass you in front of your friends. They don’t isolate you fron family and friends. They don’t tell you what to order in restaurants. I know a guy who was widowed recently. He is worth over $ 4 million and has 4 kids and numerous grandchildren. I warned him that the women would be coming out of the wood work to marry him and take his money. He listened and agreed with me. Guess what he did? Went out and married a woman with nothing. He screwed up and his kids are screwed. See why the GFE escort is the way to go? He could have had a red hot 20 something escort come to his home every WEEKfor an hour for $17,000 per year. That’s peanuts compared to handing over $4 Million. Freaking idiot.

          • EK, I forgot to answer your question. Yes, I have heard of the surrogate mother route. I think you can also adopt. Either way, you will be the legal parent.

          • EK, just for interest I researched Escorts in the Washington DC area. Drop dead gorgeous GFE escorts, early to mid 20’s are $350 per hour. Sounds like a lot but for a guy with assets this is an incredible bargain. Let’s say a guy has $1 M in assets. If he gets married she can divorce him a few months later and take $500,000 plus half his future earnings. Or, he can have a knockout escort come to his home once a month for $4,200 per year.

      • EK, here’s a nice articel about how Asian Women love White Men These ladies are a cut above the atrocious American woman. Asian women actualy like nice men who treat them well (the same guys American women despise). Everyone wins. The nice and man the Asian woman get together and are happy and the American woman does not have to waste 5 seconds of her time rejecting the Nice man.

        • What’s REALLY laughable is how INCREDIBLY jealously ‘possessive’ American women are about American men — even those men that they don’t even want!
          I saw this demonstrated on an old episode of the Phil Donahue Show interview program back in the early 1980’s: this particular show was about American men who marry foreign women. The studio audience was predominately American women, and the hostility and anger exhibited by them was shown on their faces (“resting b*tch-face” was a term wholly appropriate here) and in their body language and comments.
          One guy was with his Spanish wife and they were telling how they met in Spain after he’d gone there on vacation; they were sitting close together and holding hands, and the angry glares being directed at him were a sight to see! Mind you, he wasn’t rich or ‘Hollywood Handsome’ or anything (and he readily admitted it), he just wanted to marry a loving faithful woman and have a family together with her.
          When he explained why he married his wife was also because the American women that he’d known were incredibly picky and didn’t want to marry or even have a serious relationship, you could hear the angry muttering and see the incredibly hateful looks of the American women.
          Even though NONE of those American women in the audience would have dated him (let alone married him), they still were very angry that he married a foreign woman.

        • EK: Here’s something I wrote in another forum just a few days ago which fairly sums up why many guys have given up hope, and consequently gave the middle finger to approaching women.

          Happy reading.

          Submitted for your approval (as the late, great, Mr. Rod Serling might say if he were still with us), a contemporary take on the eternal “boy meets girl” story.
          Boy meets girl (future man-hating feminazi, of course). Boy pursues girl. Girl shoots down boy. Girl says he’s boring, uninspiring, predictable, etc. As an aside, that same girl will spend $500-750 on a pair of Jimmy Choo “f**k me” pumps in the hope of having some so-called player actually f**k her like a $20 prostitute.
          Moving on, Boy #2 comes along. Boy #2 is most likely, a drug dealer, a Hell’s Angels biker, a corporate player and so on. Or, Boy #2 is a dark, brooding writer, artist, philosopher, and the like. Girl can’t get undressed for Boy #2 fast enough. Sure enough, Girl is on her back with her skirt pulled way up over her head for Boy #2’s taking…which he does… repeatedly. After a while, Boy #2 is on his way to his next conquest, leaving girl with a broken heart, a kid or two, and who knows what other baggage.
          Girl decides to give Boy #1 a chance years later. Boy #1 has a stable, lucrative career as an attorney, a CPA, an architect, a stockbroker, a doctor, and so on. Boy #1 is happily living in his fully paid for house/condo. Boy #1 probably sees a paid escort once or twice a month. Boy #1 now wants nothing to do with Girl who (probably) loudly and viciously shot him down before…and will NOT support her and her bastard kids. Girl #1 most likely wants Boy #2 back anyway.
          Meanwhile, between prison terms, Boy #2 is easily f**king Girl’s best friend AND Girl’s sister…sometimes separately…sometimes in threesomes. Thus, friends, the technical, scientific term for this chain of events is called, I believe…KARMA!!!
          Good night.

          • Now that I think of it, as much as I love “The Cleveland Show,” I just realized this is the story of Cleveland’s second wife, Donna. Donna rejected Cleveland way back in high school and married her bad boy, Robert. Twenty-five years, one divorce and two kids later, Cleveland & Donna reconnect and eventually get married.

            This is why I wear a chastity belt under my suit when I go to work.

            Another deep, resigned sigh…

          • Actually, Rod Serling DID have a Twilight Zone episode (‘Spur of the Moment’, 1964) devoted to the plot of a young woman who follows her emotions and spurns a responsible, reliable man and instead elopes with her ‘romantic’, exciting lover — and deeply regrets it later on in life. And of course, it’s NOT HER FAULT, it’s her father’s fault for “spoiling her” and not making her ‘earn’ anything!

          • Hey Red Pill: That was a good episode. And the bigger plot twist was the woman’s older self desperately trying to warn her younger self not to choose the wrong guy. Rod Serling saw it right…even way back then!

      • If women have nothing to bring to a relationSHIT except sex… what good is that? A few minutes of cheap thrill every few days (which will decrease if you marry the parasite). They think a man wants to raise kids with such a monster? Do they think they can honestly raise a kid properly with their shit attitudes? Do they really think a man wants to deal with her materialistic bs constantly (forking out money for everything), dealing with her cheating ass, etc. It’s just not worth the risk. I’m 29, single, and really couldn’t give a shit about cocksuckers/parasites (after all they sucked about 1000 cocks before they decide to settle for some poor chump… which won’t be me) Fuck ’em.

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  2. Conservatives, feminists, MRAs, anti-feminists and white knights all harm men as a group. Why? Because each promotes or encourages some form of marriage, pedastalizes women, bargains for a better position at the slave table and/or fosters misandry.

    The number one way to destroy your life as a man is to get married. Tens upon tens of millions of men, in the US alone, in the past 40+ years, have been destroyed through marriage. In the aftermath of these divorces, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of these men took their own lives. Why? To escape the living hell many men go through as a result of divorce. It’s simple cost/benefit analysis. Marriage, for men, is a very bad bet. Marriage, for men, often leads to an early demise though divorce.

    False rape, false DV, false sexual assault, false molestation and false harassment are now in vogue and routinely used to destroy men’s lives. Many hold to the notion that false claims are between 2% and 8% when no one really knows the number of false claims. Some studies say that up to half of the claims are false. The same is true of “1 in 5? and rape hysteria. No one knows the true number of rapes, yet the powers that be used “1 in 5? when the actual number is more like 1-5 in 1000.

    Feminists, conservatives (with white knights in both camps) and anti-feminists have become very detrimental to men as a group, but for different reasons. “Yes Means Yes”, the VAWA, the efforts to redefine cohabitation in terms of asset division and alimony and the efforts to redefine domestic violence in terms of bullying and denial of monetary resources are all causes conservatives, anti-feminists and feminists are behind, but from different angles. Of feminists, anti-feminists, white knights and conservatives, guess which sees men as lesser beings that must be punished and which sees women as weaker beings in need of provision and protection (both physically and in terms of virtue – LOL)? I’ll give you a hint – there’s some crossover. Ever more misandric laws and policies are being pushed and passed on a global scale.

    The same is true of divorce court, alimony, child support, selective service, sentencing disparity, rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, employment, healthcare, welfare, etc. In each category, men are either seen as lesser beings that must be punished and/or women are seen as weaker beings in need of provision and protection (both physically and in terms of virtue – LOL).

    MRAs are harmful to men because their goal is to bargain for a better seat at the slave table (aka – Marriage/Relationships 2.0). If men simply opt out of relationships with women – most of men’s problems go away. Happiness isn’t defined by your relationship status with a woman. Your worth as a man is not defined by your relationship status with a woman. Getting a better seat at the slave table isn’t going to make you happy. If men as a group opt out en masse, things would change drastically and mostly overnight. MRAs are just prolonging the agony and avoiding the truth. Most women are deeply entitled, narcissistic and toxic to the lives of men. It’s called a gender war for a reason. Marriage/Relationships 2.0 offer men no benefits. MRAs, feminists, anti-feminists, conservatives and white knights are all harmful to men as a group.

    MGTOW are the only ones that see the truth. Marriage/Relationships 2.0 are potentially the most toxic and life destroying institutions for men in recent history. Men as a group were never the privileged class. If the patriarchy existed, it existed for the benefit of women and to the detriment of men. Feminists and anti-feminists are two sides of the same coin: Each wants to hold onto the aspects of the patriarchy that benefits them the most while eschewing the aspects of the patriarchy that don’t specifically benefit women. The world is in no danger of running out of people – so birth rates don’t really matter.

    I don’t have relationships with women. Not because I can’t – but rather because I don’t need or want them in my life. Do I hate women? No. It’s just that I’ve learned through experience that the enchantment of getting married, having kids and living happily ever after, till death do us part, is one gigantic illusion for most. I’ve learned that my primary value in relationships with most women is what I have to offer them in terms of wealth. Women have amazing power to destroy my life through false accusations. No thanks. I’ll pass.

    For the above reasons – I subscribe to the mindset of a MGHOW. While I appreciate the efforts of MRAs, until men opt out as a group, things will only get worse for men as a group. Feminists, anti-feminists, conservatives and white knights offer only a life of suffering for men. The MGTOW mindset is pure freedom and the quickest path to bettering the lot of men. The MGTOW mindset should be taught in men’s studies courses in college. Imagine the outrage of that ever being suggested for real!

    I no longer have any use for women in my life. Why? They’ll just make it difficult and painful.

          • Going well. Got our taxes done. I found a great video on why women love assholes…this guy really nailed it

          • I adopted the indifferent attitude in the spring of 1984. A girl I cared about shitcanned me for some blue collar guy. He quickly shitcanned her. I realized that male female relations (at least for me) were as transient as today’s newspaper. No reason to take any of it seriously. Meaning she could be in love with me on Monday and dump me for an ex-con by Friday. Once I stopped caring I started to get dates. weird. When I cared about women they ran for the hills or ran for the nearest paroled felon.

          • Hey Boys:

            I noticed Neely Steinberg very quietly removed her video from YouTube recently after a zillion guys called her out on her “nice guy” BS. This is proof positive that more and more guys are getting the message and are no longer drinking the feminazi Kool-Aid.

