White Males – The group okay to discrimate against

Despite the howls of feminists to the contrary about posistions of power, the ever-present patriarchy etc, being a white male is the single group in America that can be insulted and routinely discriminated against.

For your perusal, I offer up this movie trailer I saw and could not bevel the blatant racist comments that of course go unprocessed because its against whites.  http://www.yourdailymedia.com/post/movie-43-red-band-trailer/  If you want to save yourself the time, the part around 1:00 where the black coach tells them ‘you all go kill those Caucasians’ followed by ‘you’re black they are white, this isnt hockey’.  This particular preview did not show another part where it shows a black guy spiking the ball into a white guys face.

Do I care they are ‘attacking whites’?  No.  What bothers me deeply however is that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was males against females, or whites against blacks, this would be ALL OVER the news, groups would be suing etc.  Let us imagine a white vs black, and the sport in question is weightlifting.

“You go kill those Africans!”

For added effect lets make the whites look sympathetic and the blacks look evil.  “You are white, they are black, this isnt safari running!”  Then we could be treated to a sceen where a white guy drops the weight bar on the black guy for our laughs.

Offended?  Even a little?  You should not be, but if you are it is our societal conditioning.

Lets end with a male vs female.  Similar sport where white males dominate: weight lifting

Let us imagine some sympathetic males for out main characters, while the girls are portrayed as butch evil doers. (A bit like real life I suppose)

“Kill those women!”

We now are greeted by the snarls of feminists let loose in the weight room.

“You’re male, they are female, this isn’t sewing!”

For laughs maybe the male could hand the female a huge plate and she promptly drops it because she lacks the equivalent strength.

Would either of my two ideas see the light of day?  Never, because its ‘politically incorrect’ yet it is completely fine to spike a white guys face in the name of black/white reverse racism and play it for a joke.  Think about that.


The ‘victim’ in all this


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