Japan’s ‘herbivore’ problem…likely our future

I came across some stuff this morning, and it strikes me because of the expectedness of it, and that it is likely where America is going, and pretty much already are at.


Essentially, in Japan, vast numbers of males (I have seen it estimated at 60% of straight males) have opted out of dating and marriage.  These males are NOT gay, they simple have no interest in entertaining women.  I guess Japan has a feminist problem too, which is surprising I thought they were more docile.  Anyway, it is starting to worry some corporations and the government because of the (in my mind totally predictable) consequence that these males are not ‘status-conscious’ or interested in spending money.

Does this not sound a lot like the men rights advocate (mra) or men going their own way (mgtow) we have over here?  Are we not discussing the very real effect of men leaving the dating pool?  Feminists might how about being ‘cowardly’ or to ‘man up’ but the exodus is extremely predictable.

It is pretty obvious really, especially when I hear stories like from the UK about ‘rinsers’ ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2145249/Sex-Lies-Rinsing-Guys-Meet-women-trawling-internet-rich-men.html) who USE males to give them things, with no companionship or sex in return.  Guys for the most part at least possess some degree of rationality, and while it often takes repeated beatings, the fact there is a ‘dating problem’ lamented by women in anedoctal evidence of our own exodus in this country.

Is it really that surprising when a male could spend 60-100$ on a dinner/date (a large portion of his day’s work, if he is even working) on a girl, and when said girl either doesnt give sex, or abandons him to somebody else it doesnt take to many times to decide ‘well damn, I could have bought a video game, saved 40$ and had more fun than what just happened.’

These herbivores (and most mra/mgtow) are not opposed to females, most would be fine if a girl approached them, the problem is the game is stacked so heavily against males, that the rewards (fleeting) are not worth the costs (mounting). 

In my estimation that fact it is socially acceptable over there has led to a huge increase in people coming out as herbivores. ‘Well, fuck em, none of my friends are bothering with girls, and halo last night was way funner than getting turned down at the bar two nights ago’.

Once this catches on here, there will likewise be a huge explosion, I think we are on the cusp of it as we speak.  In 5-10 years I think we will see very similar happenings, vast swaths of males not bothering with self entitled bitches.  Of course the shaming will increase ‘where have all the good men gone’ ‘men just need to man up’ ‘there is nothing but boys, I need a man’.   But the irony is all the predictable screaming feminists will do, demonizing being alone, demonizing video games, porn, etc. all it will do is drive men away in increasing numbers.

Congrats feminists, ‘where have all the good men gone?’, you forced them out.  They are obviously happier to, because they arent coming back.

44 thoughts on “Japan’s ‘herbivore’ problem…likely our future

  1. Italy is facing this problem to a certain extent (not the disinterest in women, that isn’t going to happen, but eschewing marriage in general), and has for a while now. The population is down to about half a child per couple or less now. So the Italian government is considering a special tax on bachelors for bachelorhood.

      • Because of course, history has shown us repeatedly that the way to promote certain behaviour patterns is to penalise those who don’t follow them, not incentivise people to take them up… /sarc

      • Wow, I did not know that. That is a dark sign of what the future in the US might be. That we are taxed for not supporting women in some way.

        Oh wait, we already do that, subsidizing birth control etc.

      • That’s such a crock of crap. Shame on the Italian government. There are legitimate reasons why men aren’t wanting to marry and instead of addressing those not only do they have to face b.s. from society, no doubt from certain family members, co-workers, etc, but the state wants to financially punish them. Single Italian men should rebel in whatever ways they can.

      • Liz, can you please post links or evidence to both the men opting out and the oncoming bachelor tax in Italy. I ask because I am keeping an informal record of these topics specifically and you have better information than me about the situation in Italy. Thanks in advance

    • Thats interesting i just read an article where an Herbivore in Japan stated they wanted to do a singles tax as well. well fuck, i was taxed 33% of my income when i was single living in California, cant imagine paying more and being able to survive.

  2. Actually, Japan doesn’t have a feminist problem. They have always had patriarchy. They didn’t have a sexual revolution, and women are usually given a retirement party when they marry. Heck, they didn’t even have the pill untill 10 years ago. As for masculine women, this is a place where grown women wear lolita fashions . Cute is taken to levels unknown here. They CAN be princess-y. But, they see the betas as alphas, so…..

    When you consider the short life spans of Russian males and that they are drinking them selves to death despite beautiful feminine women. The the Japanese males are turning into herbivores despite cute feminine women who adore betas, and that western males are dropping out (though the women are not cute and feminine) there might be other factors to consider. Industrialization may account for some of it.

    • They’re worked to death, damn near. Maybe Japanese guys are sick of it, but why now? Feminism has been disseminated through popular culture imported from the West to some degree… We’re used to feminism here. Once females get wind of these ideas they tend to lap it up, imo. Speculating- Japan might be particularly sensitive to even minor changes in some social norms and attitudes. The fact that so-called beta males (derogatory term, btw) are less interested in women now seems to me to indicate something more is going on than corporate oppression, which they’ve mightily embraced since the 50s! I think economic downturn revealed you can give your life to the company and not be rewarded and I suspect females becoming at least a little bit more Westernized…which could be the icing on the shit-cake. Interesting situation.