          • Mickey, it’s funny you should mention that. I looked for it the other day and could not find it. The interesting part is where she cupped her hand to her mouth (as though telling us a secret) and said “Women LOVE nice guys.” I am amazed she kept a straight face. She should should have also said “women love trash on the sidewalk.” because that’s how they view nice guys. If you have time you might want to look at the video I put on this site yesterday. It’s kind of long (I would have said it in 5 minutes or less) but the guy pretty much explained why women are hooked on assholes and why they ONLY give Nice Guys a chance when their options have run out (when they reach age 30 when the assholes are now pursuing younger women). My wife and I have become acquainted over the years with women from Asia (Thailand, and, Korea). As a rule they are a cut above American women, much nicer, feminine and have no use for scumbags and ex-cons. I don’t see tattoos and piercings either

          • Yeah, my experiance with asian countries is the women there ACTUALLY love nice guys, they are more feminine and submissive too, unlike here.

          • EK if I were single and looking for a wife I would look , maybe in the Asian communities right here in america. I see that american women praticially wait outside the jails for these monsters to get out. Asian women prefer the professional man who treats them well. When I lived in Hawaii and California I met a number of Asian women that I could describe as young, beautiful and nice. Very few American women meet all three criteria. If they are young and beautiifu;l, they probably aren’t nice. Get this–Asian women are very focussed on pleasing men–what a unique idea!! What a contrast to American women! Many American women think that being a tattoed, foul mouthed ball busting bitch is sexy. It’s not sexy, it’s disgusting.

          • EK, here’s an article on why white men prefer Asian women:

            In the article the author had a great paragraph describing American women which summed them up perfectly. Here it is:
            ” The default position of American women is what men refer to as “the chip,” a veiled truculence, mixed with a not-very-veiled hostility toward men and a shaky sense of sexual identity. The result is a touchiness reminiscent of hungover ferrets. There is a bandsaw edge to them, a watching for any slight so that they can show that they aren’t going to take it. They are poised to lash out in aggressive defense of their manhood.

            As best as I can tell, they don’t like being women. Here is the entire problem in five words.

          • EK, I am married and met my wife in 1991 I’ve been off the market forever. The girl who shitcanned me for a blue collar worker got married around 1988, is divorced and still lives out in LA. She’s not doing well,and she lives with her folks. I don’t know what happened. I crossed paths with her in 1994 and she was very friendly but I was already taken. Even if I could have gotten back with her I would not have done it. She treated me like shit before and I didn’t trust her. I moved to the DC area in April 1988. DC women were stuck up but i had a fantastic time 60 miles up the road in Baltimore. Women are friendly and like decent guys. I had more fun in Baltimore in 1 night than I had in DC in three years.

          • Girls in Baltimore were strippers who were finsihing their shift..I did meet some regualrs up there also and they were nice.

          • Yeah, I think if I were single again I would skip regular girls and call the escort service. They love Bad Boys and I would only be an imitation. They deserve the genuine article.

          • EK: I’ve had a blast debating on this and other posts here. Glad you’re still fighting the good fight, and I’m with you.

          • Hope you guys are doing well. We are going to New Orleans later this month. We are also going to Nova Scotia this summer and Kauai in September. Raging Golden Eagle had a video that showed the 70% of the men aged 18-34 are umarried. If a guy isn’t married by age 35 there’s a good chance he will NEVER get married.

      • There are a lot of posts about “the nice guy” on the web. You know which women know the nice guy extremely well? Escorts. They spend a lot of time with them. Regular girls have very little experience in dealing with nice guys. All these girls can agree upon is that they don’t like them, Rejecting them takes 2 seconds. Escorts spend one hour sessions with these guys on a regular basis. By the way, you can confide in an escort. Say the wrong thing to a regular girl and you are history.

    • I agree with EK BUT recently gotten acquainted with a very nice , beautiful and young woman from Thailand. My impression is that Asian female (in general) are extemely nice. I noticed the same thing when I lived in Hawaii. By the way, Asian women are not really submissive. They simply are easier to get along with the the White American female. They don’t have the drama, they don’t embarass their man in public, they don’t seem to be obsessed with Bad Boys and thugs. They seem to like men. Their calm demeanor is very nice. I don’t think all guys date Asian women simply because of their race. I think is is because many Asian women display the traits mentioned above. Asian women tnd to be more feminine than White American women which is extremely sexy. When I lived in Hawaii I goto to be friends with a Hawaiian girl and used to go to gatherings with her family. I wa at there house for Christmas in 1978. One of her cousins came to dinner. She was Asian, about 5’6″ and gorgeous. She walked over to me, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. This was the first time we met. No white Ameerican girl ever did that.

    • Azure:

      I have no reason to doubt you, but this begs the question: What exactly is your position of “enlightenment” on this issue? I don’t see any darkness here.


      • darkness i mean was refering to is EK old view of girls but he said he grown. i know how he feels because i been there before. you know how it feels to be controlled and used by girls and theres nothing you can do about it.then what happens in the end you get kick to the curb and you realized you got owned by a girl.your pride is crushed and you feel rage ,anger , realized that theres some girls out there thats demonically evil and go on some God of war quest to destory them.this is the dark enlightenment that in this world there is evil and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.the light enlightenment is that there is good in the world ,it may be small be its there. anyway let me get to the point what iam trying to say is there are some good girls in this world .maybe only 0.0001 % of the 7 billion people in this world but regardless theyre still there.

          • Mickey, you are a wise man. I think women should be left with the Bad Boys they love so much. If if Bad Boys are in temporary short supply, 3-4 women will happily share one of them. Once they did an experiment where women looked at the pictures of random men and they were able to measure attraction by how much the women’s pupils dilated . Guess who the women were attracted to? You guessed it, violent criminals. They didn’t even know they were criminals, but these were the men they found most attractive. Bottom line: Avoid women, except for arms length transactions. they are not worth the trouble.

          • Bill:

            If I had convictions for insider trading or tax fraud, somehow that wouldn’t be good enough.

          • They are looking for violent , abusive men. They say otherwise, but they lie. For much of my life I treated women as I would treat a high ranking member of the Mafia: Don’t look at them, don’t talk to them, don’t approach within 50 feet of them etc. Women are best left alone. By the way, the word is getting out. 70% of American men ages 18-34 are single, never married. By the time they reach 35, if they are still single the odds are very high that they will never marry. This is great news. Here’s another thought before I sign off: When women reject a man it is because she is not attracted to him. ALWAYS. But she won’t say that . She will say, “He lacks confidence.” In other words, it’s his fault. Women are liars and hypocrites.

          • Sadly, that’s the way it is. I saw a great MGTOW video that I wish I had saved. It was a journey to MGTOW. A man started as a Nice Guy, obviously could not get a date. Became a jerk , got lots of sex but it was shallow hookups.. The last scene you see him fishing on the dock with his dog, obviously gone the MGTOW route, looking very content. What most guys don’t realize is that when you give up on women you have a great feeling of peace..I am not kidding. You don’t have to worry about “whether she likes me”, you don’t have to show confidence and you don’t have to compete for female attention. Let the other guys do that job. Have a nice weekend Mickey, it was good talking with you again. Weather is nice here in the DC area.

          • So true. It is so liberating once you realize what a scam this really is. Freedom rocks! You have a great weekend as well. Talk to you & EK soon.

          • This video is too good not to attach. It is entitled “Men, are you losers”

            It is done by a woman (she’s on our side) but sums up about 98% of younger American women.

            I am pleased to see that the supply of husbands for these princesses is gone!!

          • I think the reason so many white women love jerks is that their mother married one. What man has the most influence over a woman? I think her father, because he is the first man she knows in her life. I am not a Pyschologist, but that’s my guess. So jerks are what they are comfortable with.I think it is getting WORSE over time. Here’s why: In the 1950’s, when my parents went to college, women were under immense pressure to marry a good provider: CPA, engineer, Businessman–no matter how dull and boring he was. The femininisn came along and women could do whatever they wanted. So they paired up with jerks. More jerk fathers, more women who preferred jerks. To make the situation worse, the feminist education system trained young men to be polite and respectful of women-the exact opposite of what women want. You can see the result in the staggering decline in the marraige rate. By the way, the woman MOST desired by white men is now the Asian woman.

            I can’t seem to paste the link but just Google “White men prefer Asian women dating” and you will see what I mean. I think Asian women were raised by polite , respectful fathers so that’s the kind of man they look for.

          • That may be true for the short term, but I fear that it’s only a matter of time before Asian women start drinking the man-hating, feminazi Kool-Aid as well.

          • I agree, They are not dumb. Many American guys married a sweet American girl who rapidly turned into a pyscho screaming bitch shortly after she said I do. If I am a widower I will NEVER re-marry. . I will get a Senior Springer Spaniel to keep me company. I can even hire a pretty girl to massage my back and say nice things to me…but no marraige, I will leave my $$ to someone who deserves them

          • You know what’s really sad? When you see a nice looking woman (whether a friend or stranger) and while your natural instinct is to try to know her a little better, the good sense to walk away and never approach is even stronger.

          • Mickey, after you give up on women and romance…that ceases to bother you (at least that’s what I found). Girls and the thug boyfriends kind of become like zoo creatures that you look at from a distance (if you want to) You can’t even relate to these women anymore. Before I gave up I would see a pretty girl and a scumbag and it would bother . After I gave up on women, I couldn’t care less. I simply couldn’t relate to them anymore. Here’s another is a contest…men compete, women select. In a fair contest the Bad Boys won…I can’t hold it against them, they won fair and square. Guys get frustrated because they keep trying to beat the Bad Boys and they never will. Best to yield to the superior opponents and stop looking.

          • That’s how I see it now…I just can’t relate to the allegedly “fair sex.” Thus, it’s far better to look and keep walking.

          • You know Mickey, it’s funny because you reach a point where you just don’t care about women anymore. I knew when I reached it and I think every other guy does too. You just know. I don’t know how to explain it. You don’t resent the owmen, they just become irrlevant. Guess what: Guys like you and I were irrelevent to these women all along. Eventually we woke up. Guys today have the Internet, we didn’t. They can Google American Women Suck or Guys dropping out of dating and get educated really fast. What took us years to figure out guys can learn in a few hours. Believe me, a lot of guys are dropping the majority…it’s a huge number.

          • Actually, you’d be looking for a needle in a 10,000-foot stack of poisoned needles. The time that you’d spend and the effort that you’d make, just isn’t worth the result.

          • Hey Red Pill:

            Not only would I prefer to dive into a 10,000-foot stack of poisoned needles before I go chasing women again, I would take that dive and then clean outhouses with my bare hands after that. 🙂


  3. Most men want one thing out of life more than anything else. To love, cherish and take care of a good woman they can respect and trust. When a guy finally understands that this is never going to happen for him, dispite trying to make it happen, this naturally creates anger, resentment, disappointment, and bitterness. This is happening routinely in our modern world for a variety of reasons. Men are opting out of the entire rotten mess, and understandably so. I don’t see this improving anytime soon.

