Our future: guys dropping out, women uglier/less caring, children stupider

I tend to think about the end of the world a lot, perhaps it is my fascination with starting anew amidst this social hell we find ourselves in.  Today I am going to lay out some major social dynamics I see happening (and this is WITHOUT environmental, political, economic dynamics- all of which do not spell dark days for us ahead) and which direction we are hurtling towards.

There are a lot of negatives here, but I am attempting to put them into the above three categories.

1: Guys leaving.  I have touched on this before (https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/girls-value-economically-pt-2-lowering/) There is a lot of things today that make the modern guy say ‘why the fuck am I even trying?’  The girl he finally started dating ‘got drunk and some bad things happened with another guy, Im so sorry!’ or he is only surrounded by ham beasts, or the work-to-reward ratio is so skewed he sooner or later comes to the conclusion that it does not really matter anymore.  With more women then men working men’s purpose historically – to get resources- is now displaced.  With no reason to strive, hedonism is the natural result.  Dopamine fixes are VERY easy in this day and age.  Porn, xbox, beer- sounds better to an increasing number of guys everyday compared to girls.

2:  ‘Appearance is only skin deep’ ‘beauty fades with age’ yeah, sure, but you know what?  Ugly lasts a lifetime.  With all these trite platitudes coming from feminists mouth it has had the very negative effect of convincing some girls that appearance doesn’t matter, and guys should like her ‘for her’. Never mind that girls are all time bitches…but I digress.  I am under no delusion that girls play it both ways, out of the mouth they spew how much looks doesn’t matter, but go a foot lower and they have a low cut shirt with a pushup bra – since looks don’t matter after all.  As an aside, I knew many feminists who prided themselves on using their looks to get guys to do something.

Of course we have the obesity problem (https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/obesity-pic-very-shocking/) lowering the numbers of girls even remotely approachable.

See the problem thus far?  Guys have less impetus to even interact with girls.  Girls are getting bitchier and uglier.  Guys leave in even greater droves being surrounded by fat bitches.  Cycle continues until birthrate is so low country gets overran.

But, we have #3!

3: So our oh-so-wise feminist overlords (often with shorter hair than males) heap their laurels upon their sisters getting bachelors, masters and phd and ‘overcoming the patriarchy’. (They are often drawn to fields like psychology and law.  This presents problems that they then possess ‘certifications’ to then call us crazy and makes laws.)  How great, little Sam or little Ash (what is it with girls shortening their names to guys?) is a shining beacon of being all a girl can be with her phd in psychology in hand at the ripe ‘young’ age of 25-26.

She works 5-10 years minimum, and in her mid or late 30’s decide she wants to have a family.  Great.  Except now her looks are gone, she is used goods from sleeping her way through med school and the hospital, and whats worse, she is now either infertile, or has very diminished capacity for children.

( http://www.npr.org/2011/12/01/142725547/many-women-underestimate-fertility-clocks-clang  What’s the chance a 30-year-old can get pregnant in one try? Many thought up to 80 percent, while in reality it’s less than 30 percent. For a 40-year-old, many assumed up to a 40 percent success rate. It’s actually less than 10 percent.)

“Where has all the good men gone!?  Why doesnt some desirable guy want me anymore?  I didn’t sleep around that much.  I have my phd too!  I am just scaring guys around who are scared of a women with intelligence!”

It is actually really tragic. It is very politically incorrect to say (but I am after truth, not correctness) that letting women go to college, refraining from having kids until it is too late etc, is very dysgenic.  Would it be great if girls could indeed get educated, contribute to society, and then still crank kids out later?  Of course.  But biology is a far stronger master than culture.

You know who IS cranking kids?  Trailer trash and minorities.  Depending on studies, I have seen IQ estimates drop each generation anywhere from 2-10 points.

Welcome to the brave new world.


Lets get genetic engineering already


7 thoughts on “Our future: guys dropping out, women uglier/less caring, children stupider

  1. Since IQ is a measure of deviation from the norm, wouldn’t average IQ by definition stay at 100? So I’m guessing they set a benchmark at some point in history, and are comparing each successive generation with that?

    • Not your business NOTYOUR BUSINESS. until you can say something constructive or critical and explain why should anyone listen to you. You are fat, ugly and a feminist. See what I did there. It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it.

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