    • Apparently, Japanese women aren’t as great as they’re supposed to be. They just use different tactics than Western women.

      Also, I have to mention that in Japan it’s the cultural norm for the husband to hand his wife his paycheck. Then she gives him a shitty allowance. So it’s basically the Japanese version of divorce rape, and Japanese men opted out of it.

  3. Industrialized civilizations are expensive. And so are the dating rituals and trying to raise a family in those civilizations. Apparently the cost is too high, even in places where women are feminine and beautiful, let alone in places where they are not.

  4. Japan’s problems stemmed from the social expectation to succeed succeed succeed. Men got fed up of working brutal hours and committing suicide for failing to live up to the ideals of the past.. and for what? To live as another slave wage mule?slave to job, slave to wife too? Men simply zoned out and threw off the shackles and said “we want to enjoy life.. not watch it pass by as we work into an early grave with no recognition”

    With women getting into the workforce and earning their wages and being independent.. guys went herb and said “we’re not playing your hypergamous game. We won’t crawl over each other so you can watch us fight and pick the winner. We’re through, have fun, we’re done.”

  5. How does this change the game? Japanese girls are literally making themselves uglier to make Japanese men feel better about themselves. http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/japanese-snaggletooth-craze-spawns-dental-procedures-girl-group-194500258.html

    From the article:

    Roland Kelts, author of the book Japan America, theorizes the rise of the “impish” mouth may have a psychological link. “The ‘girl next door’ look of accessibility and plainness is especially popular in Japan right now partly, I think, because Japanese men feel so weak in the face of a stagnant economy and fast-shifting gender roles,” Kelts told Yahoo! Shine. “Marriage and birth rates in Japan are at historic lows. A too-perfect set of teeth, or anything else, can be intimidating when your role in society is imperiled.”

  6. Single. Income close to 200K. Own my home. No debt. Well educated. 6′ 2″. Great career. Will have nothing to do with marriage or children, EVER! There’s no point in taking that kind of risk. A 50% roll of the dice with my life? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Have you looked at the latest VAWA laws??? This country is insane! You talk to a woman in a raised voice and you go to jail! Screw women (pun intended).

  7. Men are starting to consider the costs of marriage which far…I say far outweighs the marriage. Every one of male’s actions are criminalized. After reading VAWA and feminist DV and Divorce laws, Women seem too scary. I am extremely sexually active but inviting a women to your home is always a risky because we are just one call away from our whole life ruined. Guys…Please don’t take that risk .Work hard. Save money. Enjoy your life. For far too long we have been slaves fighting wars for few alpha man, working our ass off for family and society, and sacrificing our life for others. The time has come to consider our self-interest before anyone else. The time has come for us at last be free, free of society, free of pressure, freedom of choice, freedom to travel, freedom to quit a company, freedom to disagree with our boss and go to some place else. Don’t get shackled into marriage.. I warn you…Don’t do that..

    Society has become accepting of bachelors. Whatever feminists use to shame us into slavery, I think men at last woke up and started to live their lives for themselves. That is a good sign. Don’t believe these conservative and liberal BS. Both are same=> want to put you into slavery.

    All those free men,…We have a brighter future,….

  8. Herbivore men aren’t da problem, da so called “modern” women are. If da narcissistic princess don’t want to change, she kicks her ass out of da gene pool.

  9. Im an 27 year old male . I used to love women but now I realised I dont want anything to do with them .Maybe the day the media stop threating us like idiots and incapable of surviving without a ‘intelligent’ women …is the day I will come back …as for marriage you will end up homeless if you do get married so **** that. MGTOW !!!

    • Same here man… 27 year Graduate student. I never ever would have thought that I could feel this disenchanted with women but dealing with women in the work-place and in relationships has changed me. I know some awesome women (granted they still lie and cover their tracks when they want to) but the majority of women are totally lacking in compassion and forethought. I nearly lost my position in school because my ex girlfriend of 5 years (who worked in the same dept as me) cheated on me with a co-worker of mine and told the department that I was an abusive boyfriend… I had to keep my head low and watch every fucking thing I said for a whole year… Even though she cheated on me! With my fucking friend at work! What happened is my “friend’s” whale of a wife forced him to drop out so he would never see my cheating ex again. Two people could have lost their careers because of her irresponsible actions (he was stupid too obviously) and you know what she got? A summer vacation to deal with the grief of leaving an abusive relationship! Know what I got? Nothing… I had to work my ass off and regain everyone’s trust. If that isn’t motivation enough for me to say fuck this than I don’t know what is? A failed marriage where my ex-wife and society legally rapes me? Are you kidding??? This is what we’re offering young men nowadays????

  10. I typed “herbivore man” on google, and I found your blog. Yes, I would consider myself as a herbivore man. I am unwilling to spend my already little salary on girlfriend, marriage, and child(ren). And it’s not limited to money, it extends to my time, pleasure, energy, feeling…

    Unfortunately, I belong in the minority in my home country, Indonesia. All but one of my friend thinks that I will marry one day, but I shall not.

    • Awesome, thanks for visiting man. In America it is terrible, I dont know how the women over there are, but they are entitled bitches to put it nicely here. My ‘friends’ think I’m immature buying games, etc instead of spreading it on a whore. Oh well!


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