        • Hey old buddy, I have to agree with EK. As much as we want women to be these angels who will love us we have to accept reality. Here’s reality: If you are a Bad Boy you can do no wrong. If you are a decent guy, you can’t do anything right. As EK says, cut your losses and move on. Putting more time and effort into getting a woman is like pouring more money into a car that’s a lemon. Drive that lemon to the junkyard and scrap it.

      • Pretty tough. I am married and I am always getting yelled at.and it’s over bullshit. It’s over me not getting my pants to the drycleaner in time or spending an extra 10 cents at the grocery store or the kitchen counters not being perfectly scrubbed 24/7. I had to give up my family , friends and everything I like to do in order to buy some peace. Nothing works. You don’t want a woman. Get a dog and some good friends you will be much happier. You can never please a woman. Even if you do 97% of things right she will nag you to death over the meningless 3%. If there is no point in marrying there is no point in dating. Repeat: You Don’t want a female. They look nice but they are nothing but misery.

    • Lawrence: I’m glad you’re seeing this for the futility that it really is. There’s no point in chasing after a non-existent myth, is there?

    • Lawrence, I gave up on women at the age of 30. After I did I had a great feeling of peace. No need to display “confidence”; I didn’t have to worry about what women thought of me. Before I gave up, when I saw a pretty girl with a scumbag, it used to bother me. After I gave up, I didn’t care. To me, women became like zoo creatures. I coundn’t relate to them anymore and I didn’t care. Another thing happened: I didn’t even resent the Bad Boy. I saw that I had competed against the Bad Boy and he had won, fair and square. No hard feelings. It’s sounds weird but once I accpeted defeat I felt so much better. This horrible pointless struggle was over. Give it a try and you will see what I mean. I have to warn you–once you give up on women they will start coming on to you and you will have to decide how to deal with it. I’ll tell you what I did–if a girl came on to me and I liked her I would ask her out. I didn’t care if she said yes or no. If she siad yes we might have some fun and if she said no I didn’t have to pay for her dinner. I didn’t give a shit about women and it wasn’t an act. I guess they turned me into a Bad Boy of sorts and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t abusive towards them , just indifferent. soory about the long winded reponse

          • Around this last Halloween, I was watching a documentary about supernatural creatures and their legends; one of the legends about vampires is that they cannot enter your house until they’re invited in. I saw that and my first thought was, “that sounds a lot like modern women: they can’t get at you unless you invite them in first. What a coincidence…”.

          • Yeah, Red…KEEP THEM OUT!!! There are only two types of women out there now: those who openly hate men and those who PRETEND they don’t.

          • If there is one thing my 54 plus years of life experience has taught me, it is this:
            There are only two kinds of women in the world now:
            1) Those who openly hate men, and
            2) Those who pretend they don’t.

      • EK, I have dated girls of other races. I don’t care what people think, they don’t sign my paycheck. I see that the American women reject guys but expect them to hang around (be in reserve) for the time when they Alpha males and Bad Boys don’t want them anymore. I remember the first girl I ever asked out (High School ) rejected me in a nasty way. The next year she sent her own sister to encourage me to ask again. I just shrugged it off. I got shit on once, I’m not going back to be rejected again. I just refused. I knew what she was up to. I would ask again, get turned down and she would go to all her friends and say “can you believe that loser asked me out again?”

        Getting back to the article, I think it’s jealousy on the part of the white american women. They didn’t want these decent guys when they were in their 20’s but they want these guys to stay unattached so they have someone to be a provider later one. Does this make sense to you?

          • If you want a REAL GOOD laugh, give a listen to Pam Tillis’ song, “All The Good Ones Are Gone” — about some career woman whose thirty-fourth birthday is coming up and how she rationalizes her non-married status (it’s because ‘all the good ones are gone’ of course!). It should be on every MGTOW’s playlist.

    • The same point can be made about black women who are bitter when black guys date women of different ethnicities. In my opinion, it’s not a race issue but a societal one. The overwhelming majority of women are now hard-wired to dislike, disrespect, and devalue men. Thus, what self-respecting guy would wait around for a woman to outgrow their “bad boy” phase? This is just another smokescreen, boys.

          • Heres where it gets interesting, maybe you and BIll might have something to say, but basicly I didn’t hear from her for like 5-6 months, but she found out I was leaving for a new job/city and she called and we fucked a day later. Its been a month now and she calls/emails me alot.

            So…what is curious to me is apparently she denied her feelings at first (the 6 months) but came around when it was clear I was leaving and not in endless supply.

          • EK: If you had told her you were moving and then asked her to marry you, she would have smacked you clear across the street, then get her drug dealing boyfriend to beat you senseless for harassing her. But you’re in good shape because, except for a quick lay, you’re otherwise unavailable.

          • A friend of mine had a similar experience. He lived in a nice apartment in Northen Virginia, bear DC. Girls there were stuck up, would not even say hello. One of them him moving out and said “I will miss you.” My friend didn’t say anything nasty to her but thought “I lived here for years and you never said hello” Enough said

          • The drug dealing boyfrind would not touch me. No woman is worth it. Let them have the Bad Boys

          • I gave up on women when I saw the paroled felons had all the women they wanted and I couldn’t get a date.No point in wasting another second thinking about women. Case closed.

          • EK, have fun but make sure you use a condom AND take it with you. You don’t want her to have your DNA. I have an interesting situation myself. My wife and I have been going to a day spa since 2009. It is staffed by young ladies from Asia. They practice a legitimate stress relieving massage. My regular therapist left for a new job and they assigned a new therapist to me. She is absolutely gorgeous and in her mid to late 20’s. After a few months my wife said “You know , she likes you” My wife thought it was cute. She mentioned it twice. I did notice that this young lady is quite affectionate, holding my hand during the sesion and interlocking fingers..which apparently indicates attraction None of the other gilrs at the spa did this.

            She also asks a lot of questions about my work, education, whether we have any kids and she compimented me on being so good to my wife. She asked me my age AND my wife’s age. About 6 weeks ago I was in for a session. She asked if I had any pain. I said, yes I have been having some lower back pain. She pulled my shirt up and massaged my back. Then she casually pulled my underwear down and started masaging me below the waist. Her hands are very soft and it felt great..the fact that she’s a beautiful young woman who I liked personally didn’t hurt either. By the way, she can touch me there (it’s legal) and this is the way to treat lower back pain. She fixed the proble. Now, when I go in this is part of the routine…shirt gets pulled up for a soothing back rub and underwear get pulled down for a soothing massage below the waist. all the while I am melting like Ice cream on a hot day. I know it’s legal and therapeutic but when a good looking woman that you like pulls your shorts down and starts massaging you below the waist it is very “personal”-at least to me. Asian girls are so hot. If you want to stay single don’t get involved with the seductive Asian female.

          • That sounds too good to be true. You might not have seen it then, but I’m sure there’s a catch somewhere.

          • Mickey, the problem is that I have a weakness for young beautiful Asian women. As long as I can remain detached I am OK. As the object of my fantasies is pulling my underwear down I need to be thinking about repairs on my rental property or managing my stock portfolio. If she kisses me i am going to lose it. Once again my wife thinks it is cute that another woman likes her husband and that I seem so relaxed and happy with this young lady. As I said, if you want to stay a bachelor, stay away from the seductive Asian woman. They may seem sweet and submissive but they can break you down really fast. Associate with the ball busting American bitch and you won’t have any problems.

          • The logical sequence is to look, stay at arm’s length, don’t stick your hand in the cage, and keep walking. That preserves your sanity…and quality of life.

          • A guy has to think with his big head, not his little one. A good looking Asian girl can get me rock hard by holding my hand and whispering nice things in my ear. What American white girls don’t understand is that their high powered educations and corner offices don’t get d—s hard. Being tough and empowered does not turn guys on. Being a ball busting bitch is not sexy.

          • Bill:

            Truth be told, it doesn’t matter whether a woman has a J.D. or a G.E.D. If she’s a ball-busting bitch, all bets are off. Run, Forrest, Run!!!

          • Won’t argue with that. A huge number in America are ball busting bitches, that’s why the potential husbands have vanished. These women are not worth the misery.

          • Agreed. But you know that they’re in a bad spot when even minimum wage guys won’t give them the time of day. Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it???

          • Yes reality is getting shoved up their ass. You know Mickey I used to put women on a pedestal. Then I took a good look at the guys they date: Scumbags, ex-cons, dope dealers and guys who treat them like shit. The women fell off the pedestal and landed in the gutter. Young guys see a hot girl and drool. I see the same girl and realize she was probably just gang banged by a bunch of construction workers in the back of a van. I will afford her the same civility as any other person but she’s no goddess to be worshipped.

          • EK: I don’t hate them, but I sure as hell can’t feel sorry for them, either. This is the monster THEY created, so let them try to stop it now and undo THEIR damage. I’ll be at the bar having a drink.

          • I have to agree with Mickey. I don’t have any sympathy for these women. They shitcanned good guys who cared about them to fool around with thugs, assholes and Bad Boys. They were warned by their family and friends but they could not resist the Dark Side. Now they pay the price. I have known several women personally who did this and it did not end well.

          • You are right. The girls who rejected the boring Nice guy for the exciting Bad Boy are the ones who really screwed themselves..the ones I know who did that are broke and alone today.

          • Mickey, I think that seeking true love is like seeking buried treaure. You might find it but you probably won’t and you will waste a lot of time looking. The escort industry, ever adaptable, now has the “Girlfriend Esperience ” (GFE) escort where she will be your girlfriend on an hourly basis. $300 per hour may seem steep but compared to the time, expense and effort spent on pursuing women they are a bargain. Since love is an illusion anyway, why not get the most cost effective illusion. And remember guys, even if you get a girlfriend, you can be “bumped” out of the picture by a Bad Boy at any time. Another nice side benefit of escorts is that you can confide in them–insecurities, fears, concerns whatever–and you won’t be dumped. With an American woman if you confide ANY weakness you will be dumped immediately.

          • Love does exist. You can love your friends, your family, your baseball team, your job, and God Himself. When it comes to the allegedly “fair-sex” however, love is a myth at best and a very cruel joke at worst. Chasing women isn’t worth anything now.

          • Yes. It is a lot of work but you can make money off it. One thing about rental property is that you are unlikely to lose your shirt. I have seen some stocks go from $70 per share down to $1 per share in the 2008 crash. This won’t happen with Real Estate. We own 4 rental units in Mississippi and one in Virginia. These areas have strong rental markets and we have no problem getting good tenants.

