Regardless if you like sex or not, your girl(s) needs to

I have recently come across this insight after doing some mediation on what I have seen over at okcupid.  Particularly, I found a girl that was actually cute (compared to the tubs most are) and she was into similar activities, checking her questions with my oh-so-hot fake girl profile I found out she was (if they answer truthfully) apparently a low-count girl regretful of her exploits and (this is the important part) not that into sex.

The question arose to me: how important is sex in a relationship?  Can you have a happy sexless-relationship?  To give some background I am currently undergoing a willpower test of abstaining from all sexual activity for an extended period (~2 months) it is something I recommend everyone try, otherwise you are just a slave to your baser impulses.  So apparently, I would conclude that sex isnt important right?  Well, lets see…

Here is where my meditations began, assuming I met a girl like this, would we have a good relationship?  COULD we have a good one?  Could it be good when mentally we seem similar, and we are into the same activities, seemingly a perfect match right?  The one hangup that this girl doesnt like sex, but hey I am suppressing my sex drive so what does it matter?

My conclusion was…that it matters.  A LOT.  Of course there is always ‘the wall’ that older women hit and then proceed to use guys only for emo-tampons but this was different.  What it really was about, is a deeper connection with a girl.  I am not talking about one night stands, where the obvious goal is to get sex.  But if you are after a girl you actually want to spend time with, sex is important- NOT for the act itself, but what it signifies.

It is a deeper bond for one thing, because without sex how is it different than just living with a friend?  Sex is one of the few ways a guy/girl can take it to the next level.  It does not matter how many bingo games you play, that is not how a deeper relationship is formed.  It is a personal thing, the girl giving herself to you.

Sexless relationships have a lot of infection stemming from the feminist movement.  Essentially these women are using the male for his resources, and he is getting nothing in return- de facto slaves.  The girl is too ‘good’ for sex because thats what feminism tells her, that he should ‘love her for her, not her body’.

But unless you guys are on a higher level, (sex is not the only way, I could imagine living through a war zone or apocalypse would be even better) she is really just your friend.  Perhaps she isnt sexual, perhaps feminism ruined her, but unless you are having sex it is not a relationship that is going to last.


You love me for me, not my body right?


3 thoughts on “Regardless if you like sex or not, your girl(s) needs to

  1. Her perceptions might have more to do with personal experiences than anything else. For men it’s more like pizza. Even bad pizza is okay (how often do men perform sex wihout the orgasm?) For women a bad experience can ruin her perception of sex. I didn’t like sex until I met my husband. Then I learned I liked it a lot.

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