          • It a ton of work but you can make $$ over time. The good thing about real estate is that generally the price won’t go to zero as some stocks will. Our Mississippi property has had the best escalation at about 6% per years over 20 years. In Mississippi there is a shortage of rental property so we can get good tenants. The economy in Miss. is quite good. There is not enough room in this blog to cover all the issues so I would buy some books on managing rental property. The nbest deal is a ground lease. they have them in Mississippi for commerical properties. You lease the dirt and (I believe) the lease is for the expected life of the building. But i am not an expert, you would need to talk with a professional who handles these matters. On another subject I am getting very attached to the young lady from Asia who massages my tired back every 2 weeks. I am ashamed of myself. I need more self control. Tell Mickey if you want to stay MGTOW avoid the seductive Asian female.

          • EK, I didn’t totally answer your question. There is usually something to do every day but I kind of like it. Since my property is in Mississippi I fly to New Orleans and have a chance to stay overnight before my flight and enjoy the French Quarter nightlife, strip clubs etc. I like Temptations on Bourbon Street.

            she is cute I would love to eat her p—

          • Boys:

            That was a great article. But, she has to realize that many men are deciding to just walk away rather than swim upstream in a losing battle against culturally sanctioned man-hate.

          • Well I have to agree with you. The notion of love is nice but the notion of Santa Claus was nice too until our parents told us that old Saint Nick did not exist. Escorts are the most cost effective way to have intimate physical contact with a woman. $300 per hour sounds high but it is nothing compared with losing 50% of your assets. Face it guys, only Bad Boys and Thugs can deal with the modern female. They are experts, we are amatuers. I l;anred in management training that you should delgate wherever possible. So I delegated dating to the Bad Boys who are the best qualified.

          • Another interesting by-product is most women go out of their way to be unapproachable, then whine when:

            a) guys don’t approach them
            b) guys they want to approach them don’t approach them
            c) guys they don’t want to approach them don’t approach them

            Thus, one can’t win for trying, can one?

          • Mickey, if these women don’t sign your paycheck who cares what they think?

          • Agreed. and my employer, who I’ve been with for the past 17 years, is a lot more loyal than any potential mate.

          • As I always said, you can spend thousands on a dating coach and waste hundreds of hours and still fail , Or for $300 you can have some red hot 25 year old escort f—k your brains out, kiss you (french kiss) , you can eat her p—y etc… To me guys it’s the best deal.For every PUA that succeeds there are 100 that’s don’t.

          • Mickey. my wife gets Allure magazine. Recently they had a dating section. Part of it was dedicated to telling women how to ask men out. I am not kidding. Maybe that’s the way it should be.

          • Bill:

            The trouble with women asking guys out in this day and age is either:

            a) Guys are too suspicious to accept, or
            b) Guys are too demoralized & burned out to care

          • Mickey, I’m married but if I were single and an attractive women asked me out I would go..I still like women but won’t jump through hopps for them…but if they approached me I would not blow them off…I was in Virginia in 2013..having lunch at Cracker Barrell. Waitress was a cute young redhead.. she was flirting with me..If I were single I would have asked her out…guys are not approaching anymore

          • Bill: Here’s the reason guys don’t approach anymore: many guys, myself included, have come to the understanding that a guy can only take so much rejection/hostility/BS in the now unrealistic hope of just getting a freakin’ date. It just isn’t worth it. so if on the off chance a woman sent a message that she was interested in me, my apathy/cynicism would get the better of me and I wouldn’t do anything about it.

          • Hey old buddy I agree with you. It would have to be a pretty strong f—g signal for me to pay attention. Here’s another problem with dating. you go out to dinner. She has a few drinks. She wants sex. In the good old days, no problem. Now you are risking a false rape acusation. Think it can’t happen to you? Happened to a friend of mine. Cost him $50K to clear his name and get his job back. And he was lucky….he got his job back. I can buys a LOT of lours with an red hot escort for $50 K. I can eat pussy until my tongue is sore and collapse in a state of bliss…

          • You know what is interesting? It is easier to please God than to please the modern woman. To please God, follow the Ten Commandments, love God and your neighbor. That’s it. God does not care whether you have confidence , can generate sexual tension or any of that bullshit. That’s the way I see it…I can see why so many guys are saying, f–k it, I am not even dealing with these women anymore.”

          • And believing in his son, Jesus, as well. It’s ironic that God loves us but women don’t.

          • Mickey, if you are in the good graces of Jesus and God the Father who cares about what some woman (or women) think of you? They are mortals, just like us. Intimate relations between men and women have been over hyped and overrated. I derive as much happiness and satisfaction from my relations with friends as I did with any girlfriend…plus with girlfriends you have to deal with the drama and bullshit which I f—g hate (most guys do). Guys put up with it to get laid. After a guy reaches age 30 raging hormones quiet down and getting laid isn’t so important and the tolerance for female bullshit goes way down.

          • It’s a great article. He is totally correct. American women are (for the most part) gross. I am getting hooked on my lady friend from Thailand, I need to be careful. I will post of comment on the “You can get a girlfriend” video. You know Mickey, American women are desperate, if you want a gF you can get one…the question is, do you even want one? These f–g manginas think that publishing these shaming articles will get them laid..think again.

          • Bill:

            That article is so on the money. Guys are giving the middle finger to dating faster than any of us realized, and all the man-hating feminazis are left with are their vibrators. I love it!!!

          • Yeah and the guys who ARE dating are going for the foreign women. American women thought that being a ball busting bitch was’s not. Their toughness and independence don’t get d—ks hard. Now all they can do is scream. Get this..they are trying to caution Asian women away from white American men (that’s us, guys ) saying that we are “manipulative” and “trying to take advantage of them” –as though that will make us come back and date them.—they don’t have the guts to say that they are worried about Asian women taking their white men away–no, they have to couch it in terms of protecting their “sisters” from Asia from these evil white men. No one buys this bullshit except other white women. Asian women have basically told them to f—k off
            Asian women can seduce the most savvy white western guy pretty f–g quick..they are not weak and submissive, rather, they are quiet and well mannered. Enjoy the articles guys.
            I got my reservations for Kauai in September. If you have never been it is worth the trip. I always say that Kauai is like this beautiful woman who never ages.

          • Here’s the logical flaw: if white men (which I’m not) are so “manipulative”, why are white women so insistent on Asian women staying away from them? It couldn’t be that these white women really want white guys back, could it? Hmmm…

          • Mickey, check out that article…. this Asian woman calls the White American women on their bullshit. I think it is entitled in part, White women need a reality check.” I can post it again, it may not have taken.

            Yeah, the white American women want us back or they want our money, pensions and assets back.

          • I read the piece this afternoon. What she said was spot on, and flawless.

          • I really liked this part:
            ” 3.You are constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY seeking validation from every and anything other than your own selves, whether it’s through the people you surround yourself with, the clothes you wear, the areas you hang out in… everything is focused on the way you appear and how you “come off” rather than who you genuinely are.
            Again, this isn’t all white girls. But it’s a lot of you. I don’t understand what it is about you that makes you consistently complain about issues that you’ve taken no steps to resolve on your own, but you just wish the world will naturally fall into your favor.”

          • Mickey, this will not change anytime soon. The feminist Nazis are in charge of the education system. As I type this they are teaching 5 year old American girls:

            1. That they are princesses who deserve everything
            2. that men are retarded idiots whose only purpose is to serve them (the concept of men as retarded idiots is backed up 24/7 on television.

            Once these trends get started they are almost impossible to reverse. Enjoy the decline. I enjoy hearing these American women bitch about there being “no good men”-yeah there are–you rejected all of them to f—k Bad Boys!!

          • Bill: You’re a zillion percent right. At the same time, a lot of these stuck-up thug chasers are starting to realize what they threw away…AND CAN NEVER GET BACK!!!

          • I put a comment there, essentially agreeing with you. It takes a few days to get approved or disapproved. I said let them have the Bad Boys.

          • Correction for part c:

            guys they don’t want to approach them approach them

          • F—k them and who approaches them. I have met US Senators and other people at high levels. I didn’t study how to approach them. So I need technique to approach some waitress who makes $3 per hour plus tips? F–k that shit

          • EK:
            Yeah, and having your freedom, your sanity, and all your assets doesn’t hurt, either.

          • True. Here’s my observation

            White American women treat men like garbage
            Bad boys treat white American women like garbage
            Perfect match. (The problem for White American women is that the guys they rejected as being too nice or boring are not waiting for them 10 years down the road when they need a provider. Guys have wised up and and now laughing at them . Good).

            When I was young:

            Women were indifferent to me, I became indifferent to them
            I was irrelevant to women, women became irrelevant to me
            Women made it clear I would never be part of their world so they became, more or less, invisible to me.
            women like to humilate men and I withdrew.

            One thing I will say about Asian women which I like: They do NOT humilate their men in public as American women do. It is part of the Asian culture that you do not lose face.

          • Bill:

            I remember reading that article a couple of years ago, and I was amazed at how guys, as early as 20 years ago realized the hopelessness of it all. Then again, back in 1984, when I was in college,
            I started to see the hopelessness of it all, even then.

            I posted this article onto another forum that I found around the same time, and you will not be surprised at many of the comments consistent with what we’ve been saying all along.


          • Mickey, I read the Ruthie Dean article and I guess I am out of touch. I am a Christian and I never used that logic…when you ask a girl out you are not doing anything immoral. But is was an interesting article. I have not dated in 24 years (I met my wife in 1991) so I am out of touch. For me, I don’t like the rejection and humiliation. I was not raised around nasty people and I can’t stand them. Some guys will ask 1,000 times and maybe get one date and that’s cool, whatever works for them. I get tired of women, white knights and manginas telling men to “Man up” and fix the mess. F–k them!! Women made the mess, let them clean it up. Women killed off romantic love. Let me repeat that: Women killed off romantic love. They did for me. Women made dating a torture chamber. Women turned off good guys by rejecting them in favor of bad boys and scumbags. I think WOMEN should do the asking. Let them get rejected and see what it’s like. What do you think? Am I overreacting?

          • Bill: You certainly are not overreacting. How could you overreact when both of us have come across websites and articles when a large majority of those commenters are with us? They see what we see and are getting the hell out of Dodge! Freedom Rocks!!!

          • American society is creating these monsters. Feminists hate men and are raising young girls to hate men. Husbands actually started disappeaing years ago . Now guys are not even asking these women out. By the way, when you call women on their bullshit they can’t handle it-at all.

          • Bill, you’re right…women can’t stand it when guys call them out on their BS. Just look at Neely Steinberg running for the hills, or the exceptional video you pulled up with the guy on Fox News destroying those two hateful feminazis. We ain’t stupid.

          • There is another blog I subscribe to . Some woman was bitching because men go along with what their women want. I commented . I said, look many guys do demanding jobs and at the end of the day don’t want to argue with wife or girlfriend over some trivial matter. I told her that in one of my jobs I managed a $330 M contract (I did) and at the end of a long day I was not going to argue with my wife over what color to paint the family room or some f—g bullshit like that. I also said that men are getting tired of these bullshit tests of our masculinity.

          • Ha, you know whats funny guys, at my place I have tons of ‘strong’ women, and it is so insane the shit their patehtic husbands must put up with. Super demanding etc, I only think how sad the guys must be in their life.

          • Most husbands look miserable all the time. Wives don’t need a spouse–they need an accountant, a gardner, a maid, a driver, a baggage handler and a Bad Boy to come over and f—k them 3-4 times a week..

          • Neely really pushed it when she said that women love nice guys..that’s like saying that Nazis love Jewish people. If she had said women really love assholes there would have been no problem.

          • When all guys ever hear is one woman after another say how we can never do anything right, there’s no incentive in trying to prove them wrong. They just get themselves lost. As Paul Simon once sagely observed: “Just drop off the key and LEAVE. Then GET YOURSELF FREE!!!”

          • Mickey, living well is the best revenge. My wife and I vacation in Hawaii, Europe, NY city etc.I was at my 40th High School reunion not long ago. I ran into the first girl I ever asked out (she turned me down). She is divoced and making about half of what I earn. I made a point of telling her where I work and live. Her a—hole boyfriend was also there. He is also alone and making a lot less than me.

            Last summer I learned about what happened to a girl I wanted to marry (she dumped me for a blue collar worker who dumped her). She is divorced and broke and livng with her parents.

            Revenge of the nerds!! The nice guy who was just a friend ends up the richest guy at the party. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

          • Bill, it’s more than revenge of the nerds. It’s also the revenge of sane, normal guys who have seen the light.

          • Mickey, I wish you had been there. These girls who were so smug and nasty years ago…now they are living paycheck to paycheck and…no husband. As Curley would say, Nyuk, Nuyk, Nyuk. I felt like saying you f—d yourself over but I was a gentleman

          • Hey Guys, I read the Catholic culture article and it is really good is a 5 minute read but excellent. There was a study done that found that men like nice women but women do NOT like nice men (big surprise). For me, I don’t like nasty people, men or women. Being a white guy 99.9% of my dating experience was with white girls, many of whom do NOT treat men well. I don’t see anything changing however. As I type this post feminists are teaching 5 year old gilrs that they are princesses and they boys are stupid. Then these princesses come home and turn on the TV-guess what they see? Men (mostly white men) displayed as retarded idiots on every show and by EVERY advertiser. Guess how they will view men when they grow up? Then the feminists publish this bald faced lie about 1 in 5 college women being sexually assaulted further driving a wedge between men and women. For the most part, I would say that white American women suck. I don’t know about other ethnic groups.I have dated black women and they treated me pretty well..I guess if they liked a white guy well enough to go out with him, they will be nice to him. I think the bottom line is that American culture–totally controlled by feminists and men who back them up–is totally f–d up and won’t be changing in our .lifetime. What these assholes are resorting to is shaming language against men which is not working…men are saying f–k you.

        • That’s what I find. When a guy gets married he gets female attention that he never got when he was single. When I was single and gave up on woman at the age of 30 I started getting a lot of female attention. Not because I showed confidence but total indifference and it wasn’t an act.

          • Hey Boys:

            I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. I’m a college professor, and I transferred to another campus within the university. Years after I left, a buddy of mine told me about a colleague of ours who told him that she had a crush on me for about 10 years. I asked him how come she never mentioned this before…even by implication at the very least. We had crossed paths almost every day and NOBODY, least of all me, would have had any idea (besides, I was lusting after her best friend, but that’s another story). Anyway, I told my friend if she didn’t have the guts to say something in all that time then I have nothing to say to her now. She was quite attractive…but…she also had an ex-boyfriend who was a drug dealer.

            And so it goes…

          • Mickey, normally girls have a way of letting you know that they like you (through a friend). She should have found a way to do that. Was her ex boyfriend really a drug dealer? If she is hanging aroud with people like that you may want to avoid her. Before I met my wife I was having fun with an 21 year old exotic dancer in Baltimore. We had a fun summer but some of her friends were not so cool.

          • Bill: I got confirmation that the ex-boyfriend was in fact a drug dealer. She left the college a year or two ago and I haven’t seen her since. No loss…and even fewer complications.

          • Mickey, you didn’t lose anything

            Attractive woman dating a dope dealer = Trouble

            She has poor judgement. I bet some rejected many decent guys to date this scumbag/criminal

          • “She has poor judgment. I bet some rejected many decent guys to date this scumbag/criminal.”
            Bill, you know it. I have nothing to add.

          • I agree with her about #1. I think PUA is BS. It may work but women are not worth the trouble.
            #2. Appearance is VERY important so she’s wrong. If you are overweight or not well dressed you won’t get a second look

            3. May be true

            4. i guess you have to look around and be involved although I did best when I totally gave up on women. When I pursued them they ran away so I would say #4 is BS for the most part.

            Bottom line is that women are not worth the trouble. Women’s clock starts ticking at 18 and gets very loud at 30. Older wealthy guys are never lonely. What she does not mention is that you can be knocked out by a Bad Boy at any minute. She is just selling her services. Basically an escort or a stripper finishing her shift is just as good and you don’t have to worry about any of this bullshit. By the way, have you noticed how complicated this is too complicated EXCEPT for the Bad Boy..he can be a total failure and her gets the girls without any effort. I say leave the women to the Bad Boys..that is who they really want.

          • Mickey and eK, llok at this article


            Anything a woman finds offensive is sexual harassment. I think the best thing is to avoid contact with women in the workplace, discuss business only, NEVER tell ANY joke. Don’t be alone with a female if you can help it. you might be able to discuss the weather and that’s it. Try not to look at them. Stay in your office/cubicle and don’t talk unless poken to. If you are a quiet, low key guy women will write you off as a loser and leave you alone

            On college campuses ANY unwanted attention is harassment. Since you don’t know whether you are wanted or not, you MUST assume you are nOT wanted. Get this college women are bitching that men ignore them…WTF..that’s what they want.

          • Sure…as if some guy is really going to knowingly sexually harass an obnoxious, obese cat lady in the making…

          • Ive been around some horror stories of girls claiming rape on guys, only to have the script flipped by the guy saying ‘I had so and so with me, that didn’t happen.’

          • Ive been happy to say every girl I have slammed I never spent money on her. Actually once I split a pizza with a girl but I was eating that shit anyway!

          • Hey, perfect, I got a question for you, I have had a fantasy of mine that if I was a professor I would be SLAYING all the hot girls. Does this happen, or could it happen at all?

        • EK, I looked up what MILF means. Some of them look pretty good. Have fun.
          Mickey, Neely still has the article up on Huffington Post. You guys should Google “Women love dangerous men.” It’s an eye opener. By the way, a nice guy with confidence still cannot compete with a bad boy. A bad boy has that air of danger that women find appealing If I were single my attitude would be f—k them I will find an escort or a stripper is finishing her shit.

          • Sounds as though you are having fun. I found that dating white American women is too much work. This is an area best left to the Bad Boys who are experts at dealing with these women. Decent guys wonder why they can’t compete with Bad Boys. I will tell them why: Decent guys are amatuers. Bad Boys are professionals. Would you get in the ring with a professional boxer? I didn’t think so. There’s another reaons they can’t compete: Bad Boys and white women are a match made in heaven. Why mess with that?

      • I have to agree with you. On OK Cupid they found that White guys preferred Asian women over white owmen by almost 2 to 1. White girls who would not piss on me if I were burning get upset because I date a girl of another race? F–k them! Conversely, some white guys get upset when white girls date black men. I don’t care who these white girls date. If they like black men that’s cool. The best thing is to do what you want (date anyone you want or don’t date at all) and the hell with what people think. As I told EK, I think these white ball busting bitches reject guys but want them to wait on the sidelines until they get kicked off the cock carousel and need a provider. Neeley Steenberg came close to saying that in the “Nice guys ” video which she took down. I think she knew it didn’t pass the bullshit test. She got a lot of nasty comments. I love the part where she said, you guys may not know this but women LOVE nice guys. I couldn’t believe she said that with a straight face.

        • I really miss reading the comments taking Neely Steinberg apart after a bunch of different guys repeatedly called her out on her fraud. Believe it or not, guys AIN’T stupid, no matter what the man-hating feminazis say.

          • White American women are basically defective . What sane person would squander their best years pursuing Bad Boys and assholes. Asian women are much smarter. They will pursue a nice guy with a great job and money who treats them well. That’s why Asian women are winning the dating war.

          • YES!!! He punked those two bitches. They couldn’t handle the truth and then cried like the entitled bitches they are. YES! YES! YES!

          • Hey Boys:

            Along those lines, check out this vid:

            Looks like the feminazi fraud is collapsing under the weight of its own illogic faster than any of us realized. To be a happy, sane male in the face of all this…

    • EK: sounds like a classic bpd ,life is ironic i don’t really have that much interest in girls like that and they swarm them you don’t care and they come chasing after you.

  4. I hear you brother! Check out my post ( though much more slang then yours) this is how a college kid feels about this. And man straight up women are messed up now a days.

  5. I am so glad I found this. Check out my post I put on my page today it’s how a man feels and I’m in college! I thought there was supposed to be all kinds of cool girls…. Was totally wrong. Anyways it’s not as formal as yours, but it might give you a laugh!

    • I would avoid college women. They can get you expelled. Concentrate on your studies where you will see a tangible return.

      • oh absolutely 100% agree with you…Its just funny because how you feel about older, mature women, these girls will one day fill there shoes… stop worrying about girls a while ago, and while I’m in my masters study’s, there all at home still being spoon fed by daddy. Thanks for the response gentlemen and will definitely continue to check in on yalls press!

        • You know what’s funny?
          1) You can’t approach women on campus.
          2) You can’t approach women at work.
          3) Most times you can’t approach a woman at a bar…except when she will let you buy her drinks just long enough until she sees the guy she wants to go home with. Then YOU’RE screwed, but not in the way you expected.

          • Mickey, that’s why there is never a recession in the escort business. In terms of time and money, it’s the best deal. Since marraige is dead and dating is risky/pain in the neck/waste of time, escorts are the way to go.

      • Here’s a great comment by Star Lord

        Star-Lord 5 months ago I can give you one reason why I’m not getting laid: I don’t give a fuck anymore about worthless, honorless, cheating, attention-seeking party whores. That’s all that’s left of the opposite sex and it’s revolting.

      • JC she is not an escort. An escort is honest and up front about everything. In this video I actually agree with threeo fher four points. She is TOTALLY wrong when she said that looks don’t matter. looks are what trigger attraction. No attraction, no date no sex.. Women look you over in about 30 seconds and decide. They look at your haircut, face, physique and clothes. You fail to meet her standards in any area you are out. This lady also said that women don’t care what kind of car you drive . Bullshit. Women like,, at a minimum, like shiny new cars, the more expensive the better. I feel sorry for guys who shell out big bucks to go to her “boot camp.” Remember guys, it’s “looks, money, status.”.period. Confidence only matters in men they are already attracted to. The good news is that the modern Western woman is a massive liability–laoded with debt, emotional baggage, STDs and has the ability to destory your life in a heartbeat with a false accusation or a divorce.

      • She’s not an escort. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she’s not f**king a minimum wage cab drive with a good heart. She’s more likely f**king either a corporate player, a just-paroled felon, or probably both.

    • The response by Leo Steven said it perfectly, especially the part about not wanting to support her and her kid with “Mr. Neck Tattoo.” By the way, when “Mr. Neck Tattoo” is hooking up with another chick, I’ll bet my last dollar he’s helping the new girlfriend supporting her kid from another tattooed thug. Ironic, isn’t it?

      • They expect guys like us to pick up the slack. I saw a video of why girls like Bad Boys and the attractive young woman explained it and then said somthing like–You know, we are going to end up with one of you nice guys eventually but we just want to have fun with the Bad Boys first–giggle, giggle.

        Well guess what ? The Nice guys are saying F–k off. That’s why the women are so shocked.

      • Mickey and EK

        I sent a link from a Voice for men saying that a group of legal scholars wants to change the law as follows: Make it a criminal offense to hold a woman’s hand without her consent. If that link does not open try this one OR goofgle: avfm hold girlfriends hand. Feminists are making escorts rich.

      • Hey gents, I was thinking. I went to a small High School where the dating situation was like this: if you were rejected by one girl EVERYONE knew about it. Guess what happened after a couple of rejections? You guessed it, no dates. Then I went to a university where most of the girls were these stuck up women from the New York city area. Many guys went through their college years wihout a date. I finally found a girlfriend in my Senior year. Many of the guys who were ignored/treated like shit /rejected during these years (18-22) did not marry. I think the negative impression was so great. I think this is the 80/20 rule in action. 80% of the women pursue 20% of the men. This 80% experiences rejection are an early age and many stop pursuing women. What do you guys think? If I am wrong or crazy let me know.

        • Bill:

          What you said is a zillion percent right. Women really get their rocks off embarrassing the hell out of a guy just for showing interest. They will do one or more of the following:
          1) They laugh at him
          2) They curse him out
          3) They throw a drink in his face
          4) They get their equally man-hating, cock-blocking friends to pile on

          Then they wonder why men don’t bother to approach them. This is the monster they created. LIVE WITH IT!!!

          • It has gotten pretty bad in the dating world from what I hear. . Pay for play is a quick way to have fun. Strippers after their shift always need a few extra bucks. When I lived in LA my escorts would call me after I got home from a trip to see how I was doing. Girl friend experience (GFE) escorts will do everything a real girlfriend will do Deep French kissing, you can go dowwn on them etc)- a $300 GFE in the DC area will be a will be clutching the sheets and gasping for breath.

        • Bill & EK:

          I saw the very same thing as early as middle school in 6th & 7th grade. Some of those girls were downright vicious and I learned enough not to stick my neck out in high school and even college. So, what some may call demoralized at best…and cowardly at worst…I see as mere realism. For better or worse, it’s kept me out of a whole lot of trouble in the decades since. Thus, I’m in a position to enjoy my career and my freedom with no complications.

          • Mickey, these women who reject decent guys out of hand–they haven’t fared too well. I went to my High School reunion a few years ago and have been touching base with old friends. Two women-the first one I asked out (who turned me down) and the girl I wanted to marry (who turned me down)–they are alone and living paycheck to paycheck. So, the girls who smugly told guys like you and me “You are a great guy but let’s just be friends…” there is a good chance they are alone today.

            BTW guys, can you imagine dating today? What if the girl wants to have casual sex? I would have to say , no. I can’t risk a false rape accusation. This shit happens.

          • Mickey and EK, my wife told me that if I had not been so shy some woman would have snapped me up earlier. What I don’t tell my wife is this: That may be true but there is a 50% chance I would be divorced, broke and paying alimony and child support.. I would not be a mimmionaire without a mortgage.

            You know when you are free? When you don’t care if a woman likes you. Think of all the misery men go thorugh wondering if a woman likes them. When you don’t care it is like a 50 pound weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

      • You know guys I have to be honest. In my early years I did give up too easily. I got humilated by two nasty bitches in High School . But there were other girls I could have taken out..same situation in college. In the end I found a good wife so it worked out fine. I guess my advice to guys who are reading this is :

        If a girl expresses interest and she seems OK go ahead and ask her out. Just because the last one you asked out was a bitch doesn’t mean this one will be also.

        • “Just because the last one you asked out was a bitch doesn’t mean this one will be also.”

          Well, as much as I’d like to believe that, I think we all know that it is more likely than not that the next one as guy asks out will also be a man-hating, ball-busting, stuck-up bitch.

          I had mentioned this in another forum a few years ago, and it is just as applicable now: women today tend to have an all-encompassing attitude that suggests “I am hot. You want me. We both know it. But you can’t have me.” That sums it up, and is the reason why guys have given up approaching, whether it is from burnout, apathy, ennui, having his interest browbeaten out of him, etc.

          Aside from prostitutes & strippers, can someone please tell why any self-respecting guy in his right mind would continue to set himself up for nothing but more frustration?

          • Guys, I graduated from High School in 1972 and college in 1976 so I am a lot older than you. Feinism was in it’s infacny in my High School years and they were mainly focussed on equal pay and fair treatement. A decent guy who treated women well was a catch. Now I read all this bullshit that he needs to be “mysterious”, “funny” “able to escalate the intimacy” “seductive” –and a laundry list of other traits–if he does not possess these he is boring and should be rejected. The height of lunacy is the book Undateable

            I have noticed a level of desperation in women as guys of all ages drop out of dating

          • Boys:

            When vain, shallow, heartless bitches keep writing books like that, they’re only going to see men drop out even faster.

      • Mickey and EK,
        Have you ever been with a black woman? I find a good looking black woman hard to resist. I LOVE going down on them. The first time I did I was a little nervous but it tasted SO good. As you are eating away they lie back with that little smile on their face. I gave oral to this black woman and she came three times (I’ll take a polygraph on that) and then I came I got so excited. I don’t know if it’s your preference but I sure enjoy it.

      • Sure, but it won’t be long. I like to keep it under 2 pages. It will of course be anonymous. what do you want me to write on?

          • OK. I think it will Advice for Men. Three phases: High School, college, career. Will cover 2 elements: Your self improvement and relations with women in those three phases. Will especially cover what to do and what to avoid, especially dealing with women in college and in the workplace where you can get into VERY serious trouble as you guys know. Will avoid discussions about escorts as that tunrs people off. They will have to learn on their own. Sound OK?

          • Here’s my article: advice to Men

            In High School: Concentrate on your studies and getting into a good college or setting yourself up to learn a trade that pays well, like a Plumber or electrician. Don’t worry about getting a girlfriend. If a girl expresses an interest, ask her out.

            College: Find a major that will lead to a good job, like Math, Engineerring , Accounting or Finance. I would avoid dating college women altogether. These days ANY unwanted advance can get you expelled. It is “unwanted” if she finds you unattractive. Since you don’t know if she finds you unattractive until it is too late, stay away from them. If you are at a college party and a drunk coed throws herself at you do NOT take her up on her offer. NEVER have sex without a condom. She can have you charged with rape. I would avoid having sex algother or even being alone with a college coed.

            After college: Find a viable career field that will keep you going until retirement. I chose Contract Management. If a smart and well connected person offers advice, listen to them. If they offer to help you, take their help. Decisions you make in your 20’s will affect the rest of your life. You can date but be careful. Just like in college, casual sex can get you charged with rape. If you marry, I would recommend marrying a woman with equal assets and income. Working with women: don’t spend a lot of time socializing with women at the office. Never tell a sexually explicit joke. Women can tell them, you cannot. If a woman is dressed in a revealing manner, don’t look at her to closely. NEVER ask a woman personal questions such as , does she have a boyfriend. NEVER date anyone at work. If you don’t have a girlfriend women will ask why not. NEVER say sometihng like “I am a good guy and girls only date assholes. ” Say something like, “I am kind of shy and don’t have much luck dating.” They will write you off as undesirable and never ask again (meaning they will leave you alone). If they ask why you are not married , use the classic response “I have not found the right girl yet.” NEVER criticise women for your lack of a girlfriend (like saying that girls only date assholes. Such statements will get you in a lot of trouble). Just use these bland phrases and you should be OK. Other recommendations on managing your life and these are just my opinions: Avoid buying vacation homes, timeshares and expensive cars. Contribute to your 401K. When buying a home in a particular area, talk to well connected people who live there. They will recommend the best places to buy. I did that in Los Angeles and in the Washington DC area and i did very well.

          • Thanks. There are a few typos-sorry. Does it sound like reasonably sound advice?

          • Hey guys, this is the “A Foreign Affair” website which features Romance Tours for American men seeking foreign wives.


            Gives you an idea of what American women are up against. I don’t intend to re-marry if I am a widower (I can’t risk my assets to ant woman, I’m sorry). I do notice that the foreing women appear to be a cut above US women. I did want to show you guys why so many American women are pissed–it’s their own fault.

  6. Mickey and EK, here’s an article by a woman on the Sexodus. It acknowledges problems but tells men that the right one is out there if you will put down your video game for a minute (condesending) Here’s the article:

    A guy had a great comment that I agree with:
    ” Carl Thompson >Big D • 17 days ago I looked. I am sure that you looked. No, she
    was not out there. All that I found were narcissistic unapproachable ice
    princesses who wanted some version of the bad boy. Decent clean-cut hard-working
    educated men who had manners need not apply. Masturbation and prostitutes are
    hollow and unsatisfying, but begin to look pretty good compared with what is on
    offer among the female population out there. At least prostitutes are honest
    about their desire to dip into a man’s wallet. Actually, a few prostitutes whom
    I have met have probably been the most honest, ethical, friendly, warm and
    grounded women whom I have encountered. ”

    I agree with Carl. Since American (Western) women killed off marraige and killed off the notion of romantic love an escort is as good as a regualr girl…better, in fact. At least with an escort you know what you will pay and what you will get..and you Won’t get a False Rape accusation that will cost you $50K in legal fees or worse.

      • Between the guys dropping out and the guys going overseas for foreign wives, American women must be getting their asses kicked.

        • Women are in denial. They laugh at the marraige strike and think this is a temporary thing. They don’t have a clue. What we have is this massive man hating machine built up over 40 years by feminists, the media and the Government. Nothing will change in our lifetime except more and more men will stop pursuing romantic relationships with women.

          • Bill:

            It’s not a marriage “strike” because a “strike” implies some hope of a resolution and eventual return. This is really a complete and total repudiation of women and the now one-sided institution of marriage. Many guys have the good sense to get out of Dodge and are now staying out of Dodge. Since Matt Dillon is no longer around, it’s up to Miss Kitty to take care of Miss Kitty and her outlaw’s kid while the outlaw is doin’ time…again.

          • it’s what Ann Landers used to say: “Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it.” Thus, women wanted the bad man, they got the bad man, and they’re now stuck with the bad man before he runs off with a younger version of her thug-chasing self. In the meantime, the bad man is f**king her, her best friend, AND her sister senseless. Oh well…

        • Boys:

          There’s one line in this piece that I absolutely, vehemently disagree with; it is so freakin’ wrong. It says, “There are far better woman in the world who will treat you with kindness, respect, generosity and mutual consideration.”

          I’ll try to put this as modestly as I possibly can: NO THERE F**KING ISN’T!!! NOT A F**KING ONE!!! NOT IN THIS UNIVERSE!!!

          • Bill: No need to apologize. If I didn’t see it, someone would have pounced on it sooner or later; don’t sweat it.

          • Many women are still in denial about the Sexodus and MGTOW. I found one site where a woman said that she sees the MGTOW point of view but that things will quickly return to normal.

            No, they won’t. MGTOW and the Sexodus is the result of Feminists, the media and the Government building this massive man hating machine over the past 40-45 years. Those in control will not give up the reins of power. It will not change in our lifetimes. For white american women husbands are extremely rare. Now dates are getting rare. Also, the Nice Guy will not be there to marry these women when the Bad Boys get tired of them.

          • Bill:

            This just isn’t limited to white women. This is a societal problem where we as men can easily see that dating and marriage is a horror in the making. It ain’t worth it, and we’re not setting ourselves up for abuse. That’s the plain truth.

          • Mickey, from what I read black men have been avoiding women (going MGTOW) for many years. White guys have been catching on. When my wife and I go out to dinner I see more women either alone or with alone woman. And these are ladies in their 20’s. Tonight I heard one attractive 20 something woman say to her friend “If I ever get married….” If a guy with a good job wanted to date it would not be hard. If I am a widower I will pass. It is too hard to adjust to someone else.

          • Here’s a good video. Response to Aaron Clarey on MGTOW

            I agree with this guy…..I used to be a fan of Aaron’s but I agree with this guy

          • EK: Hope got on the first bus out of town decades ago. At this point in human history, the only options are to run the risk of being the named defendant in some man-hater’s lawsuit or co-exist with the hopelessness.

          • Guys, the secret to contentment is to give up on women. Stop pursuing romantic or sexual relations with them. Let them have the Bad Boys–that is who they really want. Sad to say, you have to reject the entire lot. Give it a try and you will see what I mean. When you do this women will be faces in the crowd. When you realize that they are cold, distant princesses chasign Bad Boys you will feel much better about writing them off.

          • Boys:

            It’s the idea of finding someone that will like you for you that is hopeless. Once you realize that, life goes on and it’s a zillion pound weight off your shoulders. It’s nice knowing that you’re alimony proof.

          • It would be nice if it were not true. I sure am glad that the Internet is educating these young men. They know that society has lied to them. But now all they have to do is Google “american Women Suck” or “Women love Bad Boys” or “Men giving up on Women” and they will be edcuated–fast. You and I had to learn this stuff the hard way. For American women not only are husbands a thing of the past, dating is almost a thing of the past. One woman lamented that Bad Boys have chased all the good guys away.I feel like telling her , don’t give me this bullshit. Women chased all the good guys away by only dating Bad Boys and assholes that they love so much.

          • Bill:

            You saw it right and said it straight. I will only add this:
            1) Chivalry is dead.
            2) Romance is becoming extinct.
            3) Marriage is rigged.
            4) And man-hating feminazis killed them all.

            I defy any of them to tell me different.

          • Mickey and EK, here’s a great video

            This is Feminists seeing older white men dating Thai women and calling it “abuse” (against the women, that is). What f–g bullshit!! These women would not piss on these older white guys if they were burning. Anyway, it is fun to watch the “concerned” white women. Shows you something about their character.

          • Mickey, it’s a huge racket but there are lots of failed PUAs. The problem with this PUA bullshit is that you have to be able to read the woman’s mind and act accordingly. If I am going to dress well it will be for a US Senator or someone important who can do something for me, not for some Hooter’s waitress who makes $3 per hour plus tiips. I don’t abuse anyone but I am not kissing their ass either, which is what the PUAs do. By the way , the sex the PUAs aspire to-can get you charged with rape…no f—g way.

          • Thus, it is far better to accept the hopelessness for what it is than killing yourself chasing the non-existent myth of romantic love.

          • Even if this stuff works (and most of the time it does not) my question is why bother?

            Here’s my rationale:

            Marraige is dead. You have a 50% chance of failure and women intiate 70% of the divorces. That means even if you do everything right you have a 35% chance of a major failure. Would you set sail on a cruise ship that had a 35% chance of sinking? I didn’t think so,

            If you are not going to marry, why date? Even if you want a girlfriend they take off with a Bad Boy at a moments notice. By the way that thing about women not liking Bad Boys is bullshit. Not all women like them but many do.

          • I am 62, married , no kids. My wife and I are retired wit no mortgage on our primary residence, no mortgages on rental properties, no credit card bills and no car payments.

            Mickey, women are getting desperate and you may get some attention from young and attractive women. If you get married I would find a woman with roughly equal assets and income. In other words I would avoid the red hot 20 something young lady who has $50,000 in student loans. My wife and I avoided “upscaling” to a bigger home /second home and more expensive car–instead we saved and invested and paid off our mortgages.

          • Bill:

            As one who has paid off car loans and law school student loans, I cannot overstate how great it is to get out from under a mountain of debt on your own. That said, you can rest assured that I will NOT hook up with some twentysomething or thirtysomething or fortysomething babe who’s 50 grand in the hole. I would be the single biggest asshole in the world if I allow her debt to become our (or worse, MY) debt. That ain’t happenin.’

            The other thing is that I’m not looking for someone in my age bracket with a similar financial makeup to my own. It isn’t worth it anymore, and I will not be sleeping with the enemy.

          • Mickey, after a guy reaches a certain age as a bachelor it is very hard to adjust to a wife. You have to give up most of your friends, you can’t go where you like (the restuarants you like, the places you like to vacation in etc). You will work 5 days at your job and spend the entire weekend doing “Honey Do” projects and getting bitched at for not doing them right. My advice is don’t do it, it will take years off your life. After 10 years of marriage if you are still together it is strictly a business arranglement and you try to avoid your wife as much as possible. I am sorry, but that’s the way it is. There are no good days. A happy day is when there are no horrible fights.

          • Agreed. There is just no upside to giving up your freedom to get married. No self-respecting guy should ever be willing to trade lifelong friendships to marry some man-hating witch who hates his friends, berates her husband into submission, and then takes him for at least half his net worth when she divorces him for the first newly paroled felon who says, “Yo, Here.”

          • I think you are on the right track. What keeps men chasing tail is , of course, sex and I think sex is overrated and now casual sex is downright dangerous as you and I know. Quite frankly, a quiet dinner with friends or even dinner by yourself at a nice restaurant followed by a movie at home is almost as good as sex without the effort, expense, drama, bullshit and risk (health and legal risks). Let the women have the Bad Boys that they love so much. Women have priced themselves out of the market. As a single , professional man you will get more women approaching you as guys leave the dating market so just be aware that this will happen. Once again, casual consenual sex without a condom can land you in prison if she changes her mind and cries rape. If I were single I would avoid sex even with a condom. Why? Some STDs can pass right through a condom. In fact, seeing how batshit crazy so many women are I would keep them at arms length. Just my thoughts. Sex is not worth the risk. You are a lawyer-Guess who the jury will believe?

          • EK and Mickey, here’s the article about 70% of American men ages 20-34 not married

            I read in an article in the San Francisco Gate that when a man reaches 35 and has never married his odds of getting married are 1 in 6. If her reaches 40 and is never married the odds of him a getting married are 1 in 20. This will probably get worse due to the Rape Culture hoax which is being pushed all over the US and Canada. Men in college are avoiding college women, killing off any chance of a relationship starting. For some reason many women cannot grasp cause and effect.

          • The survey that said that 1 in 5 campus women is raped was hoeplessly flawed and it cluded things things that were not rape such as “forced kissing”. Universities and the Federal Government accepted this big lie as fact.. Well, that’s fine. College men (for the most part) are now avoiding college women. Watch the marraige and birth rates to go even lower. This is what feminists actually want, to the detriment of women. Women have a herd mentality and go along with this.

          • I think this gentlemen summed up the modern Western female (age 18-30) perfectly:

            “Carl Thompson >Big D • 25 days agoI looked. I am sure that you looked. No, she was not out there. All that I found were narcissistic unapproachable ice princesses who wanted some version of the bad boy. Decent clean-cut hard-working educated men who had manners need not apply.”


            I think Carl hit the nail on the head. By the time a decent guy is in his early 30’s he has been treated like shit by women, rejected in favor of bad boys and thgs so he is no longer interested.

            Carl’s quote is a comment to this blog:

          • EK, you can make money. I have done as well with stocks and Mutual funds without the headaches of tenants, stopped up toilets, non-payment of rent etc. I have had stocks that went to pennies on the dollar and real estate won’t do that. My wife saw an article in Barrons. A guy bought distressed properties, fixed them and then rented them. He was making 11%. My wife told me this so you would have to research it becuase I could be wrong.

            Bottom line: You can make $$ in real estate but it’s a lot of work, a lot of laws and will take a lot of your time. I like my Vanguard mutual funds and have been averaging close to 9% since 1994 without the headaches.

          • EK: I understand completely. I left the 9 to 5 corporate hell 20 years ago, and I don’t miss it.

          • EK:

            My escape came when I got accepted to law school. I quit my accounting job, left New York and went to law school in Massachusetts. Halfway through law school, I decided I was going to take my law degree to academia instead of the legal profession. I realized that after a decade of working 60-80 hours a week as an accountant, there was no way in hell I was going to work those sweatshop hours again practicing law; it wasn’t worth it. After I graduated, I came back to New York, and about a month later, interviewed for a professorship at a small college, got the gig, and the rest is history. Now, nearly two decades into a successful college teaching career, my job description is this:

            1) I walk into a classroom
            2) I tell stories for a few hours
            3) I go home

            That’s my 3 cents.

          • Mickey and EK, when I got stressed over my career I would listen to my beautiful music from Hawaii. I lived there for 2 years and dveloped a taste for their music. Here’s one of my favorites

          • EK and Mickey, I worked for 2 big aerospace companies for a total of nine years. Then I got a good job as a Federal employee in 1991 and retired at the end of May 2013 with over 29 years of service (I had over 6 years in the military which counts as Federal service). That Federal job was great because it was a steady paycheck and no forced overtime. I also stayed in the military reserves and got a second pension from the military from I turned 60 in May 2013. . I have invested in Real Estate and in stocks and bonds. We own a rental unti in Virginia and 4 units in Mississippi. Both states are growing. I made money on both but stocks and bonds were easier. One of my friends in Orange County California became very wealthy off real estate but it made him a nervous wreck. He cashed out at a huge profit. He was a Federal employee but like me his wealth came from Real Estate.

          • “Women size up men in 7 seconds.”

            Bill: I’m long gone before those 7 seconds are up.

          • EK:

            The one other thing I would suggest is that you have a plan for making your escape. Yes, it may sound cliché & trite, but it works. Write out what you want to accomplish, visualize yourself doing just that, and start working on it day by day. In my case, I graduated college in 1987, and I knew from that point on that I wanted to go to law school. I sent away for catalogues, took the LSAT, and I even pre-planned, in writing, the courses I was going to take, once I got accepted somewhere. It took another eight years before I got accepted to law school, but once I got in, there was practically no culture shock. I loved law school from the first day I walked in the front door to the day I graduated. By the Grace of God, my law degree continues to open doors for me that I never could have imagined. That was a leap of faith that I will always be grateful for as long as I live,

            Hope that helps.

          • Well guys, Foreign women are much nicer BUT 1) You may ebd up moving many of her family members to the USA 2) there will always be some family left behind that you have to visit. On a positive note, those marraiges tend to work vs the flaky American woman who does not know what she wants.
            For many guys (I beleive ) there is a “tipping pojnt” where after a certain number of rejections a guy just gives up on pursuing women (wife , girlfriend whatever). Happened to me at age 30. If a woman expressed an interest I might ask her out. I didn’t care whether she said yes or no. When I stopped pursuing women they were interested. It was weird.

            The other thing I see for single guys is cheap entertainment. I have an entire library of my favorite movies and I am never bored.

  7. Hey Guys,s a great video on how to deal with shaming.

    I didn’t give these people these time of day when I was single. I pretty much stopped talking. Unless they had a subpeona I was not going to talk with them

  8. Mickey and EK, hope you are well. We are having a typical summer in the DC area. Some hot days, today was really nice. We are headed to Nova Scotia in a month. Car rentals are really high, seems to be a trend everywhere. In the news Feminists are riding high and running everything but marraige rates are tanking . These stuck up “Bad Boy chasers” are getting their hearts desire…Bad Boys and only Bad Boys. Be careful what you wish for. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

  9. Mickey and EK, here’s more proof that women LOVE Bad Boys

    As a MGTOW blogger said to me “Let them have the Bad Boys”. Women love horrible men, it is in their DNA. If you want love, get a cat or a dog. Have good friends for companionship; important friends for protection and money for security. Avoid women, they will drag you down and destroy you. Actually, modern women and bad boys are a perfect match when you think about it. They are both narcissistic, selfish and shallow. Match made in heaven.

    • Boys:

      Once again, a zillion percent on the money. As much as it kills the man-hating feminazis to admit it, it’s painfully obvious that guys aren’t stupid, and that it’s far better to walk away than to play a game there’s no hope of winning.

        • “Yeah boy do they hate when you walk”

          This kind of irrationality is the direct result of their getting mad when you do what they want and their getting mad when you don’t do what they want. Since nothing we do is good enough for them anyway, there ain’t much point in sticking around to win their impossible favor, is there?

  10. Great video guys. This one is by a woman but she is on our side. This is why women need to be avoided except for well reviewed escorts.

      • Well boys, this is a big topic. All we did was help get the word out. The moral of the story is simply this: if women consider men to be the enemy, we’ll just stay out of the enemy camp. There’s no point in our wasting time and energy trying to prove we’re normal human beings. The hell with them!!!

  11. This is a MGTOW blogger I found. He makes good videos and is getting a lot of heat from women and manginas so he must be hitting a nerve

  12. Hey guys here’s another good video. Don’t let the title turn you off, this guy is on our side. He said that women are free agents acting in their self interest and we have to do the same…

  13. Hey guys here’s a great video

    I think MGTOW is winning. The Nice Guys are laughing now that these women are themselves in the Friend Zone

  14. Yes, MGTOW is winning. When the alternatives are either supporting some thug chasers bastard kids, or being kept away from your own kids by the same thug chaser, the best defense is staying out of the game. Again, the feminazis can’t stand it. Oh, well…

  15. A worthy blog and many of the comments are simply epic 🙂 Of course at one time male and female, performed complementary gender roles and lived in harmonious symbiosis … as hunter gatherers on the plains of Africa.

  16. The chance of meeting a woman that’s ‘worth it’ anymore is so remote because all of society is brainwashed. They’re out there but so are a lot men not ready to meet ‘mom’ too. It’s probably better that we 1) wait until the dating world improves, or 2) a catastrophic event happens and men and women seek each other out for sheer survival. Until one, both or a 3rd situation arises; stay tuned for more of the same.

  17. Stay away from a Career woman since they are so very Horrible these days to get married too. Their Greed And Selfishness tells the whole story.

  18. EK, my friend, here’s how I see this whole dynamic: if you’re walking down the street and every house on the block had signs like “do not enter,” “you are not welcome here,” “strangers not allowed,” “enter at your own risk,” and so on, guess what? You just don’t go in. You don’t have to point a gun at me so that I get the message.

    If you have that many women who are so hostile to men, the only sensible thing is to keep your distance.

  19. Most women today do have a very serious attitude problem. But then again Most of them do have Mental Issues too unfortunately.

  20. I am right there with you my friend! Like you I’ve been through the shallow trappings of the slut-mill. I’ve also had the unfortunate experience of being married 2 times; the 1st to a psychotic control freak; the 2nd to a high-maintenance whore. Lesson learned! Sad to say however, I think I’m beyond the point of even being interested in a worthwhile relationship. I applaud your observations and honesty!

  21. Why would any woman want such a bitter, angry lowlifelike you. You’re absolutely MISERABLE. No woman in her right mind would want someone so obviously in need of intensive therapy. Men who hate women have deep seated psychological issues. Get help or start sucking d*ck. No wonder you can’t have a relationship; women must sense your bitterness a mile away.

    • Spoken like a beta that has yet to get served divorce papers. Come back after you get bent over by your sweet S.O. We will be here and listen when you do a 180 on everything you wrote. Miserable? Bitter? Why yes. but atleast some don’t live in the fake blue pill white picket fences fairy tale anymore. Awake, my friend and see what the modern woman is. I think the wake up call will be most disheartening for you. No to the dick sucking, just use women as toilet paper or urinals.

  22. Just fucking do it! Women these days aren’t even worth the dirt they live on. Expect to be treated like excrement, demonized, and used if you ever take a bitch seriously. Just give up they only want two fucking things: a hard dick and a soft pocket! Treat a hoe like fast food and eat it up and throw it away before it stinks up your car ( i.e your life)

  23. Fuck, yes! Done with these selfish, lying, narcissistic creatures. They lie, cheat, steal, and damn near kill (esp. in a divorce). I used to support their equality ideas, I used to place them on golden pedestals. All that rewarded me with was losing everything because they cheated. NO more and never again. They don’t want equality, they want domination. Slavery was abolished so marriage should be as well. I am a free man that will never again bow to a woman’s beauty. Men are better than women, there I wrote it. Men created civilization. Men conquered vast armies and land. Women? lol. If I was in the field or on a battleground I wouldnt put one inch of trust in a woman having my 6. They might not “feel” like it during the battle. That is if they could put their phone down for a millisecond. Never trust them. Ever.

  24. Well i will certainly stay away from the women that now have their careers today since they’re the most selfish and very greedy people on this planet.

  25. You know what’s really ironic? Women DEMAND that guys respect them, but they would never bring themselves to respect any guy. Then they can’t understand for the life of them why guys can’t be bothered with them.

  26. Well unfortunately with the kind of women that we have out there nowadays it is enough to make many of us good men very disgusted of them since they have no respect for us men anymore and a very rotten personality altogether now as well. And God forbid trying to start a normal conversation with a woman which certainly has become very dangerous for us men today since they will Curse at us for no reason at all since i had this happened to me already and so have friends of mine that i know too. I can really see that most of these type of women have a very severe mental problem as well for them to act this way with us men which makes these women so very sad and pathetic especially when there are a lot of us good men that would really know how to treat a good woman with a lot of love and respect.

      • Hey Erudite:

        Here’s an interesting thought: I’m sure you’ve recently seen women coming out of the woodwork alleging that they’re either against feminism or former feminists who have seen the error of their ways and long for a relationship now. Being that the MGTOW message has really taken off and let women know we are no longer going to play their rigged, state supported game, I wonder if the change of operation to the (allegedly) kinder, gentler female is really part of a bigger plot to snare unsuspecting guys into relationships only to bleed them dry. If this is true, older seasoned guys like us would see this for the fraud that it is…and it is all the more reason to keep the MGTOW message going strong.

        Any thoughts on this?

        Best regards,

        • Hey Mickey, I came across an interesting argument recently from a first wave feminist, she hates modern feminism, her words were essentially that modern women want the independence first wave fought for, but they want to be shielded from the consequence of their actions like children. 1st wave wanted to be independent, modern wants to be ‘independent’ but have the male step in if/when the make a mistake.

          • Hey Erudite: Assuming that they have a legitimate motive (and I don’t) I would love to hear what these first wave feminists would say to the millions of guys who wave been demonized and ostracized by the decades of man-hate that their movement has created. If they’re looking for some kind of reconciliation after all this, I think that bus left town years ago. I know you always said not to give up on the allegedly fair sex, but I’m admittedly hard pressed to find a reason not to.

          • Erudite:

            Here’s one more thing: You’re a zillion percent right that the current feminazis did nothing but ride the coattails of the original femininsts. Thus, they want all the benefits without any of the responsibility. F**K all of them!!!

          • Admittedly, that 1st wave seemed rare in her regret. Most simply dont have the awareness.

            Be careful about the mgtow movement, it is really toxic these days. They spent 90% of their time bitching about women they claim to want to leave behind.

  27. women were NEVER the goal in life. Those who run the system made it so.
    stay away from them, they have NOTHING to offer you. They are:

    1. weaker than man both physically and mentally.
    2. much less intelligent. NOT at all wise.
    3. not just, not moral. on the contrary, they are immoral.
    4. and the only good thing on them (their looks, me exlcuding 97% of them as unnatractive or ugly) only last from 20-30 y/o